EXTRA: I’m a Christian and practising Muslim — we serve one God, says Ooni

EXTRA: I’m a Christian and practising Muslim — we serve one God, says Ooni
June 23
20:57 2017

Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the ooni of Ife, says he is a Christian, a practising Muslim, and a traditionalist — serving one God.

Speaking to Osasu Igbinedion on The Osasu Show, the monarch said he was born a Christian, but has seen the light that all religions serve one God.

“I am not a Christian alone, I can be called a Muslim too; I practise all the religions very well,” he said.

“I go to the mosque to pray, I go to the church for service. Yes, you are correct, I’m a traditionalist. Yes, you are correct, born a Christian, but the only one you didn’t add is that I am also a practising Muslim as well.


“I will tell you something that people don’t understand is that every religion is one, but we have different perspectives to the different religions.”

The 42-year old accountant, who beat 20 others to the royal stool, said there is nothing demonic about the African or Nigerian traditional religions.

“God is one, unitary God and for me, I have been able to see the light that there is nothing that is demonic in our ancient tradition and religion. Nothing! It is the western world that painted it to be demonic,” he said.



  1. biskit
    biskit June 24, 01:10

    I disagree with you your highness. Very respectfully. The God of the Christians and the one worshipped by Muslims are as different as the sun and the moon, are. Our local deities ate also very different from the Biblical God. However much we wish that to not be the case, it is what it is, your majesty. May it be revealed to you in Jesus name.

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    • Heed
      Heed June 25, 00:28

      The God of Christian, Islam and Judaism is one and the same. The Pauline teachings of the new testament is what is getting a lot of Christians confused. take away the new testament and you will see the light.

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      • Lanre
        Lanre June 25, 09:11

        I know people don’t tell you often how intelligent you are. So now I’m telling you.

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      • Truefaith
        Truefaith July 11, 10:50

        Much of the comments on this thread and the initial speech by the Ooni presume the non-existence of the Devil. Most assume everything spiritual is godly. True Christianity does not make this error. It teaches there is an Almighty God and there is a Devil. They are not the same. The True God is NOT the same Person people worship in true Christianity, Islam and traditional religions. The thought that they are the same is from a spirit intent in hiding his identity.That cannot be God. The Ooni is a personable individual but he is a pagan: he is surely not a believer in the Jesus Christ of the Bible. The more people get that right the better for everyone.

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  2. Ade
    Ade June 24, 12:06

    That the Ooni is not born again? Your forebears were traditionalists some years ago before they accept the Christianity first, and after about 600 years,lslam. The two religions came with faiths salvation and mercies, that is why we take the benevolence of the two prophets of God, Jesus Christ and Mohammed (SWS) with disdain. Ooni represents the Daemon of Deities in his capacity as the Earthly King and at the same time identified with religions for the sake of it. Who judges the King after all? We have to be mindful and guided when commenting on the surrogate of the Deities. Warning.

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  3. Kelly joshua
    Kelly joshua June 25, 18:09

    We all know exactly where we belong. .thanks oni

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  4. oye
    oye July 02, 18:28

    Your comment.who are we to criticize Oonirisa when supreme council of Islam and Christian association don’t have the gut to talk

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