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OBITUARY: How misdiagnosis led to Dora’s death

OBITUARY: How misdiagnosis led to Dora’s death
June 08
06:00 2014
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When Mrs Dora Nkem Akunyili was the Zonal Secretary (South-east) of the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund in 1998, Nigerian doctors gave her what many of her family members considered to be a health scare. They said she had a growth and needed surgery.

Akunyili, then 44, decided to travel to the United States, first to get a second opinion and then undergo the prescribed surgery. The bill for the medical trip was $17,000, including $12,000 for the surgery.

During pre-surgery check-up in the US, the doctors told her the Nigerian doctors had made a wrong diagnosis and that she did not need any surgery. It was said to be a minor issue that medication would solve.

She thanked the doctors and, to their surprise, said she was going to return the money meant for the surgery to PTF. That was strange. Nigerian government officials had devised a way of making sure such monies were not returned to the treasury.


The hospital informed the PTF, under the leadership of Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, about one honest Nigerian they had found. Buhari, himself a straightforward person, was very impressed. He wrote a letter to Akunyili commending her honesty.


Then came 2001. President Olusegun Obasanjo wanted to appoint a director-general for the National Agency for Drug and Food Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and asked for the recommendation of an honest Nigerian pharmacist. Akunyili’s name promptly came up. Someone who had heard about her PTF record recommended her.


There was a little problem, a Nigerian problem. Objections were raised that the minister of health, Prof. ABC Nwosu, was an Igbo from Anambra State and NAFDAC, being a powerful agency under the ministry, should not be headed by another Igbo from Anambra.

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  1. Godwin
    Godwin June 07, 13:05

    So sad. Finally, the Amazon of our time has exited this sinful world. May her soul rest in the blossom of The Lord. Dora’s epitaph: She came, she saw and she conquered! Adieu, the great conqueror.

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  2. mansamusa
    mansamusa June 07, 13:10


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  3. juju
    juju June 07, 13:14

    Is this true or another rumour?

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  4. EE OKPA
    EE OKPA June 07, 13:55

    May Dora’s soul Rest-in-Perfect peace but let her condition ignite renewed commitment/vigor by Nigeria leadership to do something positive about healthcare delivery in Nigeria. IBB’s wife died in US, Obasanjo’s Stella in Spain, YarAdua in Saudi Arabia?? now Dora in India, and so many others. Why do Nigerians expose themselves to the care of others when they can comfortably deliver such at home? It is a mark of the leadership irresponsibility to keep seeing Nigerians die in other countries and no one seems to do anything about that. How many foreigners will go to Nigeria for medical check? It is the same medical education that Nigerians and these so called experts have. Nigeria leadership along with NMA should commit to enhancing healthcare delivery and aggressively incentivize Nigeria practitioners to do better. Any country that pays less attention to the health of its citizens will never be a wealthy nation. Nigeria is light years away from becoming a wealthy nation because its healthcare delivery is poor and lousy. And it goes to tell/show the level of the leadership wickedness believing going abroad gives them extra life. It may afford them extra money to steal but they cannot steal life. Go figure.

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    • dozieya
      dozieya June 07, 16:30

      Its not enough to wish the dead peaceful rest.its more important to look at the cause of the death and act swiftly @ eliminating or minimizing it. Its only in my country that I see people who potray their financial status by where they go to get medical care, education and do their shopping. Its an assault to the personality of Nigerian masses that our own president(s) go and have gone to foreign lands to cure even Malaria. President Umaru Musa Yaradua died in a foreign hospital,Olusegun Obasanjos wife also died in a foreing hospital, yet we havnt moved an inch into positivity. Its a disgrace. The more reason why our green passports will be an object of insulting scrutiny at foreing airline terminals and airports. What makes us the giant of Africa? Is it our population? That which constitutes a high nuisance value to itself and to other nations of the world. I just feel bad about our attitude to managing what is Nigerian. Imagine terminologies like Quota System, Federal Character, educationally disadvantaged etc. These are the basis on which we operate as a people wishing to rise to the top. Its really funny but stupid and irresponsible. We all share in the blame of the disfunctional state of this marriage called Nigeria.

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      • Bpbpmen
        Bpbpmen June 07, 19:39

        May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
        What many of our leaders and Nigerians fail to understand is the body system adjust either positively or negatively to his environment and surrounding, What do I mean? Flying abroad to seek medical care may look fantastic because of our bad medical facility, but honestly Flying in the air from 5mins to over or almost 24hrs is not a child’s play to one’s health. A normal healthy human being taking a vacation to any of these foreign countries while in the air, his/her body system is not calm until he/she is on the ground, no matter how smooth the flight could be, now how much more someone who is sick.
        I believe if we put our medical facilities in good shape and get medical attention within the shortest possible time will go a long way to lengthen our days on earth and have good health. Not only our leaders are guilty, we the citizens too are culprit, how we display wares to create traffic congestions on roads, parking and blocking peoples entrances, all these carefree attitude kills our health gradually. PLEASE LET US CHANGE GOD HELP US ALL

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    • Yinka
      Yinka June 08, 10:47

      What of all the misdiagnosis we had made sending people to their early grave right here in Nigeria because of inadequate expartize and facilities.No Nigerian has trust in what we have in Nigeria especially when it could be a terminal illness.No Government is made from heaven,all of us are Government and leaders at different levels,so we as Nigerians need to change for better.I also lost my Dad due to misdiagnosis in Nifgerian Gvernment hospital,right diagnosis was made in the US but it was late.Adieu Prof. Dora Akunyili.May her gentle soul rest in peace.

