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‘Stop wearing military uniforms for campaign’– DHQ warns politicians 

Femi Owolabi

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has warned politicians to stop wearing military uniforms for campaign purposes. 

Wap Maigida, an air commodore and acting director of information at DHQ, in a statement on Wednesday, said the military has noticed “with dismay that some politicians have formed the habit of wearing military uniforms and accoutrements for electioneering campaign posters”.  

“The campaign posters of some Governors, dressed in military camouflage uniforms, are displayed in noticeable areas in their respective states,” the statement reads.  

“This is manifestly illegal and an abuse of the privilege of allowing civilians to wear military uniforms during military training exercises. 


“It is necessary to restate that the Armed Forces of Nigeria, as a professional institution, remains apolitical and, as such,  would not want to be dragged into any form of political bias. 

“Accordingly, it is important to advise politicians and others to desist from the use of military uniforms and accoutrements for political events and other engagements henceforth. Please note, anyone found culpable in  this regard would be liable to prosecution.”

Nigeria is one of the countries where it is illegal to wear military camouflage.


Section 251 of the constitution states that “any person who, not being a person serving in any of the armed or police forces of Nigeria, wears the uniform of any of these forces, or any dress having the appearance or bearing any of the regimental or other distinc­tive marks of any such uniform, in such manner or in such circumstances as to be likely to bring contempt on that uniform, or employs any other person so to wear such uniform or dress, is guilty of a simple offence, and is liable to imprisonment for three months or to a fine of forty naira”.

Sections 110 and 111 of the Nigerian criminal code, however, allows for a governor and the president to approve of the wearing of military camouflage. 

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