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PIA: NNPC will cease to exist within six months, says Mele Kyari

PIA: NNPC will cease to exist within six months, says Mele Kyari
August 17
10:20 2021

The federal government says the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) will cease to exist within the next six months as specified by the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA).

Speaking with Arise TV on Monday, Mele Kyari, group managing director of NNPC, said the national oil company would be transformed into a private company that would pay taxes and dividends to its shareholders.

He said the new company would be incorporated under the Company Allied Matters Act (CAMA).

On Monday, President Muhammadu Buhari signed the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) into law .


Kyari explained that all liabilities and assets of the NNPC will be transferred to the new company.

He noted that some toxic assets may be excluded.

“Coming back to the NNPC, the provision of the law clearly states that the corporation will be transformed into a CAMA company. This meaning of this is that the company will just be another privately owned company, in a sense,” Kyari said.


“This company will pay taxes, royalties and dividends to its shareholders. This isn’t the situation today because the corporation has no such obligation. This has stalled its development, its growth and its prosperity.

“According to the new Petroleum Industry Act, a new company will be incorporated within six months . That means all assets and liabilities of the NNPC will be transferred to the new company.

“Not all of them, by the way. The bill is very clear. Some toxic assets of the corporation may not be transferred. The federation or shareholders can decide to keep some of the assets and leave some with the corporation.

“Therefore, you are going to have a much more efficient, much more slimmer, much more commercial national oil company.”



  1. Kissfred
    Kissfred August 17, 16:29

    We don come again oooo, will this PIB have positive impact and well being of a common citizens? Hmmmmmm, all these policies are making lives more unbearable for common man, from what we have from the past e.g structural adjustment program that devalued the Naira currency to paper weight currency and turned the country into a terrorist country. Hmmmmmmmm or how many poor people will have money to buy shares, is this not another way to enslave us, we the Masses. There is God, ooo.

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  2. Mat Matbure
    Mat Matbure August 17, 16:55

    Good move but like all good initiatives by the FG it will be business as usual corruption will still be the order of the day

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  3. Funkson
    Funkson August 18, 18:26

    We should beware of all these Kyaris

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  4. Echezona David Okafor
    Echezona David Okafor August 18, 19:56

    The crooks will take the fresh and leave the bone for government.

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  5. Alani
    Alani August 21, 18:44

    Well, government may have her reasons but to me is that the next thing to do? And come to think of it, one kyar died of covid, another in case with international criminal and this last talking about the NNPC… Let’s open our eyes ooh

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