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      • Ade
        Ade June 09, 11:31

        So what are you trying to say? Her misdiagnosis was not in Nigeria but in US. At least you should commend the Nigerian doctor for that. Price your own bro

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    • Angel
      Angel June 08, 13:25

      I totally agree with u..our medical practitioners aren’t doing badly at all. my Aunt was diagnosed with cervical cancer, thought at d early stage she had a successful surgery here in Lagos Nigeria. They had to take out her womb, tubes, ovaries etc to save her life. She’s back home hail and healthy! So why travel all d way and we have d expert inhouse

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      • Alias
        Alias June 08, 17:58

        Good on you. But good medical practice goes beyond one successful story. Let me remind u that Nigeria has no cancer screening program and it is a great health risk living in such a system. That is why we ve the worst cancer survival in the world.
        As a doctor who trained in Nigeria and also did specialist training in Nigeria before moving overseas, I can competently say that the medical practice in Nigeria is skittle better than witch crafting.

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        • ade
          ade June 09, 11:34

          Then come home and make your contibution

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          • omo
            omo June 09, 20:22

            U right my bro he should come home and save soul, to me Nigerian doctors are d best we need to praise dem

        • peero
          peero June 11, 17:39

          its sad to hear a fellow doctor say things like your doing right now,the tremendous challenges we face in the health sector here in nigeria can be made better if we all come together and say no to mediocrity,sub standard private hospitals and government hospitals while our politicians embezzle millions in the guise of getting better health care outside the country.its also necessary to move for us to stop all the arguments of who should be in charge of the health care system within the hospital while the system is being taken over by mediocre practice

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    • Ada
      Ada June 08, 20:39

      Yaradua died in Aso rock villa

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  5. the Rocky
    the Rocky June 07, 13:57

    May her gentle soul rest in peace. Amen

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  6. Akin Ajiboso
    Akin Ajiboso June 07, 14:00

    The death of Prof Akunyili is indeed a sad blow. Since she appeared on the political scene, she had been a fresh breath in town and gown mix. She was a professional to the core. She used to be my point of reference whenever I was admonishing young students in my school that if Dora could turn NAFDAC to a household name, nothing could stop them from reaching the apogee of their lives. Alas, she is no more. RIP Dora.

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  7. thabitah
    thabitah June 07, 14:02

    we have lost a rare gem RIP

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    TRUTH BE TOLD June 07, 14:38

    Ho, this is really painful…! So serving in Nigeria now is putting your life at risk? May her good and gentle soul rest well.

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  9. Johnson
    Johnson June 07, 14:42

    OMG…May her soul rest in peace. What a loss?

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  10. imasunu innocent
    imasunu innocent June 07, 15:00

    she was honest and very committed to whatever she did, one of those very few Nigerians you found around.
    May her soul rest in perfect peace (Amen)

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  11. sunza
    sunza June 07, 15:05

    R.I.P – God bless.

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  12. Olarewaju Olusola
    Olarewaju Olusola June 07, 15:11

    The madness in not believing Nigerian doctors, and rush for overseas opinion has played out here.Though Nigerian doctors may not have required facilities to perform his/her duty, but take it or not his/her clinical accumen is incomparable.
    Every other issues can be politicised and tribalised but the health of the people should never be.
    May her wonderful and energetic soul rest in peace.

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    • Emmanuel Ebhojieaye
      Emmanuel Ebhojieaye June 08, 20:58

      If you can measure the different between the services rendered by nigerian health workers and that of other countries, you would not blaim even the poorest nigerian for travelling abroad for treatments. Many have died and many are dying of sicknesses that is not dangerous unto death. Even Mr president’s brother died in the most equiped hospital in nigeria.

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  13. PMG
    PMG June 07, 15:30

    your works still lives after you.

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  14. kc
    kc June 07, 15:46

    Thanks for the info. At least we should learn how to appreciate what we have at home instead of running to abroad for every little thing.
    May her soul rest in peace. A great loss indeed!

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  15. Mama K
    Mama K June 07, 15:48

    So sad that Nigeria lost a great woman just like that! May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace and I pray God Almighty give the family and Nigerians to bear the great loss. RIP Dora Akunyuli!!!

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  16. Jacobi
    Jacobi June 07, 15:56

    Our quintessential icon has exited. We shall mourn you till eternity . Rest in perfect peace.

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  17. Dotun Adekanmbi
    Dotun Adekanmbi June 07, 16:14

    May Dora’s soul rest in peace. Impressive professional reportage.

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  18. ODE
    ODE June 07, 16:16

    I feel so sad on the news of the passage of this GREAT fake-drug FIGHTER. May God rest her soul in peace. Amen.

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  19. bola
    bola June 07, 16:16

    the amazon is gone may gentle soul rest in peace

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  20. Gbola Salami
    Gbola Salami June 07, 16:16

    We can only wish her her Eternal Rest. She has played her part well and courageously too. She’ll forever be remembered for her legacies. May almighty ALLAH grant her patriotic soul Aljannah Firdaus, and her the family the fortitude to bear the almost unbearable loss. So sad indeed. Adieu Dora

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  21. Andre
    Andre June 07, 16:19

    A truly amazing woman.
    A source of inspiration.
    You will truly be missed.

