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The rise of the dictatorship of angry black women called feminists

We are witnessing the rise of the dictatorship of angry black women in Nigeria; feminists without a cause, but with crimson bile.

Funnily, as humans, we are uncannily wired to give orders and tell other people how to behave and live without reciprocity.

First and second wave feminism of the early twentieth century and the 60s/70s addressed specific problems women faced in society such as the right to vote in public elections and the right to have an abortion.

But I am confused about third wave feminism, that of today, most especially in this part of the world.

I believe women are equal to men all around and should enjoy equal opportunity in education, employment and family.

But what I find disturbing is the knack of some women to impose the “commandments of feminism” on other women who are predisposed to the obverse.

That female presidential aspirant, Eunice Atuejide, who condemned feminism, only expressed her views. The attacks against her seem to come from the bowels of bitterness.

Let’s not create a world of matriarchal she-lords who will only hand down skewed dictates to hapless female subjects.

And really, what sort of feminist would antagonise other women for choosing to stay married, love their husbands and keep their homes in the name of “marriage is not an achievement”?

Is this not the rise of the dictatorship of misandrists or angry black women?

Why do black people corrupt every good thing?

Feminism should not be a smokescreen for cloaking personal insecurities.

I recommend the movie “Suffragettes”. It is about women who fought for their gender to have the right to vote in the 1900s. They had a cause. It is called first wave feminism.

But we are here discussing gender roles; who to do the cooking and the laundry, while most widows in the south-east cannot inherit the property of their late husbands and while underage girls are being married off to geriatric men in the north.

The bottom-line is that what we have now are feminists without a cause, but who are drunken by the wine of Jezebel.

Let’s get serious, please.

Fredrick is a media personality. He can be reached on Facebook: Fredrick Nwabufo, Twitter: FredrickNwabufo

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