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Peter: I’m not just a dancer, I built PSquare’s structure

Peter: I’m not just a dancer, I built PSquare’s structure
July 02
11:17 2016

Peter Okoye of Psquare has said he has neither worries nor challenges as he settles into the solo phase of his illustrious music career.

Ever since his working separation from his brothers, Paul and Jude, Peter has intensified his individual projects – among which is a football management outfit, a beverage and bottling company and P-Classic entertainment.

The entertainer who once admitted that Psquare had no “business structure” has now taken responsibility for the “structure” of what’s arguably the biggest band in Africa.

In an interview with Hip TV, Peter said, “I do a lot” while revealing that he is finally following his heart and doing what he enjoys.


“I don’t think there is so much of challenges because even [while] touring with Psquare, I was the one doing the whole structure, trying to get things done properly. I will say it in front of the camera,” Peter said.

Having struggled with being described as the “dancer” of the group while his brother is believed to do the chunk of singing, Peter yet again, expressed his frustration with being unable to discard the tag.

“For me, there’s no challenges because I say the things that I know. I say the things that I let people know. I’ve been a creative person and I haven’t stopped till today. I’m very creative person but people still look at me as a dancer. It hurts but at the end of the day, I still remain a creative person.


“There’s no challenges. I’ll do my best, It is something I always wanted. Now I’m on my own, I’ll do what I always wanted. I was limited before but now I’m good”.

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  1. Pee
    Pee July 05, 14:13

    While wishing you luck in your new endeavour, I think your thick headedness has made you the black sheep of the family

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