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Tambuwal: Nigeria needs a leader who won’t regard any region as conquered people

Tambuwal: Nigeria needs a leader who won’t regard any region as conquered people
November 22
19:08 2021

Aminu Tambuwal, governor of Sokoto, says the country needs a leader that will be fair to all citizens, irrespective of ethnic affiliation.

The governor spoke on Monday at the annual criminal law review conference in Abuja.

The chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors’ forum said in the 2023 presidential election, Nigerians should support a leader who can “begin the long walk back to peace, security and prosperity for all her citizens”.

“Nigeria needs a leader that is versatile; one that has friends and associates across the length and breadth of this country and a leader with a broad world view and not a parochial and provincial politician,” he said.


“We need an incorruptible leader who understands that the best way to fight corruption is by personal examples and also by the building of strong institutions that can withstand shocks and manipulations.

“Nigeria needs a leader in tune with the times, who is reasonably aware of the modern demands of technology in solving societal problems.

“Yes, Nigeria needs a bridge builder; a compassionate leader, sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the poor and needy; a leader whose words count and can be counted on; indeed, a leader with courage; an accountable leader who can be trusted to face the challenges of nationhood squarely without sentiments or pandering to interests that are inconsistent with national goals.


“For a leadership that galvanises, mobilises and directs Nigerians on the path to sustainable peace, progress and development, such a leader will not regard any part of the country as conquered people.”


  1. add
    add November 22, 21:13

    You are so late Tambuwal, Nnamdi Kanu never ever caused any problem in Nigeria and if he had you are not his rank and file the whole Fulani join together, you have said what is expected of you. You can’t stop Biafran because Nigeria is our own and we feed you three square meals every day and you are not productive in any way.

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  2. kale
    kale November 23, 10:27

    That is how you all politicians do deceive us as if you’re saints. If you’re sincere, sponsor a bill to remove religion and denomination from our national forms. Also remove selections by quotas in our admissions, remove federal character in appointments. Let us practice meritocracy like Singapore and other progressive nations. Then you will see a dramatic reform in Nigeria both mentally and professionally.

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