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Sanusi: Zamfara started Sharia in Nigeria, today it has the highest poverty rate

Sanusi: Zamfara started Sharia in Nigeria, today it has the highest poverty rate
April 09
10:49 2017

Muhammad Sanusi II, emir of Kano, says Zamfara state started the implementation of Sharia law in Nigeria, but currently, it has the highest poverty rate in the country.

Speaking at the Mo Ibrahim Forum in Marrakesh, Morocco on Saturday, Sanusi said many of those who seize religion as tool of getting power, are not necessarily better than the rest of the people.

He said they should however be given a chance to participate in a democracy, so that they do not go on “pushing a myth, that they were not given a chance”.

“I think the ability to give these groups a chance, you know people come and say they want to establish Islamic law, and they are elected,” he said.

“Give them four years, after sometime people find out that they have not improved education, they have not put food on the table, they’ve not provided healthcare, they vote them out.

“So long as you don’t give them a chance to try and succeed or fail, you have a myth of people being denied an alternative, that would make their lives better. I think the mistake that many people make is that they simply don’t have the patience to wait four years.

“We have had it in Nigeria; people came and said they were implementing Sharia. Zamfara state started Sharia in Nigeria, it has the highest rate of poverty in the country today.

“It’s a matter of time for people to realise that this is all deception, this is all politics, this is not religion; it is about politicians appropriating religion as a discourse for getting into power.”

Zamfara state implemented Sharia in 1999.


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  1. koye
    koye April 09, 11:29

    This is one reason why we should not be fooled by what we believe.
    People should be acceased based on their mission and goals

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  2. Dunmade Gabriel
    Dunmade Gabriel April 09, 15:42

    I love Emir Sanusi he doesn’t hide the truth he doesn’t care who you are but the truth must be told. We need more people like him God bless you Sir.

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    • Christian Kanu
      Christian Kanu April 10, 09:36

      Your comment.. I Like The Way Emir Sanusi Talks, He Is Not Tribalistic, I Hail Him For Having The Courage To Call A Spade, A Spade, Infact To Me He Is A Man Of Integrety.

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  3. tiemrim
    tiemrim April 09, 16:26

    people like sanusi lamirdo is a man of interlectures he teaches the people what they suppose to know i respect him.kudos

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  4. nathan
    nathan April 09, 17:38

    Dis man is really knowledgeable n education. Pls continue to speak d bitter truth.God is with u

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  5. Pharmacist
    Pharmacist April 09, 18:09

    For those who criticize Godly people, let them await God’s punishment. So be careful with your statement!

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  6. Shehu
    Shehu April 09, 21:20

    That sharia we know is political sharia.

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  7. Bilya
    Bilya April 09, 21:55

    Your comment.. Amear Sanusi is right, i am from zamfara, he just mention a little in the life of zamfarawa, cos people are living like refugys in zamfara.

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  8. Nagoda
    Nagoda April 09, 22:15


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  9. Me
    Me April 10, 08:03

    Sanusi myt be educated, but he lacks manners of approaching religious issues. When someone make an effort in terms of uplifting Islam, and u noticed his/her failure, u are supposed to approach d issue wit respect,not that u come to public and talk bla bla for ppl to praise u. Since all dis years that u hv bin in power, what is ur own contribution to Islam. You are not d right person to correct our mistake. Make effort first bf u open mouth.

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  10. Mubarak BALA Adam
    Mubarak BALA Adam April 10, 09:07

    My emir you just want to open a door to those who are againsing Islamic sharia to say what they want say.

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  11. zong ngem
    zong ngem April 10, 16:48

    The Emir is saying the truth and nothing but the truth. The majority of Northern elders like to hide under ethnicity and religion to to conceal the truth from the people. How many northern leaders can come out like this and call a spade a spade.

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  12. Ogbo
    Ogbo April 10, 22:05

    May u live long to tell the bitter truth, my role model

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  13. Bright
    Bright April 11, 14:11

    To the less informed they would say Sanusi hate Muslim,but that is a coward part.The crux of the Mather is that truth is undiluted and hard to accept by the mediocre and the hide under their uncircumcised minds to shout God’s name. Sanusi is addressing the issue with Nigeria not a sign of hatred but of deep love and concerned citizen.Right from time of his CBN Governor he has shown the courage to stand up for the truth.My Emir our thumbs are up in respect not to destroy Islam but to shared more light on glaring things in our country.

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  14. ernest eluozo eluozo
    ernest eluozo eluozo April 12, 06:28

    Your comment..sanusi the truth shall set u free

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  15. Nicky Tobby
    Nicky Tobby April 12, 09:23

    Sanusi speach is one of the greatest in the 21 century u like it or not

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  16. yahaya husai anka
    yahaya husai anka April 12, 13:11

    Your comment..poverty is doesn’t mater with sharia. its a destiny of life style to any one in this world. and should not be for ever one day should turn to his state. and we can’t blame our governor hence its is from ALLAH. and would soon be provided enough from ALLAH.

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  17. REMI
    REMI April 12, 22:20

    Remember what President Obasanjo said at the wake of sharia that it is a political sharia and that it will die a natural dead.

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  18. Mustee
    Mustee May 31, 09:32

    As someone engaged to economical activities as you are, saying zamfara state has the highest poverty rate shows a sign of mere prejudices in your words, and for self acclaimed man of integrity as you are I think keeping your hands up issues like this should be nicest thing to do. Implementing sharia wasn’t a wrong move anyway and none good muslim or self respecting christian should condemn it. Perhaps they might be deceitful but that should be between them and their God not your own matter to judge. SHOULD EVERYONE AVOID IMPLEMENTING SHARIAH JUST BECAUSE He’s AFRAID OF BEING ACCUSED OF BEING POLITICALLY INCLINED??? That’s God’s work and it’s recommended. Anyway i’ve nothing to do with those who implemented the sharia i’m just talking because it concerns religion

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