Those Buhari know, he does not need; those he needs, he does not know

Those Buhari know, he does not need; those he needs, he does not know
July 18
08:42 2019

One thing I like about Mr. President is that he has an artistic way of proving wrong—those who are appallingly following him blindly, probably because of the crumbs that daily fall from his table. Each time they come out to lie to the common man on behalf of PMB, baba comes out to put them to shame. A few months before baba came out to tell Nigerians that he has performed unsatisfactorily and unacceptably in the area of electric power supply; baba’s bootlickers have been shouting from rooftops that our electric power supply has become stable, an imaginary-feat that has never been achieved before in the history of Nigeria.

A few days ago, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria did say that the administration of Buhari has sunk the bore-hole of 900billion naira into the abyss and bottom-less pit of power project. When you throw even trillions of naira into such a pit—that has no end, instead of having a constant supply of electricity, what you would have is power-outage—as we have been having in our clime, since the baby of Nigeria was put to bed, midwived by those whose skin complexion is different than ours.

I guess the problem behind the down in the dumps and lackluster performance of Mr. Babatunde Fashola, the former Minister of Power—is because baba did not know him. Remember, baba said he did not know most of those who served with him during his first-term in office. If baba had known the former Minister for power, Nigeria would have become like London—in a context of constant electric power supply. As an effect of this, I appeal to every citizen of Nigeria—to kindly wait for like a year more, so that Mr. President can be able to appoint someone he knows to occupy the office of the Federal Minister of power.

Another Minister also failed to realize the burning dream of turning Nigeria to become a producer of pencil and toothpick! If baba had appointed the person he knew, we would have started producing pencils and toothpicks and the whole world would have started coming here to buy them, turning Nigeria to a first world country. This is one the major reasons why baba must know the next the Federal Minister of Science and Technology! At least, if we cannot do what serious nations are doing, producing pencils and toothpicks aren’t too bad in 21st century. If we cannot fly as a nation, at least, we should be able to crawl.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) will need to make use of a national television to apologize to Nigerians for recommending people that baba did not know to serve as Federal Ministers in his first-term. For three (3) and half years, we blamed baba for what he knew nothing about! I thought baba knew Chris Ngige, now I do know that baba did not know him. No wonder he performed woefully as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

It took six (6) months for the APC to recommend a bunch of people, who were not known to baba. Now that baba wants those he personally knows; Nigerians would need to be patient, very patient. They would need to be patient for how long? I do not know. Only baba knows! Remember, baba left power in the 80s and since then, I doubt if he did really interact with the emerging generation of Nigerians before he eventually returned to power about five years ago. And the generation you do not interact with, how are you going to know it?

I want to speak as Nostradamus: Expect people in their 70s as Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, because those are the people baba knows personally and face-to-face. Also, expect so many aged people around baba—between now and 2023. If you think baba was slow between 2015 and 2019, he would be slower between 2019 and 2023, because baba’s generation does not understand anything that has to do with speed and accuracy. And those who understand speed and accuracy are not known to baba. This is the dilemma we have found ourselves in Nigeria today.

I am sure baba’s political party is very frustrated and irritated right now, but they cannot publicly say it. And baba does not care a hoot, because he does not need another term in office. A few days ago, Baba has bravely come out to punch the APC chieftains in the face for recommending those he did not know, thereby causing his administration to underperform. If the chieftains of the APC are intrepid enough, let them publicly give it back to him as he gave it to them.

Lastly, those baba needs, he does not know and those he knows, he does not need. The generation baba grew up with is currently irrelevant to where Nigeria is today, let alone where she is traveling to. Baba needs young, audacious, driven, creative and vivacious visionaries to work with, but the truth is; he does not know them. They do not belong to his generation. Baba undoubtedly is in a dire need of an urgent help.


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