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Nnamdi Kanu’s brother counters IPOB, suspends sit-at-home order

Nnamdi Kanu’s brother counters IPOB, suspends sit-at-home order
August 08
17:46 2021

Kanunta Kanu, younger brother of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has suspended the sit-at-home order in the south-east region.

This is coming a few hours after the secessionist group insisted that it would not go back on its decision to begin the lockdown on Monday.

In a statement, Kanunta stated that the sit-at-home protest was suspended to allow students in the region participate in the activities of the National Examination Council (NECO).

“IPOB has listened to pleas from well-meaning individuals and groups within and outside Biafra land that we consider the fate of our children who will be involved in the NECO Exam and based on that, we decided to shift grounds over the sit-at-home order,” Kanunta said.


“IPOB having realized the academic deprivation the already marginalized Biafra students who entered for this year’s NECO would suffer, decided to suspend the sit-at-home order to a later date, to allow the students to take their examinations.

“Allowing the sit-at-home to go ahead as earlier announced, in the face of the NECO Exam would amount to assisting enemies of Biafra to inflict more injuries on her children.

“As a group fighting for the liberation of her people from oppression from her enemies, we realized that it would amount to assisting the said enemies to inflict more harm on our children if we do not suspend the sit-at-home order to allow Biafra students to take their exams.”


Kanunta further noted that the sit-at-home order has not been cancelled, but only suspended for the sake of the examination.

He asked IPOB members to await further instructions on the planned protest.


  1. EagledPirate
    EagledPirate August 08, 18:12

    But NECO is Nigerian naaah, shouldn’t Biafra come out with their own exam body or are they piggybacking on institutions of the Zoo yet again?

    A simple question is, who does the sit at home order affect most? The Fulani leaders or the people who you are shouting you want to liberalize from oppression? If your enemy is hitting his head on the wall, either encourage him or watch but do not stop him.

    Wonders shall never end in Biafra

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  2. Ernerst ilu
    Ernerst ilu August 08, 22:02

    Who are ykk our enemies..? We that patronized your goods and services..? Why are creating unnessary mole out of a hill?

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  3. princevinco
    princevinco August 12, 10:00

    Please, people should not be fooled, it is not the real Knunta , the younger brother that owns that Twitter account. An unknown person opened that account to confuse the public.

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