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President Donald Trump is a poisonous racist

President Donald Trump is a poisonous racist
August 04
18:26 2019


When your emotional balance stabilizes, you may think differently; but when a man lost his mental balance, he consequently lost his intellectual capacity. I’m talking about the supposedly national unifying force or perhaps a unifier who unfortunately turned out to be a divisive figure. I mean the self-opinionated, the self-willed, the self-loving, the self-regarding current occupant of the White House who has been in collision with sensitivity and principle. The racism he has been raining down on nonwhite and the pathological bias he is demonstrating in a democratically role model nation at present, has gone beyond the imagination of any discerning mind.

In actual fact, one must requires the abnormal to feel normal whenever he releases his nasty tweets or appeared to make his loose talk in public, and his indecorous language should remained a great source of concern to the rest of the world.

He is modeling an inappropriate and negative behavior for the American people as well as the world. He has on several instances proved beyond reasonable doubt to the world that he has meets criteria for a delusional disorder. I mean the features are apparent to the current president of the United State of America, Mr. Donald Trump. Now the onus lies on the genuinely progressive minds — those who still stand by Abraham Lincoln’s definition of democracy — government of the people by the people and for the people, and those who still recall what liberty and freedom are all about across the globe to come together to stop this inimical disease that has been manifesting from the White House from permeating the world.

Racial inequality and racial hatred are the pernicious identical twins the world universally hates with passion and is getting rid of. It’s sad that these abhorrent and nauseating acts appeared to be the major source of strengths of Trump presidency and he leans on inciting racial hatred among the led to gain more acceptance and subsequently get reelected and extends his stay in the White House. It’s apparent that racist comments have eventually be his daily routine, and a vitally important part of his life which should he agrees to completely exterminate from his blood, he will beyond question be reduced to a mere vulnerable fellow. The Republican Party hard-sell product has no respect for anyone not even himself but his egoism. His impoliteness, impertinence and unmannerliness damp down American superiority over the world.

His controversies cost the self-styled “land of the free and home of the brave” to loose the strength and immense moral authority that she once enjoyed on the world stage, and she correspondingly lose her mystique and prestige and recede into devided, conflicted, pitiful, isolated, intellectually weak, economically crippled, greatly diminished and morally bankrupt spent forced. Trump presidency is the most controversial hub in American history; lurching and swimming from one controversial issue to the other. According to psychiatrists, extreme racist delusion can occur as a major symptom in other psychotic disorder, such as schizophrenia and hipolar disorder. Trump’s delusional psychotic symptom may force the world to suggest that he has serious social dysfunction that impairs his ability to work with others to overcome America’s diversity.

Implicit racism is fundamentally founded on fear. Thus, President Trump is certainly and unnecessarily getting paranoid because he is unsure of his unacceptable behavior towards nonwhite or people of color. Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar once tells her audience in a daily show with Trevor Noah, she said and I quote: “I am the president’s nightmare and America’s hope.” This says a lot and means a lot. Anyone who has been carefully and keenly following the political trend in the United States of America and is also watching how Trump is steering the wheel of the pre-Trump administration most powerful nation on earth, knows that most of the statements of this congresswoman send shivers down the spine of the president.

By words and actions, Donald Trump is substantiating and giving substance to the claim of this democratic freshman. His diabolical utterances against this brave lady is the most loathsome crime our generation has ever witnessed in recent years. As is the custom of his, Trump swaggered the venue of his campaign rally in North Carolina in a conceited manner where him and his gullible supporters gladly unveiled a new racist logo —”send her back” apparently referring to Rep. Ilhan Omar. Now I can say without equivocation that Donald Trump represent immediate danger to American people and the world as a whole.

It was Richard Malcolm Weaver who said: “A society’s health or declension was mirrored in how it used language.” Presently in US, president Donald Trump rail against the essence of leadership through the indecorous language he uses via twitter on daily basis. Just to disproves his qualification for office, Mr. Trump always devotes his time and energy to play the role of his attack dog. He keeps proving to the world that the office cannot make a man who will not let the nobility of leadership fashion him.

He managed to sink even lower when he tells the group of liberal democratic freshmen known as “the squad”, Alexanderia Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna S. Pressley of Massachusetts, to go back to their countries. All were born in United State except Omar whose parent immigrated to US when she was ten year old. At this point, Trump needs to be told that US wouldn’t have been great without welcoming people from different parts of the world, and it wouldn’t have emerged the most powerful nation on earth without the immense contribution of the likes of the people he told to go back to their countries.

For these four congresswomen of colour, particularly Ilhan Omar, this is a time for keeping feet planted firmly on the ground. It’s time to pay less attention to what is happening on the surface and more to what light solid evidence and mature analysis can shed on any matter of current concern. While Trump wants the downtrodden majority stay downtrodden because he is denying them every single opportunity to exploit, the four women of colour have great compassion for the poor, the needy and the downtrodden masses. As a matter of fact, standing for the poor and the downtrodden is a precept that has come down as their main concern.

Donald Trump had demeaned America and its people and he has taken it back to the time when opportunity and dignity were reserved for some, not all. Anything he did that even slightly supported his belief he pounced upon as proof; anything that didn’t support it he dismissed as an anomaly.

Amiru Halilu writes from Kaduna and can be reached through [email protected] Follow me @AmiruHalilu


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