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The follies of NEF: Endorsement without representation

The follies of NEF: Endorsement without representation
February 11
07:59 2019

The Northern Elders Forum is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons.

This collection of ethnic champions has managed to rise above tribal sentiments in an unholy alliance with similar bodies from other regions to wage an attack on the progressive government of PMB.

The question is why?

The NEF is an elitist organization in which most Northern masses has no representation, no chance of shaping its agenda. As such, they represent no one and nothing but their parochial interests; knowing that the re-election of President Buhari will consign them and other bedfellows of traditional corruption to insignificance, having in the past four years conducted a vigorous campaign against all that they stand for – a return to the mayhem and blatant abuse of our resources in which the aspirations of our common folks count for nought.

So, who exactly are the NEF?

Led by Professor Ango Abdullahi, a man who proves the adage that you can have all the knowledge in the world and yet lack wisdom, it is a collection of tired generals and has been public figures who in one position or another had wielded enormous power in the past, yet in whose tenure the North though nominally in power for many years was seriously infected with the seeds of under development. They absconded on their responsibilities to defend the people’s interest and ended up mainly as lapdogs to those in power who dished out the dividends of rapacious looting.

They chose a wrong time to leap back to their former masters. They confirmed to the world that their role in Nigeria’s polity has become obsolete and outmoded. We no longer live in a feudal world where our people take instructions from above as opinions that matter, our society has moved on and our teeming youth now have a mind of their own and do not believe in jamboree from so called elders. They have woefully failed in all possible means of measure and the insecurity / socioeconomic deficiencies in the North are a clear testament to the shameful role they played in yesteryears. These same clowns now want to pass judgement on an administration that from day one has been doing damage control for what they have done. No wonder the Arewa Consultative Forum – a more august body disassociated themselves from their folly and stated in true non-partisan spirit that “It is Nigerians that will decide whether a president has failed or succeeded.”

Now everybody knows the verdict. And this so-called NEF will find out to their shame the results come Saturday, Insha Allah.

Muhammad currently sits on the board of the Police Service Commission (PSC) as a commissioner representing the Nigerian Women. This is the opinion of Najatu Muhammad and not that of the commission.


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  1. Muye Mohammad
    Muye Mohammad February 11, 13:40

    May Allah in His wisdom continue to bless and guide you. No doubt, you have express the opinions of overwhelming majority of the north. This set of recycled criminals are nothing but a bunch of disgrace elements and can never be a mouthpiece of Arewa. And like you said, come Saturday this good for nothing elements will be put to shame. In Sha Allah.

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