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TRENDING VIDEO: Oba of Lagos humiliates ooni of Ife in public

TRENDING VIDEO: Oba of Lagos humiliates ooni of Ife in public
April 26
09:26 2017

Rilwan Akiolu, oba of Lagos, recently embarrassed Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the ooni of Ife, at the world conference of Banking Institutes hosted by the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN).

The video of the incident has since gone viral. The Ife monarch attempted to greet the Lagos king, who waved him off.

The ooni, after being shunned, turned around and proceeded to take his seat.



  1. Jojo
    Jojo April 26, 12:44

    The Oba of Lagos’ attitude is unroyal!!

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  2. Oodua
    Oodua April 26, 13:51

    Oba Akiolu of Lagos who happened to disrespect Ooni of Ife is adrressed as His Royal Highness while Ooni of Ife is addressed as His Imperial Majesty, fellow Nigerians who is more superior?

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    • femolacasta
      femolacasta April 26, 14:47

      Ooni is the greatest

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    • Kasatley
      Kasatley April 26, 16:34

      It’s a well known fact Ooni is much more superior than Akiolu.Regardless of Akiolus age, Ooni is Akiolus Royal father in the comity of Obas according to Yoruba history.No amount of kirkyness feel big attitude can change history.Period.

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  3. Gbenguze
    Gbenguze April 26, 16:31

    Oba Akiolu’s attitude is very bad. He’s just envious of the Ooni.It is God that made him Ooni so nothing can anyone do about it. With Oba Akiolu’s action he wants to start another unneccesary in fighting amongst the Yoruba royal fathers again.Trust me the Ooni in his God given wisdom will act maturedly.

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    • Bukola
      Bukola April 27, 06:12

      It is basely to acknowledge his actions.Ooni is our Spiritual father. Oba of Lagos needs to follow tradition. I respect Ooni as he treats his disrespect with ignominy. Are a PE Lori, irukere a PE lowo. I wish I knew much more oriki to Salute His Royal Highness. It’s a good display of civility.Efucation. PERIOD.

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  4. Prince
    Prince April 28, 00:22

    o ma seo, Oba of Lagos DISGRACED HIMSELF,and NOT OONI OF IFE. Oba of Lagos exposed himself a kind of disrespectful oba. Kabiyeeesi Oooni of Ife, kade pe l’ori, ki bata pe lese, efiye denu oo. WE LOVE YOU

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  5. lashanty
    lashanty April 28, 09:25

    Oba of Lagos Akiolu disgraced himself not ooni of Ife. In all regards ooni of Ife is more and more superior to him according to Yoruba comity. Ooni of Ife is the head of all Yoruba obas. Thanks to ooni of Ife for his maturity to handle the matter. More grace to ur elbow

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