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  22. flo
    flo June 07, 16:33

    The money she was supposed to use for the surgery that she returned proved her credibility, nd subsequently her recommendation for NAFDAC DG nd several appointments, nd that surgery might have saved her life now, but would she have gotten the fame nd influence she has now at her death?

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  23. alausa babatunde
    alausa babatunde June 07, 16:37

    i’m sure her straight forwardness and dedication to have saved alot of soul is enough [if GOD wills] to enter paradise.MAY GOD BE PLEASE WITH HER

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  24. 4gpius
    4gpius June 07, 16:39


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  25. Ezinne
    Ezinne June 07, 16:44

    R.I.P. And be greatly reward by God

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  26. Avoh
    Avoh June 07, 16:46

    may her gentle soul rest in peace.

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  27. Seaduf
    Seaduf June 07, 16:46

    Adieu Dora! May u meet ur Lord according to ur good incorruptible character… Too early 4 u to say goodbye

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    DBISHOP June 07, 16:46

    May her gentle soul rest in peace in Jesus name

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  29. Coordinator
    Coordinator June 07, 16:48

    This is incredible.
    This loss should teach us how to believe in our professionals equally.
    This is a GREAT loss.

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  30. Rino
    Rino June 07, 16:53

    Its very painful n disheartening that @ this time of insurgency Nigeria would lose an enigmatic character! It is well Nigeria we shall overcome… my condolences to the Akunyili family.

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  31. Rubicon
    Rubicon June 07, 16:53

    Waow! An Amazon Lost Again. Prof. Dora Akunyili fondly called “Dora” and an unmatchable character in nigeria public figure exemplified a yet to matched records and standards in reign as NAFDAC helmsman. Though gone at a rather unxpcted age, but her legacies remainsn sure, History will always keep U afresh in our Minds(locally and globally) and in the polity. She came, seen and conquered, truly a conqueror u are. however, its very unfortunate for the mis information arising from the international diagnosis that made her complacent all this while, but its not an issue of contest at this stage of scenario. Let’s’sy it was her Destiny……..#diarisGodoooo! Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!! Prof Dora Akunyil, rest in the bossom of the Most high GOD/ CREATOR of all Mortals, tiill we meet to part, RIP an embodiment of Truth u Were and will always Represent.

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  32. fieto
    fieto June 07, 16:57

    R.I.P great woman, you will be missed ma

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  33. josh
    josh June 07, 16:57

    death is wicked. it shouldn”t be her. we will 4ever miss u ma.

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  34. Shola Owokoniran
    Shola Owokoniran June 07, 16:58

    Akunyili was a great woman, bold and sincere. Nigeria need you more at this crucial time but God knows why. Your death is so painful and I wish its just a dream. Goodbye to a rare helm.

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  35. Dajio!
    Dajio! June 07, 17:08

    Eh yah! The world just lost one honest leader. RIP Dora; it’s well with your Spirit and your Father in Heaven who sent you to do a magnificent job for Nigeria and it’s people. Je nke oma. So sad indeed.

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  36. Koguy
    Koguy June 07, 17:08

    Great lesson for us Nigerians. We do not value the stuff we have at home…….

    Note: not all from abroad are authentic.

    Prof. may your soul rest in peace.

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  37. Adegboyega Awomolo SAN
    Adegboyega Awomolo SAN June 07, 17:10

    Lady Dora,as i called her,was a gallant fighter for most worthy causes.Like Gani Fawehinmi SAN, she will live in our hearts forever as one of the few Nigerians of character and honour who lived a dignified life.She served Nigeria even unto her last minutes on earth.May her soul rest in peace.

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  38. FM
    FM June 07, 17:10

    RIP Dora, however it is a pointer that we all reduce our dependency on report of men. Let’s depend more on God @ a time like this our condolences to her immediate and extended family-FM

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  39. Adee
    Adee June 07, 17:15

    Its really sad to hear about her death.. If the initial diagnosis done in 1998 was right, I doubt if she would have lived with it for 16 years. Nevertheless that doesn’t mean she is cancer free. May her SOUL rest in peace, she is truly a great Inspiration to the rest of us.

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  40. Busola
    Busola June 07, 17:16

    A great Iroko tree has fallen in our land! A great respectable Nigerian, an enviable breed no doubt, has left us! May her gentle soul rest in peace, and may God grant her loved ones the fortitude to bear her loss.

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  41. mobaje
    mobaje June 07, 17:21

    It’s such a pity that this tragedy happened this way. Our medics are doing their best inspite of infrastructure deficits.
    It is just one of those cases of display of mistrust for our trained personnel. You do not need to go to America to make a diagnosis of cervical carcinoma. It was also necessary for her to give feedback to her doctors back home after the diagnosis was refuted overseas.
    A prophet has honour except at home as the proverb says.

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  42. PRINCE
    PRINCE June 07, 17:26

    What an inglorious exit….ADIEU!, ADEIU!!, ADEIU!!!. Man will leave when he will leave under various disguise…eternity a MUST…Rest in PERFECT PEACE; We (Nigeria)will miss you.

