Party seeking INEC registration says it has solutions to Nigeria’s challenges

The Allied Conservative Congress (ACC), a political party seeking registration with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), says it has solutions to the nation’s challenges.

In a Democracy Day statement to Nigerians, the party alleged that government at all levels have abandoned their constitutional duties with Nigerians grappling with hunger and insecurity.

The party asked citizens not to lose hope, but remain steadfast in their quest for a better country.

The political group said Nigerians need compassionate leaders with the “milk of human kindness and conservative ideology”.


“June 12 is a testament to Nigerians’ faith in democracy and resolve to consolidate, deepen and strengthen it. It is also an eloquent testimony of credible elections and citizens’ resolve to resist anti-democratic forces. The democratic flames which June 12 lighted must glow and shine brighter in the nation’s democratic space,” Lawal Mohammed, the party’s secretary said.

“ACC salutes Nigerians for their resilience in sustaining democratic ideals, ethics and ethos despite numerous challenges facing the nation due to inept leadership. Our confidence in the constitutional rule is unshaken. We must make our democracy work for the good of the masses.

“It is in view of this that the Allied Conservative Congress was recently formed as a rallying platform for all democrats desirous to rescue Nigeria from its dangerous slide.” 


AAC promised to “rebuild the nation with conservative ideology of integrity, morality, probity, equity, unity, security and prosperity” to make the country “great again and restore genuine democracy”.

“ACC identifies with the masses in this difficult period of our nationhood and assures of a brighter future. The movement urges Nigerians to be hopeful and prayerful as we collectively hold governments at all levels accountable,” the party said.

“We are optimistic that our political movement will soon be registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission as a political party with conservative ideology that will provide Godly leadership, create wealth, revive the economy, ensure political stability, foster unity and development essential in restoring the nation’s glory, security and prosperity.”

The political movement said it will participate in the 2027 general election and field “credible, competent and visionary candidates who will turn around insecurity, economic recession, political upheavals, unemployment and hardship in the country”. 


“ACC is the solution to Nigeria’s long national nightmare and multifarious challenges that have impeded the nation’s democratic journey,” the party said. 

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