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IN FIGURES: All Boko Haram attacks in 2015

IN FIGURES: All Boko Haram attacks in 2015
December 28
09:59 2015

Three days more and Year 2015 will be a done deal. But for weeks and months to come, it will be impossible to reminisce on the year without remembering the string of Boko Haram attacks on mosques, churches, political rallies, schools and internally displaced persons’ camps, which killed thousands of people.

From 2009 to 2015, the insurgents put a halt to more than 30,000 lives – innocent civilians full of dreams of their own, dreams that could have been useful to the country’s match to development.

In its 2015 campaign, the sect succeeded in killing over 4,000 Nigerians, very conservative approximate figures have shown.

Prior to the ascension of President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29, Boko Haram killed 2,351 people within Nigeria’s borders.

Since Buhari took power, the sect has killed 2,429 people within our territories, as the Nigerian military continues battling to finish off the sect.

The 2015 record is an improvement on the 2014 calendar, where the sect was reported by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) to have killed 6,347 civilians.

While compiling these figures – from news reports, government sources (NEMA, SEMA, Nigerian military) – it was observed that the sect rarely attacked once a day.

Once there was a first attack, a second or third was just a few minutes or hours away. This was most evident in the October 15/16 attacks, where Maiduguri was bombed five times in 24 hours.

In January 2015, the sect had a couple of attacks, notable amongst which was an audacious attack on Maiduguri, after Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign train left the state. No deaths were reported across the month, with the military’s advance on the sect.

The deadliest day of the year was on February 1, few days before from the initial date for the 2015 presidential election.

In series of attacks by Boko Haram and its confrontations with the military, a total of 527 persons were said to have lost their lives, 82 of which were civilians – killed in a single attack.


