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Tinubu tamed, PDP regroups, Buhari baffled… and other takes from Tuesday Thriller

Tinubu tamed, PDP regroups, Buhari baffled… and other takes from Tuesday Thriller
June 09
20:08 2015

It was a development foretold but it was equally an eloquent testimony to the veracity of that ageless axiom: history has a way of repeating itself. 

Before appraising the emergence of Abubakar Bukola Saraki as senate president and the crowning of Yakubu Dogara as speaker of the house of representatives, you have to rewind to early June 2011. The then ruling PDP had zoned the speakership to the south-west.

But Aminu Tambuwal, now governor of Sokoto state, had other ideas. Relying on the opposition then, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), which did not want the PDP to have any foothold in the south-west through any high ranking public figure, Tambuwal went against the directive of his party. He not only emerged speaker, he romanced the opposition throughout his reign.

That was the most audacious challenge to the PDP since its creation in 1998.

A Game of High Stakes

Fast-forward to 48 months later and the same scenario has played out itself. But this time around, the stakes are higher and the players are veterans in the game of political subterfuge. Bola Tinubu. Bukola Saraki. Ahmad Lawan. George Akume. The ruling APC had made it clear that the official candidate was Lawan. But Saraki would have none of that. A “primary” election had produced, expectedly, Lawan, but Saraki’s supporters under the aegis of Senators of Like Minds, kicked against it, claiming that the mock election was arranged to favour Lawan. They vowed that their man would contest nonetheless.

With the 51 senators pro-Lawan absent, Saraki emerged senate president with 57 votes. Since simple majority is needed to win, Saraki carried the day. The real issue here was not the emergence of Saraki but the seeming rebirth of the PDP and the decimation of Tinubu’s influence.

Ike Ekweremadu, the last deputy senate president, still a PDP member, was nominated as Saraki’s deputy and he was also returned.

Taming the Lion

The victories of Saraki and Dogara were a major blow to Tinubu whose influence in the APC is obviously rankling many leaders of the party and ruffling not a few feathers. Yemi Osinbajo, Tinubu’s choice, had emerged as Buhari’s running mate after Tinubu himself failed to clinch it last year.

Tinubu was also the man pushing the candidacy of Femi Gbajabiamila for speaker. He was the man behind the Lawan project for the senate presidency, although Buhari’s name was frequently mentioned as the prime mover. If Lawan and Gbajabiamila had won, Tinubu would have helped produce the vice-president, senate president as well as the speaker. That is: No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4. The turn of events means the Lion of Bourdillon has been tamed, at least for now.

The battle will now shift to the cabinet…

dogara swearing in

Dogara being sworn in on Tuesday PHOTOS: NAN


The PDP ‘coup de grace’…

The opposition PDP was instrumental to the emergence of Saraki and Dogara. And it might have marked the rebirth of the party as it has now tested its strength in the new dispensation. It is expected that APC will try to squeeze out Saraki and Dogara – given the statement issued by the party kicking against their election. But since at least two thirds majority is needed to impeach the senate president or speaker, it will always be difficult to achieve.

As long as the PDP lawmakers remain behind Saraki and Dogara, all they need to do is to preserve his own camp within the APC. If APC does not play the game better, they may end up pushing Saraki and Dogara and their camps out and that could give PDP back the majority in both chambers. The highlight of PDP’s rebirth is the against all odds, the party is retaining the senate deputy president slot through Ike Ekweremadu.

With the emergence of Saraki and Dogara, the rebuilding of PDP may have started. It was no coincidence that these two gentlemen were members of the PDP until the crisis. Dogara and Saraki were part of PDP that gave President Goodluck Jonathan a run for his political money before defecting to the APC. Now that the new PDP is in “charge” of the national assembly, many will not be surprised if these men are back in PDP before the end of their tenures.

Buhari baffled

President Buhari is learning the realities of Nigerian politics the hard way. He had always insisted that he would not interfere in the choice of the leadership of the two chambers of the national assembly. But upon return from Germany earlier Tuesday, he had to call an emergency meeting of the APC senators-elect to counter the moves by PDP. The Saraki camp did not attend the meeting. But even the president himself did not attend, raising questions about how much he knew about the invitations sent to APC lawmakers.

In a statement issued by his spokesman after the events of Tuesday, Buhari expressed regrets that the APC members did not follow the process put in place by the party. He notably refused to congratulate the winners but promised to work with them. Again, he maintained that he did not have any preferred candidates. But he appears genuinely baffled by the turn of events.