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  43. RAJA
    RAJA June 07, 17:33

    Iron lady RIP

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  44. classicman,
    classicman, June 07, 17:37

    God knows the best may God gives us the furtitude to bear the irepalable loss,, may her soul rest in the bossom of the lord, Amen! Adieu Ezinne,

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  45. roland
    roland June 07, 17:44

    D amazon has gone!!! May her soul rest in peace

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  46. obunike
    obunike June 07, 17:49

    The lessons here are,one:all mortals must one day die no matter one’s status,two:no matter the level of Medicare in a country some type of ill health will be responsible,three:what really matters is how well one has discharged his/her responsibilities to his/her God & to humanity. Dora has left her foot prints on the sands of time.May her soul RIP. Amen

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  47. jatropha
    jatropha June 07, 17:51

    My sincere thouths will be with your Family.Adieu fine woman!

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  48. Kellyzuu
    Kellyzuu June 07, 17:52

    Requiescat in Pace Perfecta. She was a pride of our country

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  49. saliu
    saliu June 07, 17:56

    Dora Akunyili you did your best in the history of Nigeria.you use your position to save many life when you head NAFDAC.i can easily find the word NAFDAC in my dictionary through your effort when you are in charge.But gone too soon.Dora a.k.a iron lady mama NAFDAc R.I.P..Good Night

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  50. Pastor Peter
    Pastor Peter June 07, 18:00

    This is very sad. What a great loss to our generation. Despite serving at high position in Government, Dora distinguished herself from other women who have made looting the treasury their ambition. Such women should learn from our dear and faithful Dora Akunyili. What a loss? May her soul rest in peace.

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  51. Stanley
    Stanley June 07, 18:06

    So sad for the mistrust of her diagnosis which may have offered a better prognosis. May her gentle soul RIPP.

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  52. Pastor Peter
    Pastor Peter June 07, 18:08

    What a piece of rare gem? Beautiful in thinking, Beautiful in action, Beautiful in serving her dear Fatherland, and above it all, Beautiful in death. May God grant your family the fortitude to bear this loss. Dora! Good night.

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  53. Yomite
    Yomite June 07, 18:11

    R.I.P. Dora, True Nigerians will surely missed you!

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  54. Moj Ade
    Moj Ade June 07, 18:23

    A sad loss for the nation. I pray comfort for her loved ones and family. NIGERIA you are healed.

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  55. A . J
    A . J June 07, 18:44

    The demise of prof Akunyili Dora wz really a monumental lost to the nation.
    My joy is that,she lived an imparted life style when she is alive, 4 life is not in its duration but is in its donation (is about the life imparted).
    She is really an oustanding woman,a rare gem that should be immortalize by the FG.
    Rest with the Lord(GOD) Prof.

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  56. Arin
    Arin June 07, 18:49

    R. I.P ! Dr Mrs Dora Akunyili .. You came, you saw and you conquered . May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.. May the good Lord grant her family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss (Amen)

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  57. Guy
    Guy June 07, 18:55

    We miss U but Onitsha Medicine Dealers (Ogbo ogwu) missed U most.

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  58. Sholly
    Sholly June 07, 18:59

    A very sad day for Nigerians…we have lost a rare gem. Her humility,dedication and honesty will forever be remembered by all. I sympathize with her family at this terrible time. May the Good Lord comfort them in the days to come. Rest in Peace Dora, you died too soon. Eternal rest grant her oh Lord, IJN amen.

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  59. Observe
    Observe June 07, 19:09

    Your is the most shocking news to me in 2014. You died at a time Nigerians needs more of your kind. Most certainly, the vacuum your demise has created will remain with us for a long time to come. We’ll miss you greatly.

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  60. Alicha
    Alicha June 07, 19:20

    My heart bled on hearing her death. Nevertheless, my condolences goes to the families and Nigeria as a nation as well as those who truly love this woman as I do. Is there any person who can wear her shoes in this country? oh God give us another Dora.

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    STALLION June 07, 19:27


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    ERU TO POJU June 07, 19:37


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  63. esto
    esto June 07, 19:41

    may her soul rest in peace. Wait o, people from foreign land with all these cervical and ovarian cancers do come to churches for healing in Nigeria while Nigerians are dying there in d name of treatment. It’s well with us o.

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  64. Benedict
    Benedict June 07, 19:42

    May her soul rest in peace Amen.

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  65. ay
    ay June 07, 19:43

    May God,the divine comforter ,comfort and be with the family she left behind

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  66. ala
    ala June 07, 19:45

    Another HEROINE gone so soon…. Though dead your legacy will continue to guide young minds like me.. just wish its another rumour

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  67. AMOKE
    AMOKE June 07, 20:01

    So sad.Death is inevitable.May her soul rest in peace

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  68. Ade
    Ade June 07, 20:08

    may you rest in peace, we will all miss you. sleep well

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  69. Rev Steve
    Rev Steve June 07, 20:14

    May her soul rest in peace….she was a role model. an icon of good leadership. whatever has caused the dead. may the name of the Lord be glorified

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  70. worldbank
    worldbank June 07, 20:41

    A great loss to humanity. I hope your children and loved ones will take comfort in knowing that you had served your country well. May your divine soul rest in perfect peace. There is only one and will always be only one Dora Akunyli. Adeu.

