Report: Dangote refinery exports first jet fuel cargo to Europe

Report: Dangote refinery exports first jet fuel cargo to Europe Report: Dangote refinery exports first jet fuel cargo to Europe

Dangote Petroleum Refinery has exported its first jet fuel cargo to Europe. 

According to a report on May 30 by S&P Global, BP, a British multinational, is presently transporting its first jet fuel cargo to Rotterdam from the refinery.

Quoting four market sources, the publication said this was after being awarded part of a 120,000 metric tonnes (MT) tender offered for the end of May.

According to S&P Global Commodities at Sea (CAS) data, two sources said the Doric Breeze ship loaded 45,000 MT of supplies from the refinery on May 27 —  marking the first-ever BP shipment. 


In the report, traders said Cepsa, a Spanish refiner, secured a portion of the tender, with the company expected to soon deliver supply to the continent.

Both companies were not available for comments on purchases of jet fuel from the refinery, the publication said.

Since April 8, Dangote has shipped six cargoes of jet fuel/kerosene, all of which have been delivered to Senegal, Togo, or Ghana, according to CAS data.


BP also plans to keep supplying jet fuel from the refinery to the West African market, sources told S&P Global.

“European traders cautioned that fresh jet fuel flows could exacerbate existing weakness as Nigerian supply makes its way into a highly saturated market,” the report said.


According to the publication, the refiner’s export portfolio could soon be reshaped as it has pursued ambitious timelines for additional unit ramp-ups.


A representative for Dangote, according to S&P, told Commodity Insights on May 20 that Dangote has exported naphtha, fuel oil and gasoil to markets in Europe, Africa and Asia, however, naphtha exports could soon be curtailed to prepare for petrol production.

“Dangote has been seen pushing around four cargoes of naphtha each month to Europe since April, even though volumes could soon be curbed to boost domestic supplies for gasoline blending, once the plant’s fluid catalytic cracker is operational,” S&P Global said.

Also, the publication said the Nigerian refiner plans to produce ultra-low sulfur diesel eligible for export to Europe by the third quarter.

In its steady-state, the report said the refiner is expected to yield nine percent jet fuel, equating to around 45,000 barrels per day (bpd) at 80 percent utilisation — though early supplies could make Nigeria a net jet fuel exporter for the first time by the fourth quarter.


On May 17, Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, said the refining company will begin producing diesel and petrol in June.

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