February 1, 2015Twin explosions kill five in Gombe5
February 1, 2015Suicide bomber kills 10 people in northeast Nigeria’s Potiskum10
February 1, 2015Boko Haram insurgents attack northeast Nigeria’s capital city512
February 2, 2015Car bomb explodes in Nigeria’s Gombe after Jonathan rally18
February 11, 2015Boko Haram tackle Chadian troops in Gamburu13
February 12, 2015Suspected suicide bombers kill at least 11 in Nigeria’s Borno state11
February 13, 2015Boko Haram separate attacks kill 21 in northeast Nigeria21
February 15, 2015Female suicide bomber kills 13 in Nigerian bus station13
February 17, 2015Suicide bomber kills three in Yobe restaurant3
February 17, 201537 killed, 23 injured in Biu multiple explosions37
February 19, 2015Boko Haram kills 30 near Chibok30
February 19, 2015Boko Haram kills 30 in Adamawa village30
February 20, 2015Boko Haram attacks Adamawa villages, kills 10 more10
February 20, 2015Boko Haram kill 21 in Nigeria near missing girls’ village21
February 22, 2015Female Suicide Bomber Kills 8, injures 428
February 24, 201516 killed in Nigeria bus station blast16
February 24, 2015Suicide bombers kill 20 in Kano20
February 26, 2015Bombs explode at bus station, near university in central Nigeria’s Jos18
February 26, 2015Another suicide bombing kills many in Biu21
February 27, 2015Boko Haram kills many in Borno’s Mainok village market15
February 28, 2015Female Bomber kills accomplice, two others in Borno4
March 2, 2015Boko Haram beheads two in new video2
March 3, 2015Boko Haram kills 20 children, 74 others94
March 4, 2015Boko Haram attacks Borno town, kills nine9
March 7, 2015Bomber dies  in Borno1
March 7, 2015Four die as soldiers discover bomb factory in Yobe4
March 7, 201558 killed, 139 injured in Borno multiple blasts58
March 8, 2015Fresh explosion rocks Borno market, kills five5
March 8, 2015Chad, Niger soldiers killed as Boko Haram loses Nigerian towns215
March 9, 2015Boko Haram attacks Adamawa community10
March 9, 2015Hundreds found dead as fresh Boko Haram violence hits Nigeria400
March 10, 2015Borno village under fresh Boko Haram attack8
March 10, 2015Suspected suicide bomber kills 34 in Nigeria’s Maiduguri34
March 15, 2015Boko Haram kidnapps hundreds in northern Nigeria town50
March 15, 2015Nigerian troops battle Boko Haram in Damasak100
March 19, 2015Boko Haram recaptures Gamboru, kills 20 in raid20
March 22, 2015Two female bombers kill selves in Borno2
March 28, 2015Two killed in suspected Boko Haram attack on polling stations in NE Nigeria2
March 28, 2015Boko Haram gunmen kill 3 voters in Yobe3
March 28, 2015Boko Haram gunmen kill 3 voters in Gombe3
March 28, 2015Boko Haram kills 4 in Gombe4
March 28, 2015Boko Haram Attacks Dukku, Kills 88
March 28, 2015Boko Haram militants kill 25 in northeast Nigerian village25
April 2, 2015Suicide bomber kills 20 in Gombe motor park20
April 3, 2015Boko Haram beheads four fishermen4
April 4, 2015Boko Haram attacks Kayamla, Borno5
April 5, 2015Boko Haram disguised as preachers kill at least 30 in northeast Nigeria30
April 6, 2015“Scores” killed in another Boko Haram attack in Borno60
April 9, 2015Boko Haram kill two in Biu2
April 9, 2015Boko Haram kills 20 in Borno town20
April 12, 2015Three feared killed in Borno suicide attack3
April 12, 2015Suicide bombers kill 3 in Borno5
April 15, 2015Boko Haram slit throats of 12 as army tries to save civilians12
April 19, 2015Boko Haram kill two soldiers in NE Nigeria2
April 23, 2015Troops flee as Boko Haram retakes Borno town40
April 25, 2015Suspected Boko Haram attacks Plateau village, kills 4 as security flee duty post4
April 25, 2015Boko Haram gunmen kill 21 in Yobe village21
April 28, 2015Women captives shot dead soldiers sent to rescue them25
May 8, 201514 injured in Yobe school suicide bomber attack2
May 13, 2015At least 12 dead after attack on Nigeria’s Maiduguri city13
May 13, 2015Boko Haram kills 55 in Borno villages55
May 14, 2015Six killed, many injured as Boko Haram attacks Gur in Borno6
