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Sultan: 1914 amalgamation not an error because God doesn’t make mistakes

Sultan: 1914 amalgamation not an error because God doesn’t make mistakes
August 24
07:41 2017

Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, has said the 1914 amalgamation of Nigeria was not a blunder because “God does not make mistakes”.

He said Nigeria will not be one entity if God doesn’t wish it to be so.

Speaking on Wednesday at a colloquium organised by Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), he said anyone advocating for the break up of Nigeria is challenging God.

“When people talk about restructuring, if they mean we should disintegrate the country, I will not support it. But if it means making things and lives better and much conducive and convenient for Nigerians, then lets sit down and discuss about it,” he said.

“I know that many of these groups from the North, West, South-South and South East agitating for this or that have their positions. But despite the realities at present, no group has the right to tell anybody you must leave this place or that place if we still live in this country called Nigeria.

“And I support the President’s position 100 per cent, I believe what he said is right. And I say, instead of talking about devolution of power, let’s talk about devolution of economy.

“It is good to sit down and dialogue, but there must be respect. I must respect you and you must respect me. And the greatest thing we can do for this country is to always reflect on our history. We didn’t fall from the sky, but came from somewhere.

“We became Nigeria in 1914 through amalgamation. People are shouting that our coming together as a country in 1914 was a mistake, but God doesn’t make mistakes. If God doesn’t want such a thing as Nigeria to happen, nobody could ever have made it happen.

“So we claim to be very religious, but we challenge God, you don’t come out in the open and say you are challenging God, but by actions and utterances, many people are virtually challenging God. There is no wrong in you saying I want to be better than I am.”

The monarch further said there’s a need for Nigerians to dialogue about burning issues “at this important time” in the nation’s history.


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  1. izzycn
    izzycn August 24, 11:50

    Those who are benefiting from this fraud called Nigeria, will always oppose anything that will make for the good of all. Am not surprised that the Sultan wants us to believe that Lord Luggard could be equated as God that amalgamated Nigeria.

    The same Britain whose son turned to God in Nigeria could not hold together the United Kingdom, the Scoth and Irish who presently enjoy some degree of autonomy are now asking for full independence and no body is breathing fire and brimstone like the oppressors are doing in Nigeria.

    May God help us.

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  2. Prince
    Prince August 24, 19:38

    Does it mean that the hausafulani people does not know that the British are no god’s? Why do they always claim that Nigeria was created by God instead of the British Frederick lugard who created it in 1914 by forcing the northern and southern protectorates together and named it Nigeria, another name for zoo?
    If the saduana of Sokoto is saying that Nigeria wouldn’t have been created if God did not permit it, then he is also saying that bokoharam wouldn’t have been created if God did not permit it. Then, why fight the bokoharam???

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  3. Destiny
    Destiny August 24, 21:32

    God did not bring us together

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  4. Peaceforall
    Peaceforall August 25, 09:58

    Mr Sultan please come-up with a superior argument and stop deceiving yourself and your hausa-fulani subjects.We the Biafran people cannot buy the idea that you chose Lord Lugard to be your God. Sincerely the idea of one nigeria comes from the devil from the pit of hell

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  5. John Solomon
    John Solomon August 26, 00:13

    Indeed, Nigeria is God’s own country! The issue is not Hausa, Yoruba, Fulani or Igbo, the issue is world power. The powers that were at the time, in 1914, found it expedient to amalgamate the north with the south to form Nigeria. These same powers are now so scared at the realisation that Nigeria is poised to become a Super Power. They now find it inexpedient for Nigeria to remain one. They are now using every trick possible to ‘divide and rule’ us again. Just stop and think for a moment; who will loose if all the brains we have can be better organised to be able to manage the resources we have and with our large population? Certainly not the Igbos or the Yorubas or the Fulanis or YOU! POWER is the World’s currency! THINK, THINK, THINK.

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