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President Buhari cannot change Nigeria as she currently is

President Buhari cannot change Nigeria as she currently is
February 02
14:30 2018

Most of our people do not understand that holding President Buhari accountable does not mean that we are endorsing the PDP. Part of my own civic responsibility is to publicly and objectively hold President Buhari and his team accountable, but that does not mean I am endorsing the PDP. All our religious and sectional citizens need to understand this. For the umpteenth time, in this clime, politicians will not give you what you desire, but what you consistently demand for—within the context of our constitution.

Even if PMB turns Nigeria to Singapore overnight and one person is not happy with him, that one man or woman has a right to protest against his government. It is called democracy. And it is unhealthy to gag anyone in a democracy. It is either we totally stick with democracy or we shop for another system of government. When GEJ was in power, those in power daily dragged him in the mud and they were not arrested. Today, the hen has come to roost. Do I support people calling a President some spiteful names? No! But the truth is; every citizen has a right to speak as he or she sees and feels. This is the beauty of democracy. And anyone who does not like to be criticized should not seek to become a public servant. A citizen is the boss, while even the President of Nigeria is a servant. He was elected about three years ago to serve acceptably. And when this does not happen, it is the duty of his employers to daily call him out.

How many of those justifying mediocrity in the corridors of power would employ bad managers to handle their companies? Some of the citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are so iniquitous. They do not care a hoot about Nigeria. They do not see Nigeria as their own. They are committed to their homes and businesses, but when it comes to our nation, they do not care too hoots. This is the warped mindset that does not allow many Nigerians to get their PVCs, let alone cast their votes—every four years. If Nigeria is truly going to fulfill her pre-ordained destiny, we would all need to change and own Nigeria. I fearlessly speak the way I speak, because I see myself as a stakeholder, not an onlooker.

Some photographs propped up a few days ago in the world of social media and it did trend for some days. It was the photographs, showing Obasanjo and Buhari shaking and laughing almost uncontrollably. When I saw those photographs, I shook my head, because most of our people do not understand politics a hoot. Kindly understand that when two politicians are seen shaking hands and laughing almost uncontrollably, it does not mean they are together. If you do not understand this, then you may need to enroll for 100level politics.

Barrister Shittu, Communication Minister produced some face-caps in recent times to campaign for the re-election of Mr. President and I do respect his right as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I too can produce 1million customized shirts to campaign against PMB and my own right (in this context) is supposed to be respect too. This (and more) is what democracy is all about. It is evil for the DSS to be running after those who campaign against a president. They are exercising their constitutional right as a citizen. The whole world is watching us as a nation.

During the reign of Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, “Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA)” was passed into law. 28th of May, 2011 is a day that has gone down in history as significant in the battle to enthrone accountability in Nigeria’s public life. It was hailed as the death-blow to corruption and lack of transparency in governance. According to our constitution, every Nigerian has the right to know everything that transpires in the corridors of power. But the fad is not the same today. Our politicians are so lawless. They do not stick with our constitution. Nigerians still do not know jack. It is still the more you look, the less you see. Take for instance; no one knows how much was spent on President Buhari in London—when he took ill.

I support the current position of our noble court on the issue of Ibrahim Magu. He should be replaced. No Nigerian is indispensable. There is no one that Nigeria cannot do without. Nigeria needs strong systems, not strong men who are stronger than our systems of government. Keeping the arrow-head of the EFCC in that office is lawless and it is not good for our nation. If President Buhari is a man of integrity, he should obey the decision of a court of competent jurisdiction and shop for another person—who can get the job done. There are too many Nigerians who can do better than what Magu is doing right now.

As I round off, if you think you will just wake up one day and you would find a great nation, you are deceiving yourself as a citizen. And what makes a nation great is not prayer alone. Many years ago, when we began to tell the nation that prayer alone is not what makes a nation great, they looked at us as if we were anti-God. Today, have we become a 1st world country? Nigeria is a very religious country, yet we are so wicked. We claim to love God, but we hate ourselves. We go to mosques and churches on Fridays and Sundays, yet we are killing ourselves. Religion has failed so far in Nigeria!

If you hate a sitting President, you cannot but err in judgment. Each time either a man or woman speaks blindly against President Buhari, the next thing I would do is to check his or her name. The average Hausa man spoke against Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan without being objective and the average Igbo man/ woman speaks against President Buhari without being objective. Nigeria is more divided today under the watch of PMB. He has done very poorly in bringing us together as a nation. Remember, a divided nation cannot stand. And hate speeches do not build, they destroy!

Lastly, we keep borrowing billions in dollars, not in naira—to fund vanities. How much of it do get to the common man on our dusty streets? We borrow to buy cars, clothes, houses and feed our task-masters, politicians. Nigeria has been structured to fail. Nigeria as it is today cannot succeed. Buhari cannot change Nigeria as she currently is, even if he spends 50years in power. The major problem facing our country is a systemic one. We need a complete overhaul as a people.


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