The Tuesday Thriller could just be the beginning of plenty drama in this new dispensation.


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  1. Dan Nigeria
    Dan Nigeria June 09, 20:21

    There is strength in courting your ‘enemies’. The President will be better off congratulating the Speaker and the Senate President and honestly joining hands with them in the interest of the nation. And so will APC. This is politics.

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  2. musjad
    musjad June 09, 20:37

    Back to square one.

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  3. kiza
    kiza June 09, 21:09

    A new dawn, Nigeria and Nigerians are bigger than any group of people; Buhari has already congratulated the victors. We should allow the wind of change to blow through the entire landscape of Nigeria. Congrats Saraki, and Dogara.

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  4. Guest
    Guest June 09, 22:04

    Just tired of all the political drama. Most politicians are self-serving. This is no time for dirty games. For crying out loud the masses are suffering! My heart bleeds for the suffering of the down trodden. I truly wishd I could help alleviate the sufferings. Please to everyone that might read this piece, let’s continue to pray for Nigeria and the leaders that God would hear our cry and turn the course of their hearts to do right. God has brought us this far, He will complete the good work He started. God loves Nigeria, He will glorify Himself! Shalom!

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  5. Dez
    Dez June 09, 23:23

    You have repeated the error prevalent in the reporting of the Assembly inauguration by overemphasizing the Tinubu factor and simplifying the forces at play. Tinubu is one of the many players. Where do you place Atiku Abubakar, Kwankwaso, and even PMB, who blundered by announcing his ‘disinterest’ in whatever leadership that emerges? What manner of politics dashes the opposition the deputy senate presidency just because of a vaulting ambition of the new Senate president? Rather than celebrate the humiliation of Tinubu, you should decry the absence of morality in politics. A leader who can treat his party this way can trade off the country once his ambition is settled.

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    • sanchez
      sanchez June 10, 06:10

      Dez, u said it all!

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    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)
      Kay Soyemi (Esq.) June 10, 09:31

      Saraki will soon find out that he has won a Pyrrhic victory that does him no favour in the longer term.

      Let him savour the taste of being Senate President because that is the pinnacle of his political career.

      He shall go no further than that because everyone, including his new found lovers, would now know that it’s all about Saraki, Saraki and Saraki.

      No one will trust him again.

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      • Yemi Adeyemi
        Yemi Adeyemi June 10, 10:06

        Mr Kay Soyemi, one thing you should know is that you are not God and don’t play to be God, you are not to determine what will be Saraki pinacle of political career . It is true you are not happy about his emergence as Senate President because your godfather choice, who will be like robbot was not allow to win. This God’s intervention and the wind is blowing from God, its better you don’t stands on its way so that you will not be blown away, take heart and rejoice with God’s choice.

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      • Ceey
        Ceey June 10, 11:13

        Now that it is Saraki you APC guys are beginning to talk about TRUST. If you trusted Tambuwal 4 years ago, and even considered him fit for the Presidency, until superior reason prevailed and he settled for Sokoto Governorship which he won on the platform of the APC. This is just the beginning….greater and deeper political intrigues are on the way.

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    • Mo
      Mo June 10, 10:09

      What the snake gave birth to must always be long the Igbos say. It is the same 10 and 10 pence.

      Another clear truth is that Nigerian politics is all about the individual rather than party ideals. Any platform that offers me the opportunity to express myself is it. The day I see myself behind the room, I cook up stories and move on to the waiting arm of the next contender with seats in the front row. Defection of Saraki in the immediate – not likely. He needs APC for stability at this time.

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      • Nkem
        Nkem June 10, 12:42

        Trust me! He will return. APC as a party is no match any day for PDP. Jonathan relinquished his seat for Buhari does not mean APC is better. The guy just put Nigeria and Nigerians before his personal interest. A rare attribute in Naija politicians I must say.

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    • Nkem
      Nkem June 10, 12:35

      True talk. Am not a bucola saraki fan but am neither APC too. However I love what has just happened. It buttresses my strong belief that APC is not the platform Nigeria is looking for to cone out of the hoods. It’s a party filled with ambitious self lovers rather than patriotic nation builders. This movie I long spoke about has only begun to roll. My advice: sit back, relax and enjoy.

