‘To curb trafficking’ — FG bans lodging of underage girls in hotels

The ministry of women affairs has issued a directive prohibiting underage girls from lodging in hotels.

Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, minister of women affairs, read the riot act on Saturday at the ‘Unlock Training and Grants’ ceremony in Abuja.

The minister said the move is part of the precautionary measures to halt human trafficking, especially of Nigerian girls.

The ban follows the recent rescue of over 10 teenage girls trafficked to Ghana.


Kennedy-Ohaneye cautioned hoteliers nationwide against accommodating underage girls in their facilities, as defaulters would face sanctions.

She mandated them to put up a ‘No Lodging of Underage Girls’ signage outside their facilities.

The minister also extended the riot acts to proprietors of schools across the country, warning against the bullying of student by either teachers or among students.


“Women have been suffering in this country. Today, we have talked about allowing the poor to breathe in this country,” Kennedy-Ohaneye said.

“Meanwhile I am sure you saw the video circulating about our girls taken to Ghana. Did you see it? Very good. Action will start on Monday.

“You will hear about our action first thing on Monday morning. That is the first I am going to approach and see what we can do about it.

“Nigeria must be better. From 20th (June), we have directed hotels to put a sign outside from the Ministry of Women. No lodging of underage girls. (Otherwise) what happened in Niger State will be an understatement to what will happen in the FCT and I mean it. No more lodging of underage girls and no more bullying in schools.”


Kennedy-Ohaneye also said her ministry is determined to stop the premature deaths of Nigerians as hospitals would no longer be allowed to reject emergency patients.

“And our hospitals will also put a sign of ‘No more rejection of emergency patients’. These are some of the major issues we have in this country,” she said.

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