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Self-medication damages the kidney, says doctor

Self-medication damages the kidney, says doctor
July 27
21:15 2016

Musa Obadiah, director of Taraba HIV programme implementation unit, has identified self-medication as a major course of kidney failure among Nigerians.

Obadiah made this assertion when he spoke with NAN in Jalingo.

He warned the public against drug consumption without prescription, saying it often exposes organs of the body to risk.

He also identified traditional medicine concoctions and the toxins in food preservatives as other causes of rampant cases of kidney failure among the people.


“Many people today go for self-medication and some of these drugs are injurious to the kidney, which is the cleaning engine of the body,” Obadiah said.

“Traditional medicine, toxic preservatives are other causes of kidney failure.”

“Nigerians need to know that when there is too much pressure on the kidney, which is supposed to clear the toxic waste in the body, it causes the kidney to fail.”


Obadiah urged Nigerians to cultivate the habit of proper and frequent medical diagnoses and prescription before taking drugs.

“I want to urge Nigerians to reduce the intake of preserved foods and go for fresh food, to reduce the risk of kidney disease,” the doctor said.

Obadiah also advised Nigerian farmers to use organic fertilizers, noting that it is natural and has no negative health implication.

He added that the consumption of organic foods would curb the upsurge in cases of kidney failure and cancer diseases.


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    Aminu awaisu July 28, 12:13

    If you want protect you life don’t do drugs

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