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Now I’m successful!  (aka ‘I don blow!’)

Now I’m successful!  (aka ‘I don blow!’)
May 02
09:33 2017

YouNow is created for the everyday individual who seeks to gain a deeper understanding of Self in order to achieve their highest potential, while staying true to their essence. These write-ups are designed to help you become more conscious and deliberate in your interactions and day-to-day living.

With the shouts of ‘Happy new month’ come the realities of achieving set goals, hopes and dreams for what is fast ceasing to be the ‘new’ year 2017.

Days are filled with working and striving; nights are characterized by socializing, networking and striving still. The hustle they say is real.

Is it just about being rich, living in a mansion and owning a few fancy cars? or knowing the people who do?

Is it having a lot of tangibles? Or earning degrees?

Or acquiring trophies for this and that? Or medals and plaques, accolades and titles?

So what does it really mean to be ‘successful’?

Media and society generally lead us to subconsciously define success as all of these things. A fancy car earns you the title ‘Boss’ or ‘big mama’ even if you’re 19 and a mere 4ft 7inches in height.

Excellence does not necessarily equate to ‘meaning’.

Life in itself must have meaning. Life is about value; its creation, development and delivery. It’s true meaning is found in purpose, consciousness and intent.

Success is purposeful and intentional. It is value driven.

So what path are you walking on the journey of life to success?

Living consciously is being aware of the thoughts and processes that guide your inner dialogue, which then reveals itself in the things you, commit your mind, energy and resources to.

Success therefore should be about consciousness and intent, vision and value, peace and purposeful living, connecting to your humanity and sharing your gift with ‘your’ world, making a difference to it.

Keep it in mind however that you can

-Start late

-Start over,

-Be unsure and uncertain

-Be different

-Try and fail;

Yet still succeed.

Start, stay in your lane, learn what is yours to do and what isn’t.

Know that your uniqueness and giftings can be cultivated to create sustainable value that can set you on the path to freedom and success.

May…you blow!

Remember Freedom is Peace, Optimism is Nature. Action is always within reach.

Yetunde Bankole-Bernard is a New York City trained Relationship, style and image coach and a corporate image consultant certified in Las Vegas.

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