      Reply to this comment
      • Gowina
        Gowina June 11, 09:57

        Very correct. So happy with the turn of event. I believe the hands of God are in this matter. God has his way of giving us the real change we need. It has just started

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      • Truth n grace
        Truth n grace June 12, 07:59

        I am enjoying it already n waiting for the next scene. The movie just started n some are complaining. You aren’t seen anything yet. But mark it only God’s will be done. Next scene pls

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    • doc
      doc June 11, 07:10

      you have ended the issue

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    • Manini
      Manini June 11, 09:35

      I like your comment Dez, but if you really want to be just & truthful going by our political history particularly in 2011, the ACN then, with full control of Tinubu as usual voted & returned Tambuwal as Speaker above Mrs. Mulikat Adeola, the anointed candidate of PDP. They earlier you & your APC cohorts realize that this is politics & that what goes around comes around, the better it is for you & our dear country.

      Reply to this comment
    • Vaf
      Vaf June 23, 09:59

      Morality in politics now?It seems you are returning from Comoro Island and so was not around in 2011 when same Tinubu and his ACN committed similar sacrilege against PDP and his Yoruba nation through Tambuwal because of selfish ambition.IT IS A PAY BACK TIME FOR TINUBU’S TREACHEROUS POLITICS.

      Reply to this comment
  6. kfo
    kfo June 09, 23:25

    Nigeria will be great again.No to politics of religion and ethnicity.Congrats Dr Sadaki and Bar Dogara.

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  7. Salam
    Salam June 09, 23:28

    Nigeria is not lagos where one man controls everything and everybody. Tinubu should just retire from politics in peace before his mercantile type of politics is brought to a disgraced end.
    Buhari should in his best interest congratulate these champions of democracy for the sake of stability.

    Reply to this comment
    • alienDeCat
      alienDeCat June 10, 02:22

      Well said Salam. Nigeria is bigger than Lagos indeed and for a man to think he will do the same thing he is doing Lagos to the whole nation is absurd. He should go and read about the great French Soldier Napoleon Bonaparte

      Reply to this comment
    • Okey
      Okey June 10, 06:31

      You can see “our president”is not magnanimous in defeat. He claimed he had been converted to a democrat. But see his reaction in this simple political manovering. What will you expect in the next four years?

      Reply to this comment
  8. Brown suga
    Brown suga June 09, 23:52

    I said it in d morning, we foresaw It coming; APC’s divided house & a house divided against itself, d center cannot hold. I’m so excited on d turn out of events today @ d NASS, Tinubu was beaten to a game he thinks he knows how to play best indeed d lion of Bourdillion has been tamed! D PDP is coming back in force.

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  9. Ikuku
    Ikuku June 10, 00:18

    When the west say they are too wise and educated except Ekiti i see them as wise man wey go die for foolish man back yard. Because of what Jagaban is doing with them. He did not really in actual sence defeat Jona, it was a game like draft give youu to eat and show how shalow or high you are IQly. Where you stop is where another start, so he is going to see nuclear capablities; still counting ..

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    • Andy
      Andy June 10, 08:24

      ‘Aka Chukwu dis’.( God hand de the thing). This is a country that stands on a tripod , Nigeria would not have been stable standing on just two legs. With Ike in, the polity is balanced. This is the only position Tinubu should have pushed to transform him from a tribal leader to a national leader. Buhari ! We are still watching you!.

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      • John
        John June 10, 15:38

        @ Andy, “With Ike in, the polity is balanced”. You think so? Pray, what political relevance does Senate vice-presidency hold? You’ll soon find out that you are living in a world of illusion. Predictably, at the end of the day, in the power game, the South East will get their political fingers burnt- as usual.

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  10. gabs
    gabs June 10, 00:25

    What goes around comes around, ACN did it against PDP to elect Tambuwal and they enjoyed it then, now this is a payback time for PDP, however this is more devastating as APC lost at all fronts. Tambuwal and ACN has set a bad precedence and it will stay for sometime.
    Tinubu should start coming back to Lagos were he is a local champion. He cant play national politics because he is greedy

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  11. Owo
    Owo June 10, 00:58

    Shallow analysis! It’s not about Tinubu- APC lost, PDP won. The APC should sanction the rebels, and if they defect to the PDP, declare their seats vacant. And the APC should also get the elections in Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Abia etc upturned by the courts. Buhari goofed. We voted for “change” not “power”.