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  71. bollykyky
    bollykyky June 07, 20:46

    i have monitored her through the internet since she was rushed to india and had always wished that GOD grants her rest on time rather she going through a long period of suffering. Prof is just some 10 days older than me.i can imagine what her plans for her 60th b/day would have been b/4 the sickness that claimed her life. she has however lived a good life and played her roll pretty well. SHE SHOULD BE CELEBRATED RATHER THAN BEING MOURNED. MAY GOD UPHOLD ALL THOSE SHE HAS LEFT BEHIND TO FEEL THE VACUUM WHICH HER DEATH WILL CREATE .

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  72. 'Diddie
    'Diddie June 07, 20:52

    R.I.P Dora!continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord.Ur legacy lives on…

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  73. AB J
    AB J June 07, 21:04

    To get to heaven is not by good works done on earth but by genuine salvation

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    • Omooba
      Omooba June 07, 23:15

      ” To get to heaven is not by good works
      done on earth but by genuine salvation”
      Could you please expatiate.
      Are you confused. Salvation doesn’t come without good work. If you delude yourself with salvation and you are not good on earth you are destined for hell hereafter.

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  74. Graced
    Graced June 07, 21:06

    God we need a replacement now that you have taken the one you have;for how can they hear unless someone is sent to them? Lord send another. We need her type to face evil men with “IF I DIE I DIE” spirit. Adieu Conqueror!

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  75. NNAMDI
    NNAMDI June 07, 21:54


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  76. Great
    Great June 07, 21:57

    I couldn’t hold my tears at the hearing of the death of such a patriotic Nigerian. It was for the first time that I saw her resent pictures on the net, I mean- about an hour ago, so sad.
    Moreover, our leaders should be poised to do something about healthcare delivery in our great nation. Our leaders are quick to fly abroad for medical care and checkup. It looks and sounds prestigious but an abuse and letdown to our sovereignty tantamount to spitting on our national flag.
    I will only let us know that there is healing in Nigeria, there may not be adequate healthcare delivery but there is healing in Nigeria. Our leaders fly abroad for medical attention but hundreds of thousands are trooping into Nigeria for healing. Why looking from medical science what it does not have. There is healing in Nigeria. We will really miss Dora.

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  77. okokon
    okokon June 07, 22:09

    R.I.P MA

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  78. lexzy
    lexzy June 07, 22:13

    RIP the hero of out time

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  79. Great
    Great June 07, 22:29

    I couldn’t hold my tears at the hearing of the sad and devastating news of the death of a great patriotic Nigerian, Aunty Dora. May the Lord grant the family the strength and grace to stand strong.
    This should also minister to our leaders and motivate them to do something transforming about health care delivery in Nigeria. For our leaders leave healthcare delivery in a state of ruin and sub-standardised and keep flying abroard has never and can never solve any health problems.
    Ironically, while our leaders are running abroard in search of medical care, hundreds of thousands of foreigners are trooping into Nigeria receiving Healing. There may not be a well desired healthcare delivery in Nigeria for now, though this present goverment is trying a lot, but there is Healing in our nation.
    Why do we not appreciate what God has given us? The answer is not in India, it’s rather in Christ. We may lack adequate healthcare delivery in Nigeria but the Spirit of God has given us the supernatural,,,,Healing.
    We will for sure miss her. May God strengthen Nigeria and give us Healing as a Nation in Jesus name.

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  80. Nze Eddy
    Nze Eddy June 07, 22:32

    Dora, death is really no respecter of person.The next intervention for you is my prayer that the Good Lord place your soul in His bosom.Adieu Dora.Adieu Compatriot.Amen.

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  81. Eji manze
    Eji manze June 07, 22:33

    A gallant and indefatigable lady; a quintessential professional, a role model for the young and for the old.Father God thank You for giving us Dora.May she find rest and peace in Your bosom. And please console and comfort the grieving family and friends by giving us many other Doras. Amen.

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  82. Pastee
    Pastee June 07, 22:36

    May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace,she is an Icon to be remembered

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  83. feferity
    feferity June 07, 22:41

    God knows best. May she continue to rest in peace. I empathise with the husband and children….

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  84. Edozie
    Edozie June 07, 22:44

    She was indeed a woman of uncountable good qualities. she was beautiful in all things. she made me believed in saying the truth in all situations.

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  85. joy
    joy June 07, 22:50

    She is indeed a worthy daughter. Her name is written in gold.She will be remembered by her good work to humanity.Rest on worthy daughter.May God reward you in eternity.

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  86. aromalinks
    aromalinks June 07, 22:59

    May ur soul rest with the Lord.

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  87. osky
    osky June 07, 23:06

    why are the beautiful souls living us too early? God knows all!

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  88. joe
    joe June 07, 23:08

    We love you mama Dora but God Loves you more Rest in Peace

    Reply to this comment
  89. VictorBee
    VictorBee June 07, 23:11

    Rest in perfect peace Dora! You’re trully a gem.

    Reply to this comment
  90. AAJ
    AAJ June 07, 23:21

    An amazon that lay her life to fight the wrong, We have lost a true Nigerian. May her soul RIP.

