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TRENDING: Outrage over Abuja Chinese supermarket where Nigerians aren’t allowed to shop

BY Jesupemi Are


Nigerians have expressed outrage over the discovery of a Chinese supermarket in Abuja, the federal capital territory (FCT), where Nigerians are not allowed to shop.

The supermarket, located at the China General Chamber of Commerce along Airport road, is known to sell Chinese foods and beverages.

In a viral video, a resident narrated how he was not allowed into the supermarket’s premises and was told it was off-limits to Nigerians.

“There is this Chinese restaurant I saw online. They have food, ramen and other things. So, I wanted to check it out and when I got there the security guard told me the supermarket is strictly for Chinese people. If you are a Nigerian, you can’t go in and can’t buy anything,” he said.


“This supermarket is here in Abuja, Nigeria and Nigerians cannot enter. This is a joke. This means a Chinese national has more rights in Nigeria than a Nigerian because they can enter anywhere they want.”

In a bid to verify the claim, some Nigerian youths visited the supermarket on Monday.

In a video documenting their visit and shared on social media, the youths asked the security guard in front of the supermarket gate how long the “No Nigerians” rule had been in place.


The unnamed guard wearing an all-black uniform, said the supermarket’s management gave the directive in January this year.

He said Nigerians were allowed to enter the supermarket before January, but the management suddenly gave the directive.

When asked the reason he said, “I don’t know”.



Reports of the discovery have since spread on social media with many Nigerians expressing outrage over the restriction.

One X user with the name @toptiercollins, described the development as ridiculous, especially since a Nigerian is employed as a security guard.

Another user accused the supermarket owners of racism while another termed it as discrimination.

Here are a few online reactions by Nigerians.




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