Ondo: There’s a plan to blackmail Akeredolu and his son

Femi Owolabi

Ondo government says there’s a plan to blackmail Rotimi Akeredolu, governor of the state, and Babajide, his son.

Donald Ojogo, commissioner for information and orientation, in a statement on Sunday, said the plot is designed to distract the state government.

According to Ojogo, the plot involves an allegation that Akeredolu and his son are attempting to take over the management of the forest reserves so as to corner the resources for personal gains.

“It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous individuals have perfected plans to blackmail the Akeredolu administration, using the first family as a target of their smear campaign,” the statement reads.


“The plan, which was hatched and orchestrated by these individuals, particularly, targeted the Governor’s son, Babajide Akeredolu, on allegations of high handedness and interference with serious government decisions, especially as it relates to the economic activities at the government reserves.

“Succinctly, the purveyors of this heinous plot have perfected plans to lie against the Governor and his son of attempting to take over the management of the forest reserves so as to corner the resources for personal gains.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Governor Akeredolu handles the business of government with utmost respect and accountability. The government decision to ban all logging activities and subsequent lifting of the ban, are all in the interest of the state.


“This government is exploring all avenues and blocking loopholes to shore up its Internally Generated Revenue so as to ensure that more funds are brought into the government coffers to drive development in the state. We will not fold arms and allow disgruntled elements to ruin the gains that have been recorded and being consolidated in the state.

“Under this administration, we have recorded significant progress and growth in our IGR. For a government that has shown accountability and readiness to explore all economic angles for the progress of the state in the past four years, it is not only laughable but, preposterous for any disgruntled group to suggest that Governor Akeredolu’s son was planning to man the ministry of natural resources for personal gain.”

The commissioner urged members of the public to disregard “lies being peddled around by bad losers whose aim is to distract the governor and government of the state”.

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