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You no longer need a lawyer to register your business

You no longer need a lawyer to register your business
November 03
17:50 2016

Bello Mahmud, registrar-general of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), on Thursday said the the commission had taken steps to eliminate bottlenecks associated with registering a business.

Speaking at the second presidential economic communication workshop in Abuja, Mahmud said this was with a view to creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

He also revealed that the cost of registering a business had been reduced by 50 percent.

“We have reduced the cost of registering a business by 50 percent. You don’t need a lawyer to register your business for you anymore. You can ‎now do it yourself. The process is easy now,” he said.


‎”You can now register your business anywhere at our offices in Lagos, Kano and Enugu.”

Earlier, Jumoke Oduwole, senior special assistant to the president on industry, trade and investment, outlined measures the government was to taking to create investment opportunities for the country.

According to her, one of the measures is‎ reducing the strictures to getting a Nigerian visa.


She said President Muhammadu Buhari was concerned‎ about the ranking of Nigeria as one of the most difficult countries to do business; hence he has set up a committee to come up with ways of making Nigeria business friendly.


  1. Lawal
    Lawal November 03, 19:39

    All he said are lies.
    On Corporate Affairs Commission website user can’t creat account let alone making payment for search of names to register new company.
    That is my experience for the past four weeks.
    Stop deceiving Nigerians.

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    • auzeey
      auzeey November 03, 21:26

      Is it only in lagos,kano,enugu? Because CAC in Benin City hasn’t got the faintest idea about the online process for registering business. After all said was done online,even payment of 17000 nairas as cost for the online registeration, the CAC in Benin City said they don’t know about online form registeration and payments and that a lawyer must be used. This happened on 1st November, 2016. CAC, keep your house in order before coming to the public!

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    • Rotimu
      Rotimu November 04, 05:46

      Mr lawal, Good morning kindly text me with the CAC website.

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    • Vitalis Chime
      Vitalis Chime November 05, 04:53

      You can successfully create account and make payment with your ATM card if you access the right URL for the business name registration.


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  2. Daniel
    Daniel November 03, 21:37

    This news is not telling anything about how we can go about registration. please also provide granularity of the details

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  3. Stephanie
    Stephanie November 04, 03:41

    Your comment..
    This is my 11th year post call as a Lawyer and ever since our Law school days, we have been told CAC is online. No one has been able to successfully use the online facility to register an ordinary business name let alone incorporating a business. For the purpose of this publication now, CAC should please publish the procedures to the public & not just make a blanket announcement that will portray the process as easy as ABC whereas it is a big lie!!!

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  4. Bosun
    Bosun November 04, 06:58

    In a sane society,this Registrar General will at the very least receive a stern query from the Presidency for making trivial an issue that is very important to the government. But he may get away with the lies, because the SSA to the President whose office is to coordinate this effort for the government is probably too lazy to verify this claim.

    Nigerians are never treated with respect

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  5. tatucci
    tatucci November 04, 07:06

    They should have stated the link to the site and given details on how to do the online registration. I know they once had a seminar on that here in port harcourt and they taught how to use the online registration which worked. Apart from that, registring at the cac office is pretty simple and straight forward too,, especiallyif you’re registring a business enterprise and not a limited liability company. To register a company needs a lawyer. I don’t know if that’s the one they are saying no longer needs a lawyer anyway.

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  6. Citizen
    Citizen November 04, 07:23

    In addition, it will be good to do annual returns online, rather than going through agents. The world has gone digital for crying out loud.

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  7. stemorris
    stemorris November 04, 09:25

    Please during registration click to know if the company is existing before, that provision is not available in the system, you have to take name several times.

    Now, if will can register online, please make easy for us to assess and to see the existing companies online.

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  8. Monye christian
    Monye christian November 04, 11:35

    Please Yahoo’s, please send me your contact or email, I want to do registration in Enugu so you can guide. Please send me email sir

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  9. Rejoice
    Rejoice November 04, 12:48

    I entered a name search availability since Wednesday and until now, I’ve not been able to access my office CAC portal to know the status of the AV whether approved or not.

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  10. Bebottlenake
    Bebottlenake November 04, 14:48

    This news release is scanty, and appears to be hiding something from the public. Is it actually coming from the presidency?

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  11. Janeysil
    Janeysil November 04, 15:32

    I just wanna register my business, now online;
    I need the how-to

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  12. OJDollars
    OJDollars November 04, 18:29

    Hi my Naija brothers and sisters, I greet all of una. I nor blame una at all, the Govt lies in the past makes it difficult for most people to believe their truth now. It’s very true that you can now Do-it-yourself at CAC website online.

    Here are some resources from Nairaland:

    Main Online Name Search & Registration Website:

    I DIY my own from New York. I only generated Remita payment slip and have a friend make the deposit to any bank for me. He used Zenith in my case.

    Note: Name search cost N500 Naira.

    Enterprise or Business Name cost N10,500 Naira to register.

    Limited Liability Company cost N28,500 Naira.

    You’re required to provide just two names when conducting the search. It takes 1-2 Business days to get approval or rejection. You must register on the website using a Laptop or Desktop computer. If you don’t have any of these said devices, please go to a cybercafe that doubles as a Print shop.

    Final Note: To choose the best names, you can try looking up name of cities in Canada, UK and the U.S even China self and use them. Make sure to select a Unique Name and read the instructions carefully. Have a nice day

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  13. Par Mhe Lheryn
    Par Mhe Lheryn November 04, 19:12

    How much is the cost of registration and what is the new registration procedure?

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  14. david osadome
    david osadome November 04, 20:11

    Change can come in any form, if this is part of it, to me it’s welcome. Note: if ur business is not reg u r limited.

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  15. CJ
    CJ November 04, 22:38

    Has CAMA, section 35(3) been amended? (3) “A statutory declaration in the prescribed form by a LEGAL PRACTITIONER that those requirements of this Act for the registration of a company have been complied with shall be produced to the Commission….” Emphasis mine. While I welcome the idea that non-lawyers should have the freedom , if they so choose, to register a company without the services of a lawyer, the law seems clear that you must use a legal practitioner to register a limited liability company. Thoughts?

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