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Northern Elders Forum endorses Buhari, says north must produce next president

Northern Elders Forum endorses Buhari, says north must produce next president
January 08
21:31 2015

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) says the north must produce the next president of Nigeria and has therefore endorsed Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 presidential poll.


NEF spokesman, Ango Abdullahi, a professor and former vice-chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), said at a press conference in Zaria, Kaduna state, on Thursday: “In 2011, some people including some governors supported the incumbent president (Goodluck Jonathan) to contest. It is disrespect for the party’s constitution and in 2015, they present him as a sole candidate.

“This forum is agitating for a candidate from the north and no party has fulfilled such condition except the All Progressives Congress (APC).”

APC is fielding Buhari, a northerner, against Jonathan, a southerner, who is flying the flag of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


The issue of return of power to the north dominated debate in 2011 as Jonathan was accused of flouting the rotation policy in his party after the death of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

“This PDP constitution hinges on fairness, equity and justice to all and that was what made PDP the greatest and biggest party then. Therefore, I am in a better position to give account of the party and zoning is part of the party’s constitution and must be obeyed. In view of this, Northern Elders Forum will not support PDP in the forthcoming elections.

“I do not see any reason why Nigeria should break up, based on the indicators available at hand. Remember, there are a few selfish Nigerians who had stolen and siphoned Nigeria’s money, and they would not want us to live together. But from all indications, majority of Nigerians want to live together in peace,” he said.


Ango also berated President Goodluck Jonathan for referring to some of the country’s statesmen as touts.

Speaking with members of the Northern Elders Council who paid him a visit on Wednesday, Jonathan lamented that some statesmen were causing problems for the country by their provocative utterances, and likened them to motor park touts.

Abdullahi said: “President Jonathan should know that in a motor park, there are touts and there are pick-pockets, so if some past leaders are touts, some sitting leaders are pick-pockets and thieves. So, you have to make your pick from that.

“This is a country that is complaining about corruption and the President himself has said that stealing is a small corruption. So, for him to even come around and refer to some people as touts, he should remember that some ‎of them sitting there are pick-pockets.”



  1. Daniel Ikwuagwu
    Daniel Ikwuagwu January 09, 01:20

    I mean no disrespect but Prof Ango and his likes at the Northern Elders Forum are part of the troublers of the north and Nigeria. We will vote for Buhari not because he is a northern candidate but because is a better candidate than the incumbent. They should please go enjoy their retirement benefits from all the past governments they have hobnobbed and dined with at the detriment of their peoples’ short and long term welfare.

    Most of these so called elders messed up our economy when they had the chance to put it right. Northern candidate my foot! That debased mentality is about fading. What we will vote for is quality of service delivery. How many options do we have at the moment anyway?

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  2. Tunde
    Tunde January 09, 02:03

    This is the biggest disservice done to Buhari, reducing him to a Northern candidate. Nigerians want a leader that can deliver, and are prepared to give Buhari a chance for ‘change’. Prof if indeed you made this statement it is disappointing,kindly keep quiet if you have nothing constructive to say!

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  3. Olanipekun
    Olanipekun January 09, 09:55


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  4. ozodi Osuji
    ozodi Osuji January 09, 10:29

    I must say that I was a bit offended to hear the Northern leaders’ forum talk about electing a Northerner as if it is a right. I want Buhari elected not because he is a northerner but because of the two credible candidates he appears the better qualified. We must desist from taking about places of birth in Nigerian politics. Ozodi Osuji

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  5. donald
    donald January 09, 10:50

    buhari all d way cum 14 Feb
    2015.oga gej go rest biko.

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  6. BadBoy
    BadBoy January 09, 11:43

    North Should not spoilt this momentum for us. Buhari is for all of us and not this clueless Port Harcout Degree Holder.

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  7. Omo
    Omo January 09, 11:50

    Prof Abdullahi is telling you as it is. This is present day Nigeria. Any person telling himself the opposite is simply living in the clouds. The North simply wants power back because they think it’s their right/turn. If you guys are voting for Buhari for whatever reasons, then all well and good but please don’t deceive yourselves that ethnic sentiments have disappeared or will disappear with Buhari. Actually it’s non politicians that talk such nonsense.

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  8. mao
    mao January 09, 18:09

    On behalf of northerners, pls accept my apologies from this group of old men. Is it now they are endorsing GMB? Most of them fear his ascendancy cos they are culpable in terms of all that is wrong with this country. They speak not for northern nigeria but themselves. Please disregard their charades.

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  9. Larry 4change
    Larry 4change January 09, 21:46

    Please Prof, this coming election is about ethnicity rather is about a positive in the country. A change for better. Some of us in diaspora are willing to come back HOME

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  10. Smart
    Smart January 10, 05:28

    What moral right has the Northern Elders Forum got to demand for a northern president? In what ways have the past presidents from the north improved the lot of northeners? They should spend more time explaining to their people why they have remained wretched and miserable after more than forty years out of fifty four during which we had a cabal of northern presidents and heads of state misruling us.

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  11. Algombawee
    Algombawee January 10, 09:58

    Sincerely speaking, the current terrend in the political and democratic stand of our dear country needs not segregation based on either regional or ethnic bigotry. All we are after is credibility and positivity in deliverence. Hence, fellow Nigerians let us vote wisely come 2015 candidates who will deliver us from the shackles of incompetence, corruption, incessant insecurity and other negativities that mean nothing good for Nigeria and its citezenry. Long Live Nigeria, Long Live GMB!

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  12. Robito
    Robito January 10, 15:27

    The Northern Elders Forum should please keep Quite and let Nigerians make the right choice. The support Buhari enjoys is not because he is from the North, but because he is seen as a better and credible alternative to the current administration of GEJ, who has been a total failure in all ramifications. Let the Northern Elders Forum also note, that if Buhari should mess up, we Nigerians would also insist he gets out of office. We are not voting him in and taking the Back Sit. We would be on Top of his Government and put them under regular scrutiny. Nigerians are tired of Incompetent and Thieving Rulers who have messed up the fortunes and future of this great Country. We would support Buhari for now and our expectations are very high. If they mess up, we would not spare them. We want change for a New Nigeria and not the Old order. Nigerians want a Leader, a Nigerian Leader not a Northern or Southern Leader but a Nigerian Leader. PDP have had a period of 15 years in Rulership (Not Governance as this is strange to them) but nothing can be shown for it. We would vote in Buhari and not go to sleep. Nobody should take Nigeria and Nigerians for a ride after the 2015 Election and we warn that an attempt to Rig would bring about unimaginable consequences for All. Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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