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Okorocha: Nigeria needs a leader who will treat everyone like family

Okorocha: Nigeria needs a leader who will treat everyone like family
August 05
21:36 2021

Rochas Okorocha, a former governor of Imo state, says the country needs a leader that will treat citizens like family.

Okorocha spoke on Thursday at a public lecture in Abuja, organised by the All Progressives Congress (APC) press corps.

The senator representing Imo west said those elected into public office should give every citizen they come across a sense of belonging.

“Any leader that emerges in the country must treat everyone as a family [member] and not segregate [against them],” Okorocha said.


“If only governors are like what governor Ganduje is doing — appointing other people not from their zone — you will be uniting the country by doing that.

“All governors and ministers are friends; you need to see us drinking coffee at the Hilton.”

The senator said the policies of the government do not work because “we have not been able to create a myth to unite this country.”


“We must solve the issue of hunger, injustice. What Nigeria is looking for is leadership — give everybody a sense of belonging and there will be peace.”

On his part, Jibrin Barau, senator representing Kano north, said with dialogue, the country will be able to resolve major issues, including secessionists’ agitations.

“The best thing to do at all times is dialogue,” Jibrin said.



  1. add
    add August 06, 10:42

    what Nigeria needs first is separation as many regions have agitated for it. Nigeria has passed the stage where states are told what to do on how to develop. Okorocha who failed as a gov of his state bribed his way to the senate even when we have better-educated citizens and the same person keeps recycling, failing the people, where people inherit others.

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  2. Ambrose Ukwuegbu
    Ambrose Ukwuegbu August 06, 17:11

    Okorocha’s dogma is: “Do what I say, not what I do”. His comment that Nigeria needs leaders who will treat everyone equally, betrays a man with fantastic galaxy and denatured thoughts for truism and rationality. His governance mess in IInto State spanning: 2011 -2019, portays him as a man least apt to talk on equity and justice for ALL. Imoites don’t know him as fit to rule not least fit to govern.

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