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    • Marrie
      Marrie June 10, 09:11

      Owolabi,you are a just too partisan. Declare their seats for what? I am sorry for you,Keep worshiping APC till you go to your grave.Nothing good will ever come to you,Wake up my dear and stop dreaming

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    • gabs
      gabs June 10, 10:10

      Owo, APC should get the court to upturn the elections in Rivers,Cross Rivers,Abia etc, as if the court is APC’s property. I can see that you are analyzing from motor park point of view. Also I can see that you are among the people that are suffering from shock as stated by Lie Mohammed, pls rush to national hospital because there are still beds.
      If you Tambuwal me I go Dogara you….such is life. Laff wan kill me.
      Before you go finally into coma condition your mind that nothing will ever make APc to win Rivers if even if elections are done under standard conditions of temperature and pressure. The best they can get is to re do the election and Wike will win again. Dazzol

      Reply to this comment
      • IBIO
        IBIO June 10, 11:29

        I agree with you my brother “IF YOU TAMBUWAL ME I GO DOGARA YOU” This is the fruit from the tree they planted many months ago. Good game of unfaithfulness.

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      • Holyman
        Holyman June 10, 11:34

        Thank you Gabs for that comment they think say we are still under Awolowo wuruwuru days when he agreed with General Ojukwu to declare Biafra and went back to lick General Gowon foot for minister of Finance yeye man

        Reply to this comment
        • John
          John June 10, 15:45

          @Holyman,”they think say we are still under Awolowo wuruwuru days when he agreed with General Ojukwu to declare Biafra and went back to lick General Gowon foot for minister of Finance…”. I don’t know how old you are , but this is the same lies your fathers have been peddling for ages. Well, whether you like it or not, the West will ALWAYS enjoy political advantage over you until because of their political sophistication.

          Reply to this comment
      • Chidi Olam
        Chidi Olam June 10, 14:20

        Owoblo stop all these your useless talk, am sure u are sessionist you only believed in Tinubu will not work. THIS IS NIGERIA and not Lagos state. Even Lagos state will soon go under PDP we are true are puppet being control by the puppet master.

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    • Bioseh
      Bioseh June 10, 15:30

      APC has just received a double dose of their medicine. NOW, LET THEM GET ON WITH THE BUSINESS OF GOVERNING.

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    • OMO
      OMO June 11, 01:19

      Some of us agri wit u, dat, shud any rebel pot a camp, affected IJOKO/AGA must be removed frm d Chamber.
      But b4 executin ya judgement, we MUST go back to d days wen diz WINNERS defected frm pdp in2 apc (where dey are now rebels.)
      In frantic effort to maintain dominance THEN, pdp yelled, threw jabs and even sort court ruling on d vexed issue of VOIDING the seats of defectors, an argument VERY STRONGLY & STOUTLY rejected by apc, THEN.
      Tambuwa completed his tenure as Speaker even after openly defecting to the then opposition party. It was not expedient THEN 2 declare his seat VACANT.
      The new spirit of Change should require we wipe d slate clean, including repairing d damages done, THEN.

      Reply to this comment
  12. arab
    arab June 10, 01:32

    Democracy is growing in Nigerian, Thank God for the set of reprentative we have, a nation is bigger then one man. Tinabu should bury his head on shame, this is not his father property like Lagos, he controls both governor and the IGR, there is God ooooo

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  13. Chidi Olam
    Chidi Olam June 10, 03:36

    I thank God that Nigeria as a nation is moving forward, why, integration and unison is what we are praying for in Nigeria and not disintegration and division.Time has com to people like Tinubu should no that his oligarch in Lagos state cannot continue and he cannot extend it to the Nation Nigeria. Nigerians are not babies, l personally congratulate Saraki and barrister Dogara, for been elected as leader of both houses.God bless Nigeria. PMB should make haste and congratulate them. If he want to rule in peace.

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  14. Rubi
    Rubi June 10, 04:02

    Paid back in their own coin, that’s what APC has got. Whoever thought that the strange bed fellows shouting change mantram would salvage Nigeria was just being naive. The drama is just beginning.

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  15. Enyinna
    Enyinna June 10, 04:14

    I congratulate the victors .This country must move forward and set example for other African countries .Godfatherism hinders our march towards good governance !!!

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  16. Louisa Eikhomun
    Louisa Eikhomun June 10, 04:50

    When are we going to see our lawmakers scheme and fight for the wellbeing of Nigerians like they do over positions and portfolio’s?

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  17. 'Muz-zafar'
    'Muz-zafar' June 10, 05:03

    This is very much interesting, now that Saraki and Dogora has both defied the APC i pray for more APC setbacks we need a strong opposition and a set back from the APC end strenghtens the opposition.