May 14, 2015Boko Haram kills 7 in Madagali7
May 16, 2015Suicide bomber in northern Nigeria kills at least 78
May 16, 201511 killed, 6 women abducted in Adamawa village in fresh Boko Haram attack11
May 19, 2015Suicide bomber attacks Garkida killing 9, injuring many more10
May 21, 2015Boko Haram kills many in fresh Borno attack40
May 22, 2015Boko Haram hacks to death 10 in Nigeria10
May 23, 2015Boko Haram kills 43 in Borno43
May 29, 2015Twin bombs in Nigeria’s Borno state kill seven and injure 127
May 30, 2015Terrorists on horseback invade Borno village, kill 2626
May 30, 2015Suicide bomber kills eight, injures 11 in Nigeria market8
May 31, 2015Boko Haram kills 48 in Monguno48
June 2, 2015Bomb blast hits market in Nigeria’s Maiduguri city, 50 killed50
June 3, 2015Bomb kills two and injures 33 in Nigeria’s Maiduguri2
June 3, 2015Suicide bomber kills 18 in mechanic workshop18
June 4, 2015Nigerian military kills 2 suicide bombers in Borno2
June 4, 2015Female suicide bomber in Nigeria’s Maiduguri kills two near checkpoint2
June 4, 201545 killed in Yola market blast45
June 6, 2015Borno suicide bomber kills 2, injures 42
June 6, 2015Bomb blast hits market in Nigeria’s Borno State, 16 dead16
June 8, 201519 dead as Boko Haram attacks village in Borno19
June 9, 2015Bomb kills 3 female suicide bombers in Borno3
June 10, 2015Boko Haram kills 43 in Borno43
June 12, 20153 Soldiers killed as Nigerian army Commences attack on Boko Haram8
June 13, 2015Three dead in suicide attack in northeast Nigeria3
June 15, 2015Two blasts in northeast Nigeria’s Potiskum kill 1111
June 16, 2015Explosives abandoned by Boko Haram kill 63 in Borno town63
June 22, 2015Boko Haram kills 20 in Borno20
June 22, 2015Blasts kill at least 30 at market in Nigeria’s Maiduguri30
June 23, 2015Female suicide bomber kills 15 in Yobe market15
June 23, 2015Boko Haram kills 20 in Borno20
June 27, 2015Five killed in Borno suicide bomb attack5
June 30, 2015Bomb blast hits market in Nigeria’s Maiduguri city, kills one1
July 1, 2015Suicide bombers attack hospital as Osinbajo visits Borno2
July 1, 2015Boko Haram kills 118 in Kukawa118
July 2, 2015Twin blasts kill 12 in northeast Nigeria12
July 3, 2015Boko Haram assassinates 11 of its members in Borno11
July 3, 2015Fleeing Boko Haram terrorists kill 29 villagers29
July 3, 2015Boko Haram kills ‘scores’ as it descends on Borno’s capital61
July 5, 2015Suicide bomber kills six at church in Nigeria6
July 5, 2015Suspected Islamist militants kill 51 in central Nigeria city Jos51
July 6, 2015Suicide bomber strikes near Kano mosque1
July 7, 2015Female suicide bomber kills 4 at military checkpoint4
July 7, 2015Bomb blast kills 25 in Zaria25
July 7, 2015Female bomber kills 40 at Kaduna verification centre41
July 10, 2015Boko Haram gunmen kill eight in Nigeria’s remote northeast8
July 10, 2015Boko Haram kills 45 in Monguno Borno45
July 11, 20154 persons dead in Borno explosion4
July 11, 2015Boko Haram kills 11 villagers in Borno11
July 13, 2015Bus bomb hits checkpoint in Nigeria’s Maiduguri, one killed1
July 13, 2015Again, Boko Haram kills 30 in Borno30
July 14, 2015Boko Haram raids Borno border town in night attack, 15 killed15
July 14, 2015Boko Haram kill 20 in Ngamdu20
July 16, 2015Boko Haram kills 50 in Gombe market blast50
July 17, 201550 killed as Boko Haram bombers attack Damaturu prayer ground50
July 20, 2015Boko Haram bombers kill eight at Damaturu checkpoint8
July 21, 2015Boko Haram militants attack Nigerian army chief’s home2
July 22, 2015Suspected Islamists kill eight in NE Nigeria village8
July 22, 2015Death toll rises to 37 after blasts in Nigerian city of Gombe37
July 24, 2015Boko Haram kills 18, burns houses in Borno18
July 24, 2015Boko Haram Blamed for Killing ‘at Least 25’ in NE Nigeria25
July 26, 2015Female suicide bomber kills 22 at northern Nigeria market22
July 27, 201529 killed in Fresh Boko Haram attack on Borno Village29
July 30, 2015Boko Haram kills 77
July 31, 201513 killed as Boko Haram attacks Maiduguri again13
