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Report: Only Osun, Ondo allotted over 10% of their budgets to health sector in 2021

Report: Only Osun, Ondo allotted over 10% of their budgets to health sector in 2021
July 04
15:16 2022

States’ funding of the health sector was lower in 2021 compared to the height of COVID pandemic in 2020, according to a report by SB Morgen (SBM) Intelligence.

In its health preparedness index for 2022, SBM said only Osun and Ondo states allotted more than 10 percent of their budgets to healthcare in 2021.

According to the report, states spent an average of over 11 percent of their budget on the health sector in 2020 at the height of the COVID pandemic compared to 4.65 percent in 2021 when cases had declined.

SBM noted that many of the states that were active in the fight against the virus — and increased their budget for the health sector — appeared to slow down in the period that followed the lifting of restrictions.


“Only two states, Osun and Imo, in their 2021 appropriation bills, budgeted more funds for the health sector compared to the year 2020. Both states allotted 17.30% and 7.31% of their budgets in 2021, respectively. In the preceding year, both states allotted 12.10% and 6.18%, respectively,” the report reads.

“It is possible that other states that allotted fewer funds to the health sector decided to do so because the number of reported COVID-19 cases has reduced to near zero when compared to last year at the height of the pandemic. Last year, states had to cut their budgets for other sectors to meet the pressure of the coronavirus on the health sector.

“Put together, the 36 states spent an average of 4.65% of their budgets on healthcare in 2021. This is compared to the 2020’s budget, where the states spent over 11%. Only Osun (17.30%) and Ondo (10.28%) states allotted more than 10% to healthcare in 2021. The number dropped compared to 11 states last year. Lagos state, despite its huge budget in 2021, allotted only 2.76% to the health sector. This implies that compared to last year, there is a significant drop in how the states are investing in the health sector.”


On the 2022 health preparedness of states, SBM said Ogun state leads with 39.91 points, followed by Bayelsa with 38.40 points.

“These two states, in last year’s HPI, were in the 4th and 11th positions with 26.95 and 22.89 points, respectively. Lagos, which led last year’s HPI with 28.56 points, drops to 5th position in 2022 with 26.89 points. Delta and Anambra occupy the 3rd and 4th positions in this year’s HPI with 29.93 and 27.02 points each,” the report reads.

“These South-Southern and South-Eastern states were in 10th and 3rd positions last year with 23.02 and 27.45 points, respectively. Kebbi maintains its previous position on the state HPI with 9.28points,s having dropped from the 10.6 points it recorded last year.”



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