    Reply to this comment
  91. Pastor Paul
    Pastor Paul June 07, 23:48

    May her soul rest in peace. She served the purposes of God for Nigeria faithfully with the whole of her heart. She made us all proud by her honesty, integrity and singleness of purpose.
    She has set a pace for all .
    She will never be forgotten.
    May The Lord comfort her husband, children and loved ones.

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  92. linda omowunmi
    linda omowunmi June 08, 00:01

    may her soul rest in peace

    Reply to this comment
  93. Jaf
    Jaf June 08, 00:21

    May her soul rest in peace.
    There lived a great lady who did her share for her country. May she be the inspiration to many that you can be respected in Nigeria for doing the right things in spite of the odds against you.
    I hope that Nigeria will hounour this great lady.

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  94. Chibuike Jonas
    Chibuike Jonas June 08, 00:27

    May her soup Rest in Peace in Heaven IJN..AMEN.

    Reply to this comment
  95. emmy
    emmy June 08, 00:37

    itz high time d children of our political leaders go 2 same sch as d masses. their wives n themselves get treated in same local hospitals…….only then wil they know the DEFICIENCIES

    Reply to this comment
    ADEDAYO June 08, 02:05

    She is another victim of the poor state of things in Nigeria. We have continued to destroy the people that are building the nation. Mrs Dora Akunyili, Rest in Perfect Peace.

    Reply to this comment
  97. Victor
    Victor June 08, 02:32

    Dora lived a purpose-driven life here in Nigeria. May her kind & boisterous soul rest in perfect peace. May God also grant the family she left behind the courage to bear this irreparable loss. Amen.

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  98. mbomaboy
    mbomaboy June 08, 03:10

    Finally. an upright Nigerian has left the scene.it is high time Nigerian leaders do something about our Hospitals. Why. are highly placed Nigerians always dying in foreign Hospitals.with the resources available, Nigeria can have a hospital. or even hospitals that could handle the health needs of Nigerians. May Dora’s gentle soul rest in the blossom of the Lord

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  99. Tnero
    Tnero June 08, 05:31

    I read all 90 and more comments before mine, and found out, that there was no negative comment about you. Not because you were a professor, but because of your diligence, boldness, candour and zeal to see that nigeria is a better place. Our present and future leaders should borrow a leaf from this great leader and realise, it is not about storing wealth. I believe in nigeria and in its healthcare system, not because I am a doctor trained in nigeria, but because I know our leaders can put at home what they seek abroad. To our leaders, We have lost ‘one too many’ to health pursuit abroad, its high time we looked inwards and make nigeria truly reflect its true status of “giant of africa”. A good name is indeed better that riches. God bless nigeria. ADIEU PROF DORA – you were and will always be loved.

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  100. abidoka
    abidoka June 08, 06:19

    Dora! gone so soon? eh yaah!! may her soul rest in peace.

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  101. Sebsita
    Sebsita June 08, 06:34

    Dora’s death should once again serve as a reminder to us all that good name is priceless, and that death is an inevitable end for each and everyone of us. The real question is, how do we want to be remembered when we eventually depart this sinful world? For Dora, she want humanity to remember her as that bold, disciplined, upright, kind, incorruptible person who in the face of daunting challenges performed to the best of her abilities. She will forever be remembered and talked about in good light. My heartfelt condolence goes to her family.I implore them to take solace in the fact that our Lord Jesus only lived for 33 years and will be revered till eternity. It’s not how long we lived but how well. Dora will forever be reference as one of the honest public servant that ever served this country. I hope those currently passing laws for millions of Naira to be paid to them and their families in retirement wi
    ll now pause and think of how they want to be remembered after they too pay the ultimate life price. Rest in peace an Amazon of our time!

    Reply to this comment
  102. Rose
    Rose June 08, 07:17

    I am seriously wipping waiting for someone to tell me that it was a rummour. Dead? i hate you

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  103. olufemi
    olufemi June 08, 07:29

    Twenty one gun salute to a true hero, we remain proud of you daughter of our land.

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  104. Andy
    Andy June 08, 08:40

    The good ones (righteous)are known by the works they do. When they die they are remembered by the works the did. God calls the good ones early enough after accomplishing their mission on earth. However, this call to return home by the Almighty might be interpreted subjectively, hence the limitation of human mortal nature. Reward is the Lord’s, but praise is human. We praise the good works while God rewards the good ones with Heavenly glory. We pray that God reward the good works of Dora Akunyili with Heavenly Glory in Jesus name. Amen.

    Reply to this comment
  105. kaka
    kaka June 08, 08:44

    I cant hold back my tears, i love this woman. God will look at her heart and grant her eternal mercy, Amen
    mama rest in perfect peace

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  106. Nwa Aba
    Nwa Aba June 08, 09:32

    Rest in peace. Such a great loss

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  107. Adoki
    Adoki June 08, 11:41

    Incidentally those doctors who diagnosed Akunyili in 1998 were most probably medical students in the 1980s. That was a bit before the era of University admission racketeering, sorting for exam grades and endless ASUU strikes turned our medical graduates into certified undertakers and our hospitals full-fledged slaughter houses.

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  108. Macro-Links
    Macro-Links June 08, 11:51

    No doubt Nigeria has lost one of the most Honest persons the public services have ever seen. Too many things wrong in this country, not so why why doubt the diagnosis at first. May her so rest in peace.

