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Senators uncover ‘20 proposed electricity projects’ in minister’s LGA

Senators uncover ‘20 proposed electricity projects’ in minister’s LGA
October 29
11:53 2020

Some senators say they have uncovered 20 proposed electricity projects in Lau local government area, the LGA of Mamman Saleh, minister of power.


The senate committee on power condemned the proposed projects during the 2021 budget proposal of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA).

The lawmakers also accused the minister of uneven distribution of projects under the ministry and asked Ahmad Salijo, REA managing director, to draw the his attention to the inadequacies.

Yusuf Yusuf, a member of the committee from Taraba, first pointed out the “lopsided” distribution of electrification projects in the ministry’s proposed budget.


He said most of the mini-grid power projects, ranging from N20 million to N52 million, are “all concentrated in one local government area”.

“That is the minister’s LGA. Twenty projects are in Lau local government area. I am not challenging him but I am sure,” he said.

Bala Ibn Na’Allah, another member of committee from Kebbi state, said the minister’s alleged action amounts to abuse of office.


“The president wants to be the president of every citizen of the Federal Republic if Nigeria. Therefore, he would want loyalty and cooperation from every citizen of the country,” he said.

“If we sit down here and agree that a budget that pleases a minister, can come, the minister is not doing himself good because he has sworn to do justice to all manner of the people and not to allow his personal interest to affect his official conduct and decision.

“He has by this clearly shown that he has allowed his personal interest to affect his official conduct and decision, and that is a very serious matter.”


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  1. Nigerian
    Nigerian October 30, 11:12

    I have not seen anything wrong with what the man did under this current dispensation, if his boss can concentrate appointment of all head of security and para military agencies in one geo political zone out of 6, why will he not forward a budget submitted by his sub ordinate siting 20 power project in one LGA out of 774.
    nepotism is the order of the day, he can not do otherwise!

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