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Online group meets to discuss opportunities in Nigerian Stock Exchange

Online group meets to discuss opportunities in Nigerian Stock Exchange
January 27
10:19 2019

Alpha Trust Investment Club (ATIC), an online group, has urged its members to make use of investment opportunities on the platform to build a sustainable financial base.


Remi Adeoye, founder of ATIC, said this when members of the group converged on Ikeja in Lagos on Saturday.

He said the platform presents many opportunities in the stock exchange sector.

Adeoye said the group which started on Facebook in June 2018 brought together friends who were interested in investment and raised N56 million in six weeks to trade on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


The founder said the group hopes to increase its stakes in subsequent years and also invest in real estate in order to make maximum returns for members.

“The group started in June 2018. We are all friends on Facebook and it is this investment that brought us together for the first time. We are here to present certificate of investment to those who subscribed,” Adeoye said.

“I floated the investment club and those who were interested subscribed. We raised N56.6 million in six weeks and we invested that sum on selected stocks in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


“Based on the 30 years experience I’ve had in investment to identify opportunities and to maximize them, we hope to make a return of approximately 40% for our members.

“We have trained members to be able to trade on their own. Many of them have opened their trading accounts. We have a platform with Morgan Capital Group and we trade on the Nigerian Stock Exchange live.

“We also have a joint inbox where all the members are and we exchange information on what we see as trends on the stock exchange, the opportunities that are there, stocks that present good opportunities, when to buy and when to sell. We alert them and they take advantage of that.

“The life circle of the investment is one year, which will end in June 2019. We will announce our results and make it public. We will return the capital with profit to each investor.


“Our club is credible and our platform tried and tested. Morgan Capital is a registered stock broker and they provided the platform for a commission. We are 177. Our minimum investment this year is N5000.”

Members of the platform also spoke on how beneficial the programme has been.


  1. CalmBee
    CalmBee January 27, 19:55

    Yes, I’m a full time member of this great investment club and I am proud to associate myself with ACP Remi Adeoye. ATIC is tried and trusted. Mr Remi himself, is integrity personified. Personally, I’m grateful to God and to Mr Remi for the opportunity to be an investor in ATIC. Long live ATIC!

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  2. AiDee
    AiDee January 27, 22:45

    I don’t think an investment of this nature and magnitude has been floated by the common man in Nigeria before now. This is history in the making and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

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  3. Sorgee
    Sorgee January 28, 07:37

    This is a very brief and summarised note on the glorious event and activities of the awesome group. I’m a very proud member of this club and I celebrate my boss and mentor ACP Aderemi Adeoye for this giant stride which was birth by his integrity that’s been proven over the decades in service. God bless ATIC and the ATICians.

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  4. John onovae
    John onovae January 28, 09:48

    am a member of this wonderful group and am proud to have joined because it opens our eyes to various opportunities in the stock market and am grateful to Acp Remi Adeoye for the initiative.

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  5. Demola
    Demola January 28, 20:39

    I am a proud member. God bless Sir, ACP Remi Adeoye.

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  6. Princess
    Princess January 29, 08:58

    I am so proud to be a member of the group. Long live our ATIC and we the ATTICIANS.

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  7. Semitula Joseph
    Semitula Joseph January 29, 13:30

    This might be the beginning of an Africa version of the Paris club in the making.Every Lion was once a Curb.
    God bless the founder ACP Remi Adeoye.

    Am happy that the world is taking the record.

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  8. Foluke
    Foluke January 29, 17:03

    I’m privileged to be a member of this progressive group. The commitment, selflessness and accountability of the founder is beyond my imagination. ATIC for life!!!

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  9. Zion daughter 1.
    Zion daughter 1. January 29, 22:14

    This is history in the making. Glad to be a member of this great group. Thanks to the convenerSir Remi Adeoye a man of integrity.

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  10. Tosin
    Tosin January 30, 08:13

    Some of the attractions in this investment scheme include:

    – Strong management team. The investment team have over 50 years experience between them in the stock market.

    – Transparency. Each member follows daily trading in the market. There is a Facebook group, Messenger group chat, as well as Whatsapp group where daily updates are shared.

    – Member Training. Members are trained on how stock trading works. This has enabled members desirous of having individual accounts get started using a real-time stock trading system.

    It’s an amazing group.

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  11. Dele Ajeigbe
    Dele Ajeigbe June 09, 09:08

    My dear Sir (ADEREMI ADEOYE ACP)
    Please link up with me.
    email address [email protected]

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