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  109. Ademulegun
    Ademulegun June 08, 12:50

    Dora Rest In Perfect Peace.

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  110. Dr. John
    Dr. John June 08, 13:40

    To me she won her final battle for Nigeria, even in death. prof. Dora: Nigeria: good people, good nation, good doctors.

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  111. Anwara
    Anwara June 08, 15:32

    A rare gem, a fearless human rights defender is gone, an African Amazon has passed on, However,may her gentle soul find peace in the Lord

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  112. Blessing
    Blessing June 08, 15:40

    This news is very saddening and unbelievable. I just came across this piece of news and have since been shouting “Which Dora!”. I feel like it’s a joke and do hope it’s a dream!. One thing is sure: The Lord Jesus is faithful and He will never forsake the righteous.

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  113. Che
    Che June 08, 15:45

    At least they can respect us, Nigerian Pathologists, now. achieving results in difficult situations. shame on them all. If only they believed us. I weep for her. Rule number one in Medicine, ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION.

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  114. fun-queen
    fun-queen June 08, 16:29

    So bad, should we say that Dora died due to lack of trust in d Nigerian Doctors. I think govt should find a solution to the inadequacy in the level of medical system in this country. Also, shame to US doctor. He is an ilitrate doctor.

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    • Alias
      Alias June 08, 18:26

      There was nothing like misdiagnosis here. No body can survive that length of time, 16 yrs with ovarian cancer. That is impossible. The cancer will consume the person within 2 yrs. this article is written to improve the image of Nigeria health system which I think is the worst on earth. If u can imagine the wonders of American technology, then know it is even more overwhelming in medicine. I have practised medicine on both sides and the difference is like heaven (US) and he’ll (Nigeria).

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  115. Raphael
    Raphael June 08, 17:32

    i will miss u

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  116. stan aniegbo
    stan aniegbo June 08, 17:49

    It’s so disheartening, i wish it’s rumour again, even as your good works keep speaking, we keep mourning your depature and pray that God rewards you with eternal bliss in quio pro quio, RIP beloved God’s sent and fortitude for your children and family to bear the lost. Adieu Mrs Dora Akunyili.

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  117. DotClick
    DotClick June 08, 17:55

    Still in shock! What a great loss and a great lesson for all of us to put our lives and our country right! R.I.P. my heroine. You are indeed a valiant, who never tastes death but once. May your good works see you through. May the good Lord console us, your beloved Nigerians, and your beloved family you left behind. Adieu our great Prof.!

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  118. dubi
    dubi June 08, 18:09

    Dora’s death is very sad…truly a loss to the system. However, with the exception of a few…most of the English written when people comment is atrocious. Tenses, spelling, …it is scary what it says about our educational system.

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  119. Alias
    Alias June 08, 18:16

    It is absolutely ridiculous to say she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Nigeria and the diagnosis missed in US. I was already a practising doctor in Nigeria in 1998 and the earliest we diagnosed ovarian cancers in Nigeria was when the patients come with swollen tommy, legs and fluid in chest. Even as at now there are no trained medical oncologist in Nigeria. When I moved overseas to practice after 10yrs in Nigeria, then I realised what we do in Nigeria is a little better than witch crafting.ovarian cancer be quite aggressive and few can live upto 5 yrs from diagnosis what more 16 yrs untreated. Nigeria has the worst cancer survival rate on earth and I wonder if medical training and practice can be worst in any other country . This is not an issue of national pride, it will take Nigeria 5000000 yrs to get to where US is today.

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  120. cyndy
    cyndy June 08, 18:34

    its a great lost bt who re we 2 question God,may ur gentile soul rest in peace…..I will miss u more ma mentor………

    Reply to this comment
    PRINCE UDE June 08, 20:39


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  122. Emmanuel Ebhojieaye
    Emmanuel Ebhojieaye June 08, 21:12

    We all must begin to prepare for our death. It must come and we must die. The important thing about her was that she served the nation in the manner of which no one else does in the recent nigeria history. Another beter thing was that she was not murdered in nigeria because of her good works meaning every other public officers that are doing contrary with an excuse of fear shall die in a more mysterious way. Thirdly, if she had died in nigerian hospital, it would have been said that she was murdered. All the same, we all must learn to live a landmark. She left a record not in the political history but as a one woman was was more bold than the men counterpart. May her good works speak better than her mistakes. R.I.P. DORA!

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  123. folooks
    folooks June 08, 21:41

    She was larger than life,

    a pride to womanhood nd to nigeria as a whole .She

    saved many from untimely death from the hands of

    fake drug barons. Fearless nd courageos woman.I

    pray that u find peace with ur maker nd that ur good

    work will not perish..May God be with ur husband

    children nd heal nigeria which is what u lived for.

    Adieu a valiant warrior.

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  124. Aito
    Aito June 08, 21:42

    what a grate successful life she live Nigeria will really miss her. well lived.

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  125. Aito
    Aito June 08, 21:43

    what a grate successful life she lived Nigeria will really miss her. well lived.

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  126. onyekah
    onyekah June 08, 23:13

    Your legacy and what you stood for will not be easily forgotten . Your honesty and sincere love for humanity will be a challenge to our future leaders.May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace .

