PHOTOS: School children involved in child labour


With a figure of 10.5 million, Nigeria has the highest number of out-of-school children in the world, according to UNICEF.

This may be underestimated as more children and parents are embracing informal education due to unemployment.

Some out- of- school children are into petty trading activities to support their family, while others drop out due to broken homes.

Below are some pictures of out of school children involved in child labour:


After completing her primary education, Promise is waiting for her mother to determine the next step. For now, she helps her mother who sells fried fish.

These boys could not continue their education due to funds, to survive they sell snacks along Sango – Abeokuta expressway.

Due to broken homes, many of these boys dropped out of school, left their houses to live on the street

Sheun Ali and Hameed Kehinde are motorcycle apprentices at Ojokoro, Lagos, while Sheun dropped out at JSS 2 for reasons he could not explain, Hakeem did not even get to secondary