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Report: Climate change, biodiversity loss are connected, must be tackled together

Report: Climate change, biodiversity loss are connected, must be tackled together
June 12
08:48 2021

Some of the measures targeted at reducing the impacts of climate change can negatively affect the environment and result in biodiversity loss, scientists have warned.


Biodiversity loss is a decline in the number and variety of life, species, plants, animals, natural and biological communities in a given environment.

The peer-reviewed report, published June 10, says the challenges of climate change and biodiversity are connected and should be tackled collectively.

According to the report, the strategies for mitigating and adapting to climate change can have negative environmental and social impacts – such as interfering with species migration and disrupting the makeup of natural habitats.


The scientists advocated that measures such as planting diversified crops and forest tresses would improve the capacity to adapt to climate change and enhance biodiversity, increase carbon storage and reduce emissions.

The report was produced by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, (IPBES) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Ana María Hernández Salgar, chair of IPBES, said the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss cannot be solved in isolation.


She said a collaborative approach is needed to address the environmental and social impact of these challenges.

“Transformative change in all parts of society and our economy is needed to stabilize our climate, stop biodiversity loss and chart a path to the sustainable future we want. This will also require us to address both crises together, in complementary ways,” Salgar said.

Hoesung Lee, chair of the IPCC, said it will be a win-win approach to tackle both climate change and biodiversity loss at the same time.

“Climate change and biodiversity loss combine to threaten society – often magnifying and accelerating each other. By focusing on synergies and trade-offs between biodiversity protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation, this workshop advanced the debate on how to maximize benefits to people and the planet.” Lee said.


“It is important to also address the lack of effective governance systems and mechanisms to improve integration between solutions for climate change and biodiversity.”


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