Reps spokesman accuses Fashola of spreading half-truth

Reps spokesman accuses Fashola of spreading half-truth
June 28
08:26 2017

Abulrazak Namdas, spokesperson of the house of representatives, says the national assembly intervened in the 2017 budget proposal sent by the executive to carry every region along.

Babatunde Fashola, minister of works, power and housing, had in an interview with TheCable, said some provisions of the budget violated the constitution.

Responding, the senate and house of representatives accused the minister of spreading half-truths.

In a statement on Wednesday, Namdas said Fashola should know that the national assembly is made up of members from all the geopolitical zones of the country who represent their peoples’ interest.


The spokesman said the lawmakers could not watch the country’s “patrimony unfairly skewed to one region or a few regions to the detriment of other states and geo-political zones”.

“We need to remind Mr. Fashola that the national assembly is a national institution made up of members from all geo-political zones, they represent all tendencies, interests and ethnic nationalities.

“It has a responsibility also to ensure balance in the distribution of road projects and other developmental facilities.


“The proposal from Mr. President on the 2017 budget of the ministry of works, power and housing did not pass this test! This partly informed the intervention of National Assembly so that every region can be carried along in project allocation.”


  1. Mamman Bako
    Mamman Bako June 28, 11:03

    At least his truths are half, he has accused you guys at NASS for no truths at all!

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  2. Moruf
    Moruf June 28, 11:52

    What is the essence of scale of preference in economics. Argument put forward by Nass, “satisfying all sections of the country in a year budget” is not tenable. Is it possible for them to satisfy the need of all their relatives (children, wife, parent, friends and sibling) at the same time individually? If Nass thinking is the way to go, I am sorry for this country. We need to prioritize infrastructural need of the nation. Give the one with urgent need its desire attention now and address others subsequently. At the end of the day this government will have nothing to show because all the said national projects will suffer from paucity of fund. A 12 months project will become 120 months project due to inflation and Nigerian factor

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  3. moses
    moses June 29, 13:18

    I listen to both size argument.But it seem national assembly overstep their boundary by taking the responsibility of preparing budget. Then you don’t need ministry for budget preparation. Just they should prepare and send to ministries. Telling we have taken your job -minister,
    But they have forgotten that in democracy every position has it responsibilities defined by constitution.

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