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TRENDING: Indian mob beats ‘Nigerian’ to stupor

TRENDING: Indian mob beats ‘Nigerian’ to stupor
March 27
21:35 2017

Narendra Mishra, a journalist with Times of India, has released a video of an assault on a student identified as a Nigerian.

Mishra, who was at the scene of the attack, captured the incident.

He later tweeted: “Sorry world, we are not like this. Shocking incident in Greater Noida. Three attacks on Nigerians in one day. Where are we heading?”

In the video, about 20 young men are seen attacking a defenceless black man.

The youths not only pounced on him at intervals, they also hurled objects at the victim.

He managed to stand up and tried to escape but his attackers caught up with him, and pulled him to the ground as the assault continued.

At a point, the man was motionless, but the attackers will not stop. A young man in white shirt tried to pacify the rampaging mob, but did not succeed.

Sushma Swaraj, India’s minister of external affairs, has demanded a report of the incident.

“I have asked for a report from government of Uttar Pradesh about the reported attack on African students in Noida,” she wrote on Twitter.

The cause of the incident is not clear, but, an Indian website, reported that residents of Greater Noida staged a protest after a student identified as Manish Khari, died of drug overdose.

Khari was said to have last been seen with a group of Nigerians.

A crowd had reportedly raided the home of African students, asking all Africans living in residential colonies in Greater Noida to vacate their rented houses immediately.

Five Nigerian students were said to have been detained in the case, but the police released them for lack of evidence.

From Libya to Malaysia, Nigerians have been victims of attacks across the world, the latest being in South Africa.


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  1. robin
    robin March 28, 08:17

    Sincerely BJP always kill africans in any region of india they control, am sure the MLA of Greater noida must be BJP thanks they are not staying illegally in india am sure the home minister would have simply said deport them , its sad the way politicians always react when such incidents happens accross india hence local youths usually connected to political groups of BJP and Hinduthva extreme groups are always involved as well in many similar cases all over India

    i.e whats the then and new CM of Goa response when locals killed an african in goa ?

    what was the home ministers response when an african lady was stripped naked ?

    whats the then CM of maharstra response when africans where thrown from 7 story buildings for overstaying visa

    whats Goverments and policticians response when shiv sena destroyed africans homes at mumbai and robbed them in the presence of police

    whats the action and response of the Indian goverment on the killing of an ugandan lady recently in south india

    where are the perpetrators now? all are free and roaming on streets of india , simply because they were sent to carry out the mission as one student descried the noida evil event as well planned and politically motivated

    untill these issues are addressed such incidents would continue all over india

    to get an idea just google racism in India and you would be ashamed of what you will see

    cheers all and all stay calm

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