August 1, 2015Boko Haram kills 13 in Borno community13
August 2, 20158 killed in fresh Boko Haram attack in Madagali8
August 4, 2015Boko Haram kills 10 fishermen in Baga; 13 insurgents killed10
August 6, 2015Boko Haram kills nine in Yobe Villages9
August 9, 2015Boko Haram kills four in Borno highway attack4
August 11, 2015Terrorists kill eight, abduct four women in Maiduguri community8
August 11, 2015Blast kills 47 in Nigeria’s Borno state47
August 12, 2015Borno vigilance group kills 17 Boko Haram fighters17
August 15, 2015Suicide bomber kills at least 5 in Nigeria’s Borno6
August 17, 2015Boko Haram raids Borno village, kills seven, loots grains, carts away livestocks7
August 18, 2015160 fleeing Yobe residents drown, killed by Boko Haram160
August 21, 2015Explosives kill two soldiers in Borno2
August 23, 2015Boko Haram members ambush convoy of Nigeria’s chief of army staff11
August 25, 2015Suicide bombers kill soldier at Maiduguri checkpoint2
August 25, 2015At least eight dead, over 20 injured as suicide bombers strike in Yobe8
August 25, 201524 Killed in Boko Haram Attack24
August 27, 20154 Killed in Boko Haram Attack4
August 28, 2015Boko Haram Attacks Borno Village On Horseback, Kills 6868
August 29, 2015Boko Haram militants kill “dozens” in NE Nigeria24
August 30, 201510 villagers killed in Yobe10
August 31, 2015At least 26 killed, 28 injured as suicide bomber attacks mosque in Maiduguri26
August 31, 2015Boko Haram kills 44
September 2, 2015Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kill 5 villagers in northern Nigeria5
September 3, 2015Again, Boko Haram kills 53, injures scores in Borno53
September 4, 2015Boko Haram kills 30 in Borno30
September 11, 2015Five killed in suicide attack on Adamawa community5
September 11, 201510 killed in Yola IDP camp bomb blast10
September 20, 201527 killed in Monguno bombing27
September 20, 2015117 killed in Maiduguri bombing117
September 24, 2015Many feared killed as Boko Haram attacks Monguno, Baga again20
September 27, 2015Boko Haram kills 20 in midnight attack20
October 1, 2015Boko Haram suspected after 11 Killed in Adamawa11
October 1, 2015Boko Haram suicide bombers kill 15 in Maiduguri multiple blasts15
October 2, 2015Boko Haram kill 20 in Gwoza20
October 6, 201520 killed in Gubio mosque bomb explosions20
October 7, 201518 dead in Yobe multiple blasts18
October 10, 2015Boko Haram kills 80-year-old, boy in Borno3
October 12, 201514 killed in Boko Haram raid in Nigeria: resident, vigilante14
October 13, 2015Blasts in northeast Nigeria’s Maiduguri kill at least seven7
October 15, 2015At least 35 dead as Boko Haram bombs worshippers in Maiduguri mosque35
October 16, 20154 female suicide bombers kill 26 in Eaerly morning attacks in Maiduguri30
October 17, 2015Boko Haram storms Adamawa village, kills 1212
October 21, 201520 killed in fresh Boko Haram attacks20
October 23, 201528 killed in Maiduguri mosque suicide attack28
October 23, 2015At least 50 dead in Yola Mosque bomb attack50
October 24, 2015Four suicide bombers, one other person die in Borno blast5
October 25, 2015Four suicide bombers die in car explosion4
October 28, 2015Boko Haram launches fresh attack on Yobe town20
November 17, 2015Yola blast killed 34, injured 8034
November 18, 201519 killed in Kano twin suicide bomb blasts19
November 20, 2015Boko Haram attacks Fika village, Kills 77
November 27, 201521 die in Nigeria Shiite Muslim march Boko Haram suicide attack21
December 12, 201530 dead in Boko Haram attack on three Nigeria villages30
December 15, 2015Boko Haram ambush convoy, killing officer and soldier2
December 25, 2015Boko Haram kills 14 in Borno on Christmas day14

EDITOR’S NOTE: This report was compiled with the aid of news reports by TheCable, other reputable media houses, official sources and Nigeria security tracker (NST) as mapped out by the Council on Foreign Relations. This report will be updated on December 31, 2015


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