Thursday, December 8, 2022


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Russia-Ukraine war: We’re not turning Africans away from our borders, says Poland

Russia-Ukraine war: We’re not turning Africans away from our borders, says Poland
February 28
12:07 2022

The Polish government says it is not turning away Africans and non-white people seeking to cross its border from Ukraine.

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops on Thursday, thousands of people have been trying to flee the country to neighbouring countries for safety.

But there have been reports that non-white people, particularly blacks, are being turned away at the border by Ukrainian soldiers and Polish border guards.


However, the Polish authorities dismissed the reports as “fake news”, saying the country was not discriminating against non-white people.

Poland said it is accepting refugees “in accordance with outlined procedures”, and that about 200,000 refugees have found shelter in the country notwithstanding their nationality.


“Reports suggesting that the Polish authority are segregating refugees from Ukraine on the basis of race or religion are both false and outrageous. Poland is accepting refugees in accordance with outlined procedures,” the Polish government said via Twitter.

“Poland admits citizens of different countries in accordance with the existing procedures. We urge for prudence and to refrain from disseminating disinformation.


“Almost 200,000 refugees have already found shelter in Poland regardless of their nationality. There is no discrimination!

“FACT: Refugees fleeing war-stricken Ukraine are entering Poland regardless of their nationality. THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION!”


Over 200 people have lost their lives to the war and more than 1000 have been injured since the Russian invasion started.

Delegations from the two warring countries are expected to meet for talks “without preconditions” on the Ukraine-Belarus border today.

For safety reasons, President Volodymyr Zelensky had said he would not hold talks with Russia on the territory of Belarus, but Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, assured him that no military force will be used against Ukraine.


  1. Shina O Sattler-Oyemade
    Shina O Sattler-Oyemade February 28, 14:34

    What else is new, majorities of white people especially Poles and Ukrainian people.

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  2. steve
    steve February 28, 18:14

    But they have videos… it seems like both side stopping them or sending them to the back of the lines

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