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Sanusi: Saudi Arabia, Iran have radicalised and divided the Muslim world

Sanusi: Saudi Arabia, Iran have radicalised and divided the Muslim world
April 10
15:14 2017

Muhammad Sanusi II, emir of Kano, who is one of the most vocal Islamic voices on the continent, says Saudi Arabia and Iran have “radicalised and divided” the Muslim world.

Sanusi said the world needs a strong state, “not a fragile state”, to address the root causes of extremism.

He added that Islamic leadership could come from less conservative countries like Malaysia and Morocco.

“Internationally, Morocco — I’m in Morocco, I’m not a diplomat, what I say is the truth — Morocco has made tremendous progress in terms of redefining and reinterpreting Islamic law in a matter that is consistent with the demands of our time,” Sanusi said in Morocco over the weekend.

“Where is the lone star for Muslims today? Everybody is talking about Saudi Arabia and Iran, and both countries, frankly, because of their geopolitical reasons, because of their conflicts and competition for ascendancy, have radicalised and divided the Muslim world.

“And they’ve held on to very conservative, very intolerant versions of the religion.”

He said governments needed to take the training of Islamic scholars into deliberate considerations in order to quell violence across the world.

“Maybe the Muslim world needs to shift its focus, in terms of where leadership has to come from; look at Malaysia, look at Morocco, look at Tunisia, look at Indonesia, why look at Saudi Arabia and Iran!” he said.

“That can only happen from the body of scholars within the different Muslim countries, who will change the discuss and say, ‘you know what, this is not your role model. Your role model is not ISIS, your role model is not an Islam that says there is only one true interpretation of religion.

“Or that does not separate what is personal from what is public… Malaysia is a fantastic example of a Muslim country that has been able to live with its religion and also live in the modern world.

“Why can’t we be more like Malaysia, more like Morocco? Why do we have to be more like Iran and more like Saudi?”

He said governments need to do more in terms of training religious scholars.

“Train scholars, so that they create the kind of society we want,” he said.


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  1. Lordbanks
    Lordbanks April 10, 16:02

    Sanusi is not only a blessing to Nigeria but also to the world, If we can have leaders with his knowledge and ideology the Muslim world will be better for it, I pray with his frequent outburst, he last in this world. May Allah always be with you and protect you from evil men, Long live my indefatigable emir

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  2. Izi
    Izi April 10, 21:56

    A prophet is not known in his quarter. But we from d south, southeast and west known. Bravo. Kodos Emir Sanusi

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  3. Ernesto
    Ernesto April 10, 21:58

    Emir Sanusi has remained a lone ranger Voice of Reason. Muslim leaders need to speak out and take a definite stand on the growing culture of religious intolerance and attendant terrorism. That’s the way going forward. Saudi Arabia and Iran as he said have shown bad examples. Morocco, Malaysia and Tunisia are good role models of modern Islamic states.

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  4. Iman
    Iman April 10, 23:00

    I understand the point about Saudi and Iran but am I free to practice as a Shia in Malaysia,,was it fake news from Malaysia that I heard that women who are raped should marry the rapist. Tunisia ,,perhaps but there are human rights issues there and racism from Arabs against black African Muslims. Morocco….perhaps come out the best of all of them. I have worked in Saudi and visited Iran. It is so refreshing to see this comment as I totally agree the two powers of political Islam are causing much misery for all humanity ,,especially Muslims in the Middle East, Afghanistan , Nigeria,

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  5. Amako
    Amako April 11, 01:20

    How I wish Muslim leaders all over the world will listen to this great leader of with all his rich admonishments. The Amir of Mono is highly gifted and courageous. I’ve been wondering why all the Islamic leaders all over the world have remained silent over the rivalry between Iran and Saudi which truly is more political than religious. Its better we rise to the occasion and ask the two Countries to either sheath their swards or be abandoned by the Muslim communities, after all God did not decree any faction in Islam. Its all politics and devils hand work

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  6. Nur of deen
    Nur of deen April 11, 09:30

    Kudos to the Emir of Kano who has take a look on how will Unity and Peace continue in the religion of Peace “ISLAM”. But we shouldn’t forget that Islam Religion is a Religion that “housed Knowledge”
    therefore, for any individual or country to decide on form of Law wch wil capable to restore UNITY, TOLERANCE & MODEST instead of Extremisms in our deen, such individual or country shd go back to story of life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and story of sahaba to see how Unity was established in Islam.

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  7. Cedo Cedric
    Cedo Cedric April 11, 16:23

    Emir Sanusi in every occasion had always been dispassionate and objective in his assessment of critical national and global issues. He is one of a kind. The Emir lives by the truth and he is such a person who says things the way they are. If other Muslim faithfuls could embrace the truth and share in his opinion, Islamic radicalism and extremism would be nipped in the bud. It is high time our Muslim brothers devised a new way of doing things to be in tandem with the current realities on ground. Like the Emir succinctly said, both the supposed role model countries of Islam (Saudi Arabia and Iran), had no love lost between them. This he said was because they pursue their conflicting geopolitical interests on the platform of Islam, which in turn had led to radicalism and extremism.

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  8. Ayo
    Ayo April 12, 11:46

    Until Muslim countries recognize the necessity of separation of the mosque from the state and recognize individual choice to freedom of worship, all attempts to modernize or reform Islam will be futile. People should be free to decide what God to serve or to decide not to serve any. Religion is a thing of the heart and not something that can be enforced on anyone

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  9. Alab
    Alab April 13, 17:16

    I agreed with His Royal that Muslims need to embrace broader outlook, but in honesty every religion has it share of extremism and extremists. Today it is pronounced in Arabs worlds because of heavy borbardiment here and there by power that be from UK and USA. If there is coalition of peace Arab nations is going to be more comfortable.

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