Our 2 Kobo Podcast: Talking marriage and cyberbullying with Omotara and Lawrence

Nigeria’s booming social media landscape has minted a number of online stars.

Their influence goes beyond fashion tips to leading social change movements and defining perceptions for brands with a piece of the action.

But what happens when two of these influencers fall in love? Cue the double clicks!

In this episode, power couple Lawrence Alabi and Omotara Lawrence (Lady Mo) join JamJam and Idris for a round-the-clock discussion.


This is not your average gossip sesh. We are talking content creation alchemy, cyberbullying, and navigating the delicate lines of social media censorship and creative freedom.

From the spark that ignited their love story on social media to navigating their careers, this episode spills the tea on finding a work-life balance while living life under the watchful eyes of their online fan base.

Can they keep their love life private in the age of constant online scrutiny? Watch below to find out more.


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