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That opium of the masses still influences our political choice

That opium of the masses still influences our political choice
March 08
10:31 2019


“Religion is regarded by the wise people as true, and by the rulers as useful.” – Anonymous

The political temperature here in Kaduna state is hot—I mean is very hot—an indisputable fact which those who are far away from us may not have a clue, just like our friends living somewhere else around the globe, however unpalatable this may be, this hot has since surpassed that of the scorching sun; perhaps is even hotter than the boiling water. The unhealthy religious sentimental politics employed by vicious and callous politicians have set the believers of the two major religious faith namely: Islam and Christianity against each other.

There is a lot of seething resentment, and a lot of hatred in the air. Dangerous political tattle peddling by politicians couple with exchanging of malicious rumors via watsapp groups is fuelling growing resentment among the good people of Kaduna state. Politicians have been taking advantage of the low intelligent quotients of the thick-headed people to sow the seeds of discord. The common menace is the weaponization of religion and the use of ethnic card at the expense of issue based campaign.

Strangely, religious leaders both Muslims and Christians have willingly consigned themselves to being nothing more than politicians complaisant cat’s paws—a veritable tool for advertising politicians—sermon podiums have completely turned into an opportunistic avenue for spreading political innuendos and back-fence-talk—making all sorts of unguarded utterances all in the name of delivering sermon. I am concerned with the ensuing repercussion for their little understanding of politician’s tricks: They are full of charm when they get their way, full of menace when they do not, unscrupulous, cunning and deceitful.

Can someone please inform these pious men of God—advocate of moral rectitude that there is no morality in politics? Why not let them know that the essential ingredients of politics—unrepentant lies—incurable hypocrisy—betrayal of trust—empty rhetoric are in absolute collision with the tenet of both Islam and Christianity.

Let me see if I can help take these virtuous men out of this political oblivion; let’s watch if my brief tutorial can impart a little bit knowledge on these righteous men: Let me open or start the lesson by telling them that politicians embraced trickery and cunning, they embraced manipulation and deception, with no lie being too great, no public trust not worth betraying.

These are the attributes of the products they have been working tooth and nail, selling to the public on that purified sermon podium. Do these scrupulous men of God holding politicians accountable when they get to their various offices? How often these politicians consult them when taking decisions while in office?

Are they aware that musicians have more regards in the side of these politicians than them? Do the virtue of these clean-living men enable politicians to habitually incorporate moral principle in their behavior? I have a tremendous respect for religious leaders and it will pain me to see them falling into the dangerous trap of politicians.

Permit me please at this juncture to give these well respected honourable men of God some piece of brotherly advice: Whenever politicians come to you, tell them to stop suck-drying the nation’s treasury for their personal use; ask them to go and cut-down their jumbo salaries; endeavor to remind them that ninety five percent of the nation’s resources goes to their own pockets while the remaining five percent of the resources share among the ninety five percent of the nation’s population; tell them that as a result of their bad economic policies, ninety percent of the nation’s population are living hand to mouth; without having access to three square meal a day.

Be bold enough to tell them to go and live up to their moral and legal obligation to efficiently and effectively deliver basic social services to people they govern. Preach to your followers that moral principles and political judgements are inextricably intertwined. Thus, an election of a high standards should start with the moral character and conduct of the candidate. Because mismatched CV holders operating in wrong terrains can only herald a professional disaster. These are my candid advises to the real fathers of our beloved country Nigeria.

A wise man is like a nail; his head prevent him from going too far!

Amiru Halilu writes from Kaduna. Follow me @AmiruHalilu


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