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  18. Lemmycy
    Lemmycy June 10, 05:05

    This is the real change APC has been chanting. Congratulations to Senators Saraki, Ike Ekweremadu( Ike Ndi Igbo) and Senator David Mark, the Senate Leader. I doff my hat for them. For Hon Dogara I say I am humbled by ur political sagacity. The saying ‘dry bones shall rise again’is already manifesting. Remember, Nigerians did not reject PDP, they only rejected GEJ. Tinubu should learn a lesson from this. His days in politics are numbered

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  19. eyinoha
    eyinoha June 10, 05:14

    Congratulation to saraki and dogara,and a healthy one for nigeria one can have it all

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  20. nnNgige Peter
    nnNgige Peter June 10, 05:55

    Buhari is not good in conseeding defeat ,he did not congratulate OBJ,Yaradua and Googluck when he lost election against them,but he was congratulated by Jonathan in march,so he is not a good sports man,For Tinubu this is the end of the road,Nigeria is far bigger than Lagos

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  21. shakazulu
    shakazulu June 10, 06:26

    Wily old fox that Tinubu may be, he is also a wise strategist. Buhari would do well to cooperate with him. Saraki is no less corrupt, and is more personally ambitious than Tinubu. I smell doom for APC and Nigeria.

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  22. Okey
    Okey June 10, 06:43

    You all can see through the reaction of our president for not congratulating the winners, that his claim of being a converted democrat is a bubble, a ruse. He is not magnanimous in defeat. APC should know that one bad turn deserves another.

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  23. Bob T
    Bob T June 10, 06:51

    It is good for our democracy! We have a phrase for it in my constituency, it is called ” political orography”

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  24. solonze
    solonze June 10, 07:01

    Are you saying that Tnbuwal is as treacherous as Saraki and Dongara or that Tambuwal was a saint then and Saraki/dongara are betrayers now. pls expancite

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  25. principle
    principle June 10, 07:20

    Karma will always finds it’s way.

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  26. ck
    ck June 10, 07:22

    The Igbos deserve the seat of the senate president

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  27. gabs
    gabs June 10, 07:28

    The old ACN started what has set a very bad precedence in the national assembly,during the 7th assembly they aligned with some PDP members to go against the party choice for the speakership(Mulikat Akande). They forgot that what goes around comes around,the same treachery they are accusing some of their members now was what they supported PDP lawmakers during last assembly.This bad and dangerous precedence which ACN started at national assembly will be difficult to remove with time to come.
    Tinubu had to be tamed because he wanted to grab it all. This is not Lagos state where he dictates what happens to everyone, this is national assembly. Certainly there’s nothing APC can do about it because they need two third majority to remove any of those elected, and they cant get two thirds without PDP lawmakers

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  28. TripleKay
    TripleKay June 10, 08:31

    Yeah,it serves APC well..!,how can Tinubu take this country as personal property…he appoints the president,the vice,many govs,legislators,local govt.chairmen,counsillors,and even iyalojas…now he want to impose the senate president and the speaker…what a greedy man..
    congrats the master…son of his father…Bukola Saraki,Ekweremmadu and Dogara…

    Reply to this comment
  29. Favour
    Favour June 10, 08:41

    Your comment..Congratulations to oga saraki and oga dogara, May God use them to bring pdp back to their feet again

    Reply to this comment
  30. toa
    toa June 10, 09:26

    Dez u’ve got a good point there i must say. But in total support of shakazulu i find it difficult to differentiate the looming politics from the governance we so eagerly expect. Nigerians are really enjoying the game but what we need is governance not poitics. i hope the emergence of the new senate leader will not make nonsense of all the anti-corruption plan of PMB in the long run. I speak as a Kwaran not as a Lagosian. Too bad for Tinubu’s camp, but equally not good for a Nigeria desperate for genuine change

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  31. ogbuefi
    ogbuefi June 10, 10:08

    I am from south south and I prefer the northerners to hold those offices to south western Yoruba people.congratulations for teaching Tinubu and his irredentist people a bitter lesson.congrats to our noble party pdp for this solid victory
    Yoruba people should learn to respect other people,seek for wisdom and learn politics. I sorry for that midget vice president

    Reply to this comment
    • Zephyr
      Zephyr June 10, 10:37

      @Ogbuefi: You are an ethnic bigot. Your son prove to be the biggest disgrace to this nation till date, and was legally booted out. So continue with your anguish which will never stop.

