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Saraki and Buhari: ‘Politically-sinless’ before the law

Governments (especially those ones practicing same systems of government as ours) that work prolifically in saner climes—are working productively with three arms: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. In Nigeria, I opine that our type of government that is supposed to have three arms have been amputated by those who are in the corridors of power, serving themselves, their wives, children, siblings and their cronies, and I am very sure that every right thinking Nigeria would agree with me. The question is; how can a nation without healthy arms move from 3rd world to 1st?

On the condition that you want to be sincere, what arm of government can you say is working for the good of the common man in Nigeria? Is it the Executive arm of government? Is it the Legislative arm of government or the Judiciary? Over the years, lawlessness and greed have amputated those three arms of government. Until the three arms of government are completely restored, Nigeria would continue to remain as she is.

A few days ago, Senator Bukola Saraki was declared guiltless by the highest court of competent jurisdiction in the land. Truth be told, I have no issues with the judge who declared the man sinless. The problem is with the thoughtless people who put the case together—wasting tax-payers money! It was a mere media trial that had no depth. For over 1000days, Saraki was called corrupt without any tangible evidence. If I were him, I would sue everyone behind his slow on the uptake travail—starting with the chairman of the EFCC.

When Saraki’s case started, we all knew that it was political. We all knew that it was connected to the unusual and defiant way he chose to climb to the highest seat in the National Assembly. We all knew that they were trying to pay him back in his own coin and now that they need everyone on board to ensure the second coming of PMB to the highest seat of power in the land, they would do anything possible to set anyone free, even if the person did steal the whole of Nigeria years back.

Now that a court of competent jurisdiction has declared the man sinless, it becomes very wrong for anyone to say that he is corrupt. It is not about your opinion and mine; it is about what courts of competent jurisdiction say. As far as I am concerned, when it comes to the only quality (integrity) that Buhari’s worshippers run with on our streets, there is no difference between Buhari and Saraki before the law. They are both political saints. All their sins have been washed away in the river of nothingness. Isn’t that interesting?

To you, Saraki may not have integrity of heart (politicians rarely have it), but I am so sure that even the blind can see that he is not lacking in (what I have chosen to call) skillfulness of hands as PMB. He has led the Senate luminously. He has led everyone in the Senate as one. Since he became the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I have not heard of any major crisis, rocking the boat of that house. Under his leadership, they all speak as one. I am talking about the Senate where the APC senators are in the majority!

The Executive arm of government that PMB presides over, they hardly speak with one voice. The vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo would say one thing in the morning and in the afternoon; PMB would say something entirely different. One minute, Buhari would speak on an issue and a few minutes after, his handlers would twist it, saying something different. One minute, PMB’s handlers would say he did not take ill; a few minutes after, PMB would say he took ill. On Sunday, a man who erred would be suspended by a team member and on Monday, same man would be reinstated by the team lead, Buhari. Arguably the most confused arm of government on earth!

I prefer Saraki to Buhari, because it is clear as water that he’d make a better president. You said that? Yes, I did, because he has shown that he is more able to lead, and the highest court in the land has said that he is not corrupt. Buhari is politically-sinless and he is also politically-sinless! PMB and Saraki are at par within the context of being politically-sinless, though he is higher than PMB when it comes to being able to lead. And when the highest court in the land said someone is guilty, who are we to say he is guilty?

On the day Senator Bukola Saraki was declared politically-sinless, PMB tried a little to patronize him and our courts—pretending that he believes in all our courts of competent jurisdiction, but if he truly believes in them, why is the current administration still keeping Col. Sambo Dasuki without being tried, especially when both local and international courts have ruled that he should be released? The current administration is a very lawless one and it is impossible for same administration to—truly fight corruption without falling flat on its own face.

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