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PDP: Buhari’s govt foisting a siege mentality on Nigerians

Ebunoluwa Olafusi

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of holding Nigerians hostage.


In a statement by Kola Ologbondiyan, its spokesman, the PDP expressed worries that Nigeria, which is a “prosperity hub and reference point”, now has all the “trappings of a failed state” under the administration of Buhari.

The party alleged that the president is now unable to guarantee any of his fundamental duties to the extent that citizens have become desperate to take their destinies in their own hands.

The PDP said due to the “prevailing anti-democratic proclivities” of Buhari’s administration, the nation’s once cohesive and thriving economy has come under distress on all fronts.


“It is clear that the APC and the Buhari Presidency have held Nigerians hostage. Nigerians are now being treated like a conquered people,” the statement said.

“They can no longer freely exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights; executive high-handedness has become a state policy just as the APC Government, burdened by challenges of illegitimacy, has lost direction and only thriving in vindictiveness.

“Never in the history of our nation has our fault lines become so visible; uncertainty now envelopes our nation; citizens are nervous and agitated as ominous hopelessness sets in. Many compatriots are being taken in as political prisoners all in a bid to foist a siege mentality and suppress public opinion.


“Today, the Buhari Presidency cannot guarantee the security and safety of citizens. Bloodletting and violence have become the order of the day; Nigerians now live in palpable fear; they cannot freely travel within their country and the government has no answers.”

The party also accused the president of ruining the nation’s economy by leading it to be the world’s capital of poverty while “condoning humongous corruption”.

“Sadly, President Buhari’s anti-development policies, the corruption in his government as well as its failure to provide security have scared away foreign investors from our nation,” PDP said.

“Our worry is that the prevailing situation of hopelessness under President Buhari and the APC is threatening our national cohesion and corporate existence as a nation.


“The PDP, therefore, calls on all Nigerians of good faith as well as the international community to come to the rescue by speaking out against the prevailing situation in Nigeria before it is too late.”

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