      Reply to this comment
      • Nkemp
        Nkemp June 10, 13:00

        People wet no know book dey like big big grammar. Bros thank God for our son wey VE naija biggest disgrace but the whole world dey celebrate am go reach forever. Abeg wetin una son wey sabi pass don do for the two weeks wey im don use enter govt. I just dey laugh. Dis dance just start. No break leg.

        Reply to this comment
    • Wale
      Wale June 11, 20:11

      Ogbuefi, you missed the line of argument, it is not about the yorubas, it is about Nigeria. After all bukola is a yoruba man . so a yoruba man is No 2 and 3 . Nigeria is beyond an individual or region. No region or individual should dictate what happened at the center it should be a shared responsibility.

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  32. Veron
    Veron June 10, 10:28

    Very fascinating, never underate your enemies. The President and APC should just forget it and move on with the business of governing. If care is not taken, we may spend the whole four years bickering on this issue. Forgive and forget at least if you don’t forget yesterday’s fight, you will not have mates to play with.

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  33. Adesheffy
    Adesheffy June 10, 10:38

    …..From d Book of LAMENTATION…
    -Success is indeed sometimes difficult to manage
    -Just wondering if this is actually d CHANGE we gallantly fought for???
    -But I still think it’s all good for Democracy I.e a polarized house of assembly
    -APC should just sheath their sword n pursue Good Governance
    -My amiable president,I know ur words are ur bonds,it’s time to prove to well meaning Nigerians that U actually belong to everybody & belong to Nobody.
    -It’s going to be rough but those challenges r surmountable for visionary leader
    -With Sen.Ike Ekweremadu as DSP what did Sen.Saraki promise them (‘dirty deal’s or negotiations)???because Politics is all about ‘give & take’
    -I doubt if ever APC : Saraki relationship can ever be cordial again
    -Then,where do we belong,we d poor masses,I mean where? Where my people???
    -la casera in a bottle of coke still tastes la casera,this is doesn’t seem like d positive CHANGE we voted for.
    -I put my trust in God and I believe PMB will not disappoint us.
    PMB knows fully well d ONLY thing at stake at this ‘injury time’ of his life is his INTEGRITY which he would never want to be soiled or rubbished by one ‘mansa’nfani politician. He would always refuse to be intimidated,stampeded or boxed to a corner by these ‘jegudujeras’ and be going at his own pace no matter d noise(if u like call him Mr ‘Go slow’) because he doesn’t trust anybody
    Let me quickly close d chapter of my book of lamentation & get my ass off this status update by one of d Daniel Defoe’s sayings: it’s better to have a lion at d head of an army of sheep than a sheep at d head of an army of lions.
    Congratulations to all d newly elected Leaders of d two Houses of Assembly.
    God bless d Federal Republic of Nigeria

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  34. Veron
    Veron June 10, 10:41

    Very fascinating, never you underate your enemies this is the lesson to be learned from the whole event. The President and APC should forget it and concentrate on the business or governing or else the whole four years may be spent on it. At least it you don’t forget yesterday’s issue you may not see any mates to play with. Vengeance and apportioning blame cannot produce good fruits but tends to create more enemies and thereby strengthening the camp of the opposition.

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  35. PeopleFirst
    PeopleFirst June 10, 11:22

    TheCable needs to be less partisan please. PMB congratulated Saraki and Dogara, even went on to say that the process that produced them was constitutional, before saying that he is ready to work with them. PMB said these even after the APC leadership had rejected the process and the outcome.

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  36. Godi
    Godi June 10, 11:29

    APC leaders have now realized that some members of National Assembly are men and not boys. When the young masquerades were parading themselves everywhere, the mature ones remained unmoved waiting for the right time to dance. Senator Saraki went ‘home’ (PDP), seeking for help. He was not rejected, abandoned, but received with open arms. He negotiated with his people and got what he wanted. Who says politics is not interesting? Nigeria will be better off at the end. All is well that ends well.

    Reply to this comment
    • lyno
      lyno June 10, 14:31

      Very well said Godi, what goes around comes around, good for everybody in the end. A balanced house will be more interesting.

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  37. Godi
    Godi June 10, 11:44

    APC leaders have now realized that some of the members of the National Assembly are men and not boys. When the young masquerades were parading themselves everywhere calling for attention, the mature ones remained unmoved waiting for the right time to showcase their talents. Senator Saraki went ‘home’ to his kindred (PDP) seeking for assistance. He was not rejected, not abandoned, but fully received and the rest is what we have seen today. Politics is indeed very interesting. Nigeria will be better off at the end, for it has been said all is well that ends well.