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  127. DotClick
    DotClick June 09, 00:16

    Still in shock! What a great loss! A call for all of us to holiness and nation building.Rest in peace my heroine. You are indeed a valiant, who never tastes death but once. May your good works see you through. May the good Lord console us, your beloved Nigerians, and your beloved family you left behind. Adieu our great Prof.!

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  128. Nasir
    Nasir June 09, 08:38

    rare gem! May your soul rest in perfect peace, amen.

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  129. K.C
    K.C June 09, 12:42

    A woman of substance,a heroine,an Amazon,a rare gem,an epitome of beauty.a great icon,oh an iroko has fallen! Prof Dora Akuyili ma,may ur gentle soul,RIPP. The legacies u left posterity will remember,lets all leave legacies that will be remembered likewise when we are no more.Adieu a mother in Isreal.

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  130. ADE
    ADE June 09, 12:47

    I think this is the longest comments trailing an individual since the birth of thecable. Dora Akunyili just deserved these glowing tributes. The torrent of great comments trailing her demise would have been the replica of goodwill messages that would have followed, had she survive the sickness. I personally missed her audacity of courage and Iron-ladyism (my coinage) In the face of threats and snowballed opposition, Prof. Akunyili became a terror in the camps of drug-fakers. It is one of her type in a million. May her courageous soul find rest in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu, Amazon Dora.

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  131. IB
    IB June 09, 15:23

    I can only congratulate the Families of the late Prof. Dora Nkem Akunyili. This is one woman whose integrity remains intact even in death, both in her private and public life.I wish other public servants will learn from her legacy. She remains our ideal Nigerian leader. May her soul rest in peace.

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  132. NAA
    NAA June 09, 21:07

    Prof, you have played your part and infact you did it very well. We(Nigerians) love you but God loves you more. God gave you to this nation that we all may learn from your honesty, fearlessness, boldness,forthrightness, dedication to duty,selflessness,etc. God gives and He takes. We will not sorry like those who have no hope. You are sleeping and will arise at the resurrection morning. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, in Jesus name, amen. We miss you mama Africa.

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  133. GIKO
    GIKO June 10, 01:54

    It is indeed a sad news, hearing the demise of our great woman of our time, who brought sanity to medicine abuse in Nigeria through NAFDAC. It is a great loss to us all. I pray that the almight God will grant her eternal rest, and also grant the Akunyili family the fortitude to bear the irrepiarable loss. In Jesus name.

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  134. samcee
    samcee June 10, 10:57

    the legacy you have left behind will never be forgotten adieu the great hero

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  135. Fruity
    Fruity June 10, 22:25

    The exit of AuntyDora is an irrecoverable blow to the Nigerian polity. In my own opinion, the US hospital responsible for the misdiagnosis should be sued by both the deceased’s family and the Nigerian government. It is pathetic to know that such a costly and grievous mistake can be made by the so called western world! What a painful lesson for all Nigerians! May God continue to rest her soul.

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  136. bill
    bill June 11, 17:28

    good nite patriot. keep on living in the good legacies u left behind. people who are not proud of u cannot make it public. but a lesson in all this is that w shld respect the professional opinions of our own doctors rather than foreign ones sometimes.

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  137. TPF
    TPF June 12, 12:23

    Your integrity lives after you and it is a source of inspiration and encouragement to we young ones who have chosen a path of honour. It is our prayers that your death will touch our leaders to thread the path of honour to make Nigeria a better place for us all. Adieu precious Nigerian and a rare leader.

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  138. Blessing
    Blessing June 12, 15:38

    I do not know whether Nigerian doctors were right or wrong in the case of our dear Prof Dora Akunyili, but the fact remains that it is very risky and even dangerous to rely on the professionalism and integrity of most Nigerian doctors. They are also deeply infected with decadence in the society. I have evidence and can confirm that many of our doctors are empty, incompetent, secretive and even out-rightly wicked. For example their misdiagnosis, mistreatment and callous wickedness ravaged my health for over two decades, killed my mother as well as led to the death of my twin baby boys at birth after full nine months. These are different doctors and hospitals by the way who are qualified practitioners. I have also witnessed similar evils done to other people

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  139. S.I Danny
    S.I Danny June 20, 22:33

    What a painful and shameful death. If she had run to God and ask for help.. God is the only source to cure and kill any uncurable disease..

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  140. Onomatopoeia
    Onomatopoeia June 22, 23:31

    Y! Y!! Y!!! Ahaa y that good things never last in this life. In 30yrs to come, i never expected to hear that Dora (Nwanyi NAFDAC) as i used to call you will be announced as a dead person! I have never talked of an outstanding woman that i know if not you. An amazon, a woman of integrity, an erudite, what will i say about you? you don’t know me, i never set my eyes on you before but i cried like a kid hearing… I overheard it from a joke. But when i couldn’t bear it i said even if it’s a joke let me search. I visited the internet and i bursted into tears. I did not hear it for once that you were sick! I saw your pics on the intermets in exquisite dressings as a respected mother i cried the more. You took risk as a woman that only few men can take. Dora(Nwanyi NAFDAC), it’s not time to wish you this, i waited to hear that it’s a rumour. but since it’s reall,”Rest in Peace”…

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