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Premier Hospital: The morning after

Premier Hospital: The morning after
January 27
08:29 2022

I was at ground zero yesterday on a private visit. This was truly the premier facility for private health care delivery in the country. 

Well located within the hubris of commercial high brow Nigeria, once proud and grabbed it position at the top and moved beautifully and arrogantly like a young virgin in the eye of many a randy suitor.

Then she passed. Public anger hit like a tsunami and all hell broke loose.

Today, I see restrained caution as I walk into its still beautiful and neat compound.  I had come for a private visit to one of its promoters and I knew this wasn’t going to be easy.


As I was ushered in,  the phone rang. Can you help us talk to the patient, the other doctor on the other line said.

She did. He wanted to travel to the UK, but the child was not well enough. His blood level was kinda low and may not be able to take the flight.

The parent insisted claiming not to have funds and I wonder why the ticket money, although already paid, would distract this search for health.


I listened as she tried so hard to convince the man to stay for treatment. She needn’t have bothered; he was more interested in whatever was taking him to the UK.

She dropped the phone and looked at me in calm frustration. This is our lot. The public never sees this side, she quipped.

I look into her strained and tired eyes. ‘Edgar, it’s been hard. We are being squeezed. The inquest is ongoing, we did everything professionally possible. We were all here. We tried our very best but this happened. They want to go for our jugular led by an old adversary who was being fueled by the bile of ancient angst.’

The professionalism is not lost on me. As she speaks to me, she keeps glancing at my bad eye. Intermittently, she will say, ‘Are you sure, you are getting good care for that eye, it looks messed up?’


I will say, ‘Don’t worry about me. I am in a good place.’

She looked worried and deliberately so. She had given her life to this  30years of providing top hedge healthcare and now this tsunami of public revolt?

As she spoke, she surveyed her empty waiting room. This used to be full to the brim she quipped with sad but determined eyes.

I liked her. Beneath that seeming delicateness, I could see the steely determination that led she and her partners on this journey. Her sincerity shown thru, her courage under fire unmistakably making me believe very strongly that this too shall pass.


Her major regrets being his absence. He would have sorted this. He was a brilliant mind. A people person and he would have sorted this cos her hands are clean.

She looked at the bench where he used to sit and wait for her and that moment she kinda broke cos she knew it would have been ok.


As I take my leave, I felt the need to use the gents and was directed to three which gave me a quick cursory inspection of the facility and an urgent engagement with at least three staff and I came out of this quick experience with nice confidence

As I walk past, I ask myself,  would I use Premier Hospital as a man who had also lost his wife under funny circumstances and the answer wasn’t hesitant: YES.


I sense a rebirth. I sense a validation and I sense renewed growth once all these is over.

Things happen but healing on all sides will and must happen for the betterment of society

Who are we to ask questions, when destiny decides to play with our fate?


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