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Tinubu: Nigeria will not break up — that is not acceptable to us

Tinubu: Nigeria will not break up — that is not acceptable to us
May 02
20:37 2021

Bola Tinubu, national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has warned that Nigeria risks another war if it breaks up.

Speaking at a special Ramadan prayer in Lagos on Sunday, Tinubu said Nigeria is better as one country.

There have been sustained calls for Nigeria’s breakup from both the proponents of a Biafran government and other aggrieved citizens.

But Tinubu said secession is “not acceptable to us” and that he has nowhere to go if Nigeria breaks up.


The former governor of Lagos added that the country cannot afford another war as it is still suffering the effects of the civil war.

“God will not allow Nigeria to experience it (war). If we say Nigeria should separate, people should remember what war caused in Sudan and Iraq,” he said.

“Such war does not end in time. We are yet to recover from the civil war. We are better together.


“I have nowhere I am going. Whoever has experienced war in the past will not pray for such. Nigeria will not separate; it’s not acceptable to us. Our prayer is for prosperity and more wealth for the country.”


  1. Wonuola
    Wonuola May 03, 05:29

    Yes we’re better together if justice and rule of law is guaranteed for all is no matter your tribe, or religion. A situation where a president keep mute over the attrocities being committed by his o we n people, and where appointments to key positions are concentrated to a particular sect of the country can never guarantee peace.
    Tinubu cannot understand what the rest of us are going through because he is stinkingly rich and very close to our oppressors, so he can get whatever he wants for himself and his close associates. Go to major federal agencies and see how the level of domination by a section of the country, among many more. You are saying all these because your want to be president, but something I’d telling that these people will eventually disappointed you the same way they treated Abiola.
    It is only justice for all, rule of law embedded in true federalism that can guarantee Nigeria unity, not rhetorics or political expedient statements being done by Tinubu and other beneficiaries of this rotten system.

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  2. K
    K May 03, 08:26

    I do not agree with the submissions of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu that breakage is not acceptable to us
    I am sure his opinion is personal and does not represent that of all Nigerians.
    We have security challenges that is worse than a war situation.
    Some Nigerians and foreigners carry AK 47 to protect cows and oppress farmers. The larger portion of the populace do not even have even a staff of stick to protect them. If the ambition of becoming President is the motive behind this statement then he will not be the expected Leader because there will be nobody to lead with the rate of killings, kidnapping and banditry that places more premium on cows than human life. A former Governor in one of the South Western States made the same mistake saying he will govern even if it remains one person. He did not govern the state. Let Asiwaju tread with caution

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    • Goddyfinetruth
      Goddyfinetruth May 03, 22:32

      It is a pain in my heart when some folks are. nobody in Nigeria rises up suddenly to make some assertions that are bas less. “It is unacceptable to us”. The question is who are the us?. It is only in Nigeria that a thief steals and becomes popular with stolen money and nobody cares query or try him suddenly he becomes a figure in his community and is hailed by his people. What happens then to integrity. Your people are being treated with disdain and impunity with the mind to over run them and take your father’s inheritance , but your only concern is presidency. Who will you govern if your lineage is extarminated,? We have many Uzodinmas in the southern part of Nigeria. Who sacrifice his people to consolidate power .

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  3. Omoh
    Omoh May 03, 08:31

    We do not pray for war atleast we should be on alert.
    we yourubas are too relaxed, what’s going around us has long due to spark our actions.
    I smell laziness and fear of retaliating. Fulani’s are grown more confident in our land while we’re watching.
    It’s high time we resist these menase.

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  4. Tunde
    Tunde May 03, 13:14

    It is unacceptable to “US”. Who are the “US”? Sir

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  5. Adejuwon
    Adejuwon May 03, 14:21

    What is your definition of “us” Sir?
    i) those been used to indirectly rule the citizens, impoverished them and make them slaves?
    ii) those in charge of the resources of our nation and only think of themselves alone?
    iii) those that do not value the life of our youths and prefers to waste them for money?
    iv) those who lost their original vision and out of selfishness glue to “it must be me and my family”
    v) the wicked ones?
    Please Sir let’s ruminate on this for a way forward for there no positives in endless troubles

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