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StarTimes to increase subscription rates from August 1

StarTimes to increase subscription rates from August 1
July 11
12:10 2020

StarTimes, one of Nigeria’s pay-TV operators, has announced an upward review of its subscription prices upwards from August 1, 2020.

Viki Liu, StarTimes brand and marketing manager, disclosed this during a virtual press conference on Friday.

The company said the price increase is due to increased value-added tax (VAT) from 5 percent to 7.5 percent as well as the foreign exchange rate which has impacted its cost of operation.

“Our business is not exempted from the effect of the naira depreciation affecting all businesses in the country,” Liu said.


“All of our foreign content is bought in dollars and to continually serve our subscribers the best content, the subscription price has to be reviewed upwards.”

With the price increase, its basic bouquet now goes for N1,700 from N1,300 monthly which now has close to 80 channels; classic bouquet will be as high as N2,500 from N1,900 monthly with close to 100 channels; while the nova bouquet still remains N900 per month with over 43 channels.

Liu also disclosed that smart bouquet subscribers will pay N2,200 from N1,900 monthly, and super bouquet subscribers will pay N4,200 from N3,800 monthly.


“We hope our customers understand as we are not known for an incessant price increase. Rather, StarTimes’ subscription prices had on different occasions been reduced in order to make digital TV affordable for every Nigerian.”

He also explained that the company has expanded the content available to customers having added 15 new channels in the last six months; expanded its educational programmes for kids with more channels to provide the latest information on COVID-19; and also introduced the pay-as-you-go policy which enables people to subscribe on a daily or weekly basis.

Liu assured subscribers that the StarTimes brand will continue to make it a priority to broaden its content offerings to meet a variety of their interests without compromising affordability.


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  1. Babie
    Babie July 21, 14:16

    You want to increase your subscription with your programme repetition??? Your channels don’t have any new programmes/Movies, they are only repeating programmes. Orisun, star times Yoruba, AMC movies, STnollywood,etc always repeat their 1994 movies. When there are millions of movies out there. As for babyTV,u need to interceed for that station, chalie and the numbers will soon die, we we we…..same programme since 2018 that I bought my decoder. If you guys won’t review your programmes then I pity people that will pay this huge amount for your uninteresting programmes.

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  2. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel July 29, 21:30

    Hmmm… these people keep increasing prices ooo

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    • Tonia
      Tonia August 12, 15:14

      This is something else, try and improve the movie
      It won’t be nice to watch one movie repeatedly over and over again. Most times if there is a new move it would be shown for over a month. There are lots of movies out there pls take note.

      Reply to this comment
      • Amaka
        Amaka September 05, 12:16

        Startime MG. We bought the recorder with the intenstion of having nickelodeon junior, we were told that you guys do your upgrand every three month but yet nothing is done about it, if you guys will add it to your channels i bet customer will be tripping in out and out of your offices because the channel is for kids or you guys should checkout the cartoons on nickelodeon junior and start showing them on your dream work channel else you guys will loose us as customer and others, if those cartoons are added we can tell other families to purchase the recorder because our of buying the recorder is defited which is nickelodeon junior. Thanks.

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  3. Victor
    Victor August 11, 12:44

    We don’t have leaders since our leaders are not paying for those what they use so they can not talk to this people. All those senators are using free airtime and Dstv so they can talk to them.

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  4. Mrs eze
    Mrs eze August 17, 11:41

    I can see any new channel in your increament

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  5. Habbeyzee
    Habbeyzee August 25, 15:47

    Very poor
    someone cant preview for next program.
    you don’t no which program is next. using old method.
    bad signal every time.
    and still costly

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  6. peace Abigail
    peace Abigail August 27, 16:22

    star times management
    you have increased your subscription price, increase your channels too. Dunamis channel suddenly disappeared from your list. you should include it back. improve on the type of home movies you pick to show your customers.
    there are good quality movies in the market.
    I want to suggest that you start showing old movies of late nineties and early 2000.
    if you consider this move, am sure it will attract more customers to you
    Thank you

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    • Abj
      Abj August 31, 23:40

      Infact, there is a need for serious improvement both in your service and signal quality.One would continue to turn the antenna every time before one can watch while your rivals’ service remains stable once it set In one direction. Also
      It won’t be fear enough to keep watching one movie repeatedly over and over again as if there are no other new movies out there.pls.there need for a better service to justify the price increase. There are lots of movies out there pls.adjust!

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