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  38. Privateman
    Privateman June 10, 12:06

    As far as I am concerned this is another victory for democracy the party APC which I am a cars carrying member should have left things flow naturally and leave d senators decide who leads them.
    Organizing a mock election shows desperation on the parts of some people within the party and that makes me wonder…why d desperation? Is it actually for d good of d nation as a whole? Mr president had better leave party politics and fave nation building.he started well by saying he is for everyone and for nobody ,he should stick to will help me a lot.
    Remember they are all recycled leaders…..

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  39. Ostar
    Ostar June 10, 12:51

    If inec redo Rivers state gubernatorial 100*100 times pdp wl win. Congrats pdp.

    Reply to this comment
  40. Awhy
    Awhy June 10, 12:54

    Buhari doesn’t knw wat it means to lose such positions to an opposition. if care is nt taken, the mantra of his party “CHANGE” wil only exists on paper bt nt in reality.

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  41. Nkem
    Nkem June 10, 13:11

    Whoever thought PDP was dead is brain dead. Whoever thought APC is the answer Nigeria is looking for is a dreamer. As for me, I dey laff. To say am not enjoying this drama is to lie. My Bible tells that all liars are going to hell and I no wan go there. People better days are ahead

    Reply to this comment
  42. dinma
    dinma June 10, 15:16

    indeed that is the change we need cos some people need to be told that Nigeria is not their personal property. Democracy we need, democracy we will get.

    Reply to this comment
  43. Obinna
    Obinna June 10, 16:02

    Many of us called for change. I think this is the real change we are calling for, a situation where no single individual could sit down and manipulate everybody into subjection.

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  44. Asiiiii
    Asiiiii June 10, 17:01

    APC !!!
    Untill you can get back home(if there was/is any home) and form yourselves up as a POLITICAL PARTY, then and only then can you begin to make an impact in this country.

    You know it better than I do that you guys are only bunch of avaricious power mongers who only wanted POWER.
    One thing is to get the power, another is to manage it.

    Reply to this comment
  45. Godi
    Godi June 10, 18:05

    APC should be careful talking about sanctioning their members. Few plotted the ‘coup’, but a group ‘executed’ it. Whatever angle anyone looks at the whole game now, the executors have won. Threaten Saraki today, his group will defect to PDP and become majority in NASS. I won’t be surprised if the Senate President becomes a PDP member. Democracy in action. Again I say this is good for Nigeria because all is well that ends well.

    Reply to this comment
    • pay
      pay June 10, 19:24

      You are a “card carrying member’?.Oh well!!

      Reply to this comment
      • Godi
        Godi June 10, 20:36

        I am not a member of any political party. My views are very objective. Watching the trend in this current dispensation it is easy to predict what will happen soon. PMB should concentrate on good governance, he must not loose focus. The high and mighty will gradually fade away. God bless Nigeria.

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  46. chico
    chico June 10, 19:15

    Saraki was my predicted winer. But Hehehould have done it like the house of representatives. He would have still won.n given the number of his supporters. That would have been more dignifying.

    Reply to this comment
    • LA PSYCH
      LA PSYCH June 10, 21:00

      It my conviction that the dry bone will rise again. I doff my cap for the political actors who championed this change to extricate our polity from godfatherism.Tinubu should watch it.

      Reply to this comment
  47. OneNigeria
    OneNigeria June 10, 20:54

    Most Nigerians who voted PMB voted for who they think he is, not for APC. He should therefore focus on his promises to the people, and remember that millions who could have voted in March elections were displaced, some because of the Boko Haram insurgency and some because they and their families were forced to relocate to other places in their own country Nigeria that is called their home (or is it their own country?), and so could not really vote. For me, the latter issue which points to the fact that a citizen of this country is not really a citizen, safe and accepted in every part of this country where he/she chooses to live at will is the greatest challenge of this country, not electricity, not power, not food, or whatever, though important. In a divided country there will always be corruption, insecurity, vandalism, poverty, violation of people’s rights due to divided interests. A united people will always stick to a program that positively improve their lives. Every leadership in this country had dodged the issue, except in last National Conference which mentioned issue of citizenship in this country. I am not privy to what the Conference recommended, but PMB would have achieved everything for me and millions of Nigerians, present and future, if he could take affirmative actions that unite people of this country into ONE NIGERIA, which many veterans of this country claim they fought for but have failed to demonstrate by their actions. One Nigeria is not by mouth but by action. I don’t see it, but know it is possible! Can we start with creating, for example, six(6) FEDERAL TERRITORIES one in each of the current six political zones of which Abuja is now one. Other five can then be in North East, North West, South East, South West (possibly Lagos, view it’s previous status as Federal Capital), South South. Perhaps appoint Mayors for them or other title, furnish them with all infrastructure of modern cities, including roads, rails, airports, etc! with industries at satellite locations from the city centre. Make them open to every Nigerian to live in, own property, vote and be voted for, for every elective post. With time, as citizens blend as one people doing their legitimate businesses in these territories, States will be motivated to imbibe policies that accept all citizens of this country as brothers and sisters. People do not choose where they are born, but definItly choose who to love or hate, and God has chosen all that are His should love Him and love their neighbours, no alternative, PDP or APC is immaterial. We need godly people in this country, leaders and followers inclusive, and all the other things we are making priorities which are not will simply fall in their rightful places as easy cake! God bless Nigeria, the president and all the people.

