Ondo ‘kidnapper’ who took tramadol still sleeping — six days after arrest

The police say a suspected kidnapper whose identity is not known has been sleeping six days after he was arrested.

The suspect was arrested on Sunday after he and his gang allegedly attempted to abduct the owner of a pharmaceutical shop in Owo, Ondo state.

He was said to have passed out while he was on the operation.

Femi Joseph, spokesman of the Ondo state police command, said the police have not been able to get any meaningful statement from him.

Joseph said it had been confirmed by a doctor that he took overdose of the drug.

He added that a 400mg tablet of Tramadol was recovered from the pocket of the sleeping suspect after his arrest.

“As of today, the suspect had yet to wake up. Maybe he took too much of the drug, that is why he is still sleeping. We have tried all we could to make him regain his consciousness to no avail,” he said.

“However, we are still watching him to find out if he is pretending. We are with him and he would face the music no matter how long he is unconscious.

“He has been at the hospital where the doctor is administering drips on him. What he does is to wake up, back like a dog and sleep back again.

“Other than that, he has not been able to do anything. He has not given us any statement.”