Security shouldn’t be politicised

It is only fitting that today, we are discussing our nationhood. We are now 100 years old after amalgamation. We are here to reflect on the future. We can only hope for greater things. The last century has been full of ups and downs. More importantly, the future is there for us to mold so that our tomorrow can be greater.

At this moment of our nationhood, we are facing several challenges which can draw us back in our march to a greater tomorrow. We are faced with security challenges as well as the need to reduce poverty in the land. We all have a duty to join hands in fighting these common challenges.

Let us always remember that it is in our interest for the country to be peaceful and to prosper. We have no other country we can call our own. If Nigeria is safe and secure and the quality of life improves significantly, it is to the benefit of all of us. This singular fact should make us strive to build the country together.

In our own little corner, we should work hard for the present and the future of Nigeria. We can continue to complain about the past and all the things that have gone wrong, but that will not solve any problem. All we need to do today is to look forward and take sincere steps to be part of the solution.


I want to use this opportunity to appeal to the politicians to always put Nigeria first. They need to forget their differences when the issue of security and stability of the country is at stake. There are things that should be too sacred to play politics with. Security is one of them. Security, law and order are fundamental requirements in any human society. We cannot progress without that.

Perhaps our politicians can learn some lessons from America. Whenever elections are around the corner, they identify themselves as Republicans and Democrats. But as soon as the election is over, they identify themselves as Americans. American interest always takes precedence over partisan interest. They will do anything to defend the American Dream.

I understand that politicians will always be politicians, but politics should not be destructive. Rather, it should be constructive. We should seek to build not destroy. Nigeria needs the co-operation of the politicians from all parties to tackle our common problems.


The former head of state made these remarks at TheCable launch in Lagos on April 29, 2014

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  1. Educative indeed but the solution to me is nothing rather than rallying round Gen. Buhari in 2015. He's the future, he's the change we need

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