    Reply to this comment
  48. toa
    toa June 10, 21:09

    Are u on ground at all? You’re blaming Tinubu for having Lag under his control, what has Saraki been doing in Kwara for the past 16 years? Are they (BAT & ABS) any different??

    Reply to this comment
  49. Abe
    Abe June 10, 21:13

    Just to clarify :Tinubu does not control Lagos. Maybe most of you have never met the man Fashola. He is not a politician but he is no stooge infact he surpassed Tinubu in achievement which even tinubu agreed. APC is not Tinubu’s party yes he has strong influence there but he is just one man. And for those who don’t know. Him that man does not make the same mistake thrice. I credit him for playing opposition all this years since he has burnt fingers the backlash is expected. The problem is will the Senate VP hold any real power?

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  50. Akaba
    Akaba June 10, 23:26

    According to George Washington Plunkett….I saw my opportunity and took it…. That’s all. Its a game of numbers and the coup was carried out with dexterity. If all the senators were present…the outcome would have been the same. If Tambuwal was good..Dogara is exceptional….period.

    Reply to this comment
  51. LADY P
    LADY P June 10, 23:34

    Politics is a game of one chance so ride on Saraki and Dogara. This is your chance and no evil plan against you will succeed you are the best and the cap fits both of you.

    Reply to this comment
  52. adebaba
    adebaba June 11, 07:34

    Your comment..nobody is against saraki becoming a senate President but we hope he will not under develop Nigeria as he did in kwara

    Reply to this comment
  53. ovie
    ovie June 11, 08:04

    The truth is that tinubu kind of politics is chop and work. i have seen it in lagos state and i actually prefer it. it could be said that the man is greedy which is same for any other Nigerian politician. PDP is strictly chop and chop and no work. that is my fear for this saraki lead tactics which though i love because of what APC did with Tambuwa on the 7th. but i woukd adjoin saraki and his people to please imbibe the politics of chop and work that way Nigeria would move forward even though slowly but at least we would see our selves moving.

    Reply to this comment
    • Godi
      Godi June 11, 12:34

      Ovie, your theory of ‘chop and work’ is same as ‘steal and work’. What is the chopping ratio compared to the working ratio. It is satanic. Nigerians should resist this theory. This has thrown us into darkness for decades now. We want leaders who are dedicated to their callings, who will feel the pains of others and perform their duties without fear or favour. We want leaders who have the interest of Nigeria at heart. It is time for us to advocate independent candidates to be enshrined in our constitution. God bless Nigeria.

      Reply to this comment
  54. Adico
    Adico June 11, 11:21

    You guys have all spoken well, Nigeria is bigger than one person, our senators and Rep members have spoken.And that represent d wish of d masses cos we elected them…period

    Reply to this comment
  55. Chybyke
    Chybyke June 11, 15:41

    Yes I love the program.

    Reply to this comment
  56. deyoko 1
    deyoko 1 June 11, 16:25

    Am always very baffled with the way our politicians behave , if 2/3 vote is required to hold an elective post in national assembly does it mean it should be play out this way? Nigerians are watching.

    Reply to this comment
  57. Gosh
    Gosh June 11, 18:53

    Your comment. Amen, brother!

    Reply to this comment
  58. NDA
    NDA June 11, 22:05

    That was just a lesson.

    Reply to this comment
  59. chuks ibegbu
    chuks ibegbu June 12, 10:06

    this is afonja in action. too bad for party discipline. its not about tinubu loosing but about integrity and party discipline. its a minus for our democracy. those who want nigeria to remain as it is are at work.

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