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Between Tinubu and many Brutus in APC

Between Tinubu and many Brutus in APC
October 10
18:49 2016


I am a Shakespearean. I enjoy his work. I’m moved by his tales. The depth of his work amazes me.

It was one of Shakespeare work ‘The tragedy of Julius Cesar Is A Tragedy’ that first opened my eyes to the word of betrayal. The book written in 1599, deals on how the Roman senate claimed the life of Julius Cesar, one of her rulers.

Ambition and power created rivalry between Cesar and his friend, Brutus. After reading this book, nothing made me realize fear than the self ambition which could make a man choose to make anyone or anything a sacrificial ladder just to mount the saddle.

The good thing about WS story though mixed with a bit of fiction is that it helped give perspectives to issues in various spheres of human life. Shakespeare drew his curtain from Roman history. He built castle of art and literature for global shape.

Cesar and Brutus were close friends and brothers, but one still betrayed the other. Cesar’s blood was spilled. Caesar cried, “Et tu Brute?. Meaning “You too Brutus? Lo, Then fall Caesar.”

Cesar’s story have figuring resemblance to the ailing division rocking the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC). There is a gang-up against Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to whittle his influence. Imagine the onslaught against the former Lagos State Governor whom Aisha Buhari, wife of the President, described as the brain behind the realisation of her husband’s ambition.

Today, Tinubu enemies want the hold of power. They agree to match up their despotic desire for mere parochial assumption that his strength would no longer be feather to contain them by 2019.

The last words of Julius Cesar showed that Caesar may not have known just how much treachery was knocking until his dying minute. When Cesar died, ancient Rome fell. Same as Tinubu whose enemies within, including his erstwhile protégée have ganged up against.

You too Oyegun? That is the question on the lips of Tinubu or any of his gladiators. This boat will be wrecked soon if it isn’t salvaged.

Cesar had so much confidence in Brutus until his dying hour. The mistake was Cesar truly, but the shame is Brutus. However, Tinubu is facing the ambush of his political life, and may not have to die for it. This is sad episode for the party prepped to differ by same Tinubu who walked the sun, waxed his energy and sacrificed his intellectual strength to deliver what will forever be regarded as a major shakeup in Nigeria’s political history.

This is especially so given the hybrid of his contribution which is down to staking his ambition.  Little did he know that the trained disciples cannot take bullets for him.

At this, the depth of his conviction of a new Nigeria under change ideology may have been shallowed by desperate intentions of his co-builders. Against all hope, Tinubu believed in hope of a desirable nation.

The many Brutus are among us with blood-reeking dagger of betrayal.

With this spat-venom of betrayal thrown at ‘Egunla’,  those predicting the fall of APC are not out of forthright predication. The saboteurs are apparently on a mission to send Tinubu out of the home he built with both his financial status and intellectual credentials. Failed attempt at that. So vicious of character and the interest they represent. Such act is not only dastardly willful but monstrous. The act is capable of killing the party vision and mounting road block at government’s direction on the back of assurances the party rode to power.

Et tu, (You too) Oyegun, who lately surfaced amongst team of other Brutus.

Tinubu wouldn’t know the Brutus would go out this early after him since he is not seeking office for himself; that has long been sacrificed.  The change project is without a wheel, Of course there is a captain but what can the captain do without a wheel? To have come after Tinubu this early no doubt means the spoils of 2019 elections would be interesting.

we should all fear the Brutus……

we should all fear the Brutus……


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  1. Tboy
    Tboy October 11, 04:50

    I voted Buhari but his a betrayal to my asiwaju and he would kill by gun shall die by gun 2019 around the corner and I bilieve the house will built is about to fall

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