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EXTRA: Ortom fetes bus driver who once employed him as conductor

EXTRA: Ortom fetes bus driver who once employed him as conductor
December 28
14:10 2021

Samuel Ortom, governor of Benue, has celebrated Christmas with Mnenge Mtenave, his former boss, and other commercial bus drivers whom he worked with at Gboko Motor Park in the state. 

Mtenave was a commercial vehicle driver in the 1980s whom Ortom worked with as a conductor.

The celebration reportedly took place at the residence of Mtenave in Mbadim, Gboko LGA of the state.

Speaking at the event, the governor was said to have narrated his experience as a conductor while working at the motor park.


He said after he dropped out of primary school, Mtenave invited him to work as a motor conductor and also taught him how to drive.

According to the governor, Mtenave was kind to him, adding that “at a time, my boss made me a cashier and treasurer of all the money that we made weekly and gave me a blank cheque to spend at will”.

Ortom said he decided to visit Mtenave and celebrate Christmas with him to show appreciation for the “foundation” that was laid for him.


The governor reportedly presented a Hilux van to Mtenave and promised to support him in any trade of his choice.

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  1. Anyasi Emmanuel
    Anyasi Emmanuel December 30, 10:41

    Life is a teacher. You never can tell what one will be in future. It is advisable to do your best when the occasion calls for it. Never underrate anybody.

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