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TRIBUTE: The cultist-turned-pastor who gave his life for impoverished northern children

TRIBUTE: The cultist-turned-pastor who gave his life for impoverished northern children
January 29
11:46 2015

“All my 400 children in the school will not understand but tie their shoes lace and gently rub their hairs. Tell them Papa Joshua has been called up.” These were the closing words of Henry Ayanfe, a follower of the late Joshua Adah, in an emotional tribute. 


Rev. Adah and his many children

In this rat race called life, very few people break out of the race and dare to be different; they dare to live their lives for others rather than themselves; they dare pay any price to see humanity attain its prize. Reverend Joshua Adah was one of those breakouts who lived their lives to better humanity.

Adah graduated from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria. Prior graduation, he was reported to have been in a cult, before becoming born again in his final year. He had extra year in school and then began to preach in the same campus where he was a cultist.

Upon graduation, he was posted to Taraba state in 2002 for his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme. He served as the drama director of Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF), where he met his wife.

Rev Adah's Family

Rev Adah’s Family

While in Taraba, Adah saw the challenges children in that region of the country and decided to stay behind after his service year to help them live a better life.

Rev make shift classsroom and studnts

Adah’s makeshift classsroom and studnts

Damilola Abraham, a corps member in Taraba state as at 2006/2007 who encountered and worked with the revered Reverend, spoke with TheCable on the inspiring life of Adah.

“He started a mission school free of charge and in a short time had about 400 pupils from many villages around where he was staying,” he said.


Rev Adah’s foster children eating


“Many of these pupils are boarders so he had to feed them, clothe them, housed them and at the same time disciple them.”

Abraham, who re-visited Adah in 2009, said the missionary had to engage in farming in order to cater to the needs of the children. He would later leave Jalingo city to such villages as Kona, Murkuni among others, just to be closer to the vulnerable.

Rev Adah About to cross the river en route Abare

Adah preparing to cross the river en route Abare

“He had to engage in farming so as to be able to care for them. He had Christian corps members helping out in the school,” Abraham said.


“I visited him in the village in 2009 and did not recover from that experience.”

Rev Adah's home called Channel O for its shape

Rev Adah’s home called Channel O for its shape

Despite his sacrificial life for the people of the north, he was also killed by the north in a rather mysterious way.

Many who paid him tribute said he was killed by Fulani herdsmen who are now known for their violent acts in northern Nigeria, while others said he was killed by the Boko Haram sect.

Dapo Azeez, Adah’s associate pastor, also spoke with TheCable.


“He was travelling; he was actually coming to Jalingo from Kogi state, along the road, the fan belt of his car cut and he got to a mechanic to fix it,” Azeez said.

“As he proceeded, at a further distance, his car engine knocked. He couldn’t move on, so he called his mechanic from Jalingo to come and meet him at that point.


“The mechanic came; he gave the mechanic money to go get a towing vehicle. When the mechanic came back with the towing vehicle, he was not found at the spot where he left him, so the mechanic towed the vehicle away from the place and came back to look for him.

“When he was not found at the expected scene, the mechanic reached out to the police, who could not save Adah but managed to find his corpse. The mechanic launched a report at the nearest police station, and a police patrol team combed the area, eventually finding his corpse inside a bush.”

Rev Adah Family at Success's birthday

Rev Adah Family at Success’s birthday

Adah’s death has raised questions on the fate of his “children”, the 307 orphans and vulnerable children whose future he lived for. But the associate party has expressed determination to continue with his legacy.

“We are a faith-based ministry and we believe in God’s help and support for the children. We trust God to help us raise a kind of endowment fund for the children, the ministry and the family of the deceased so they can continue their lives,” it said.

“The children and the staff are still there. I am a full time missionary and I have been there for close to six years now. We hope to continue by God’s Grace, making sure that the vision does not die.”

Friends and family of the deceased and those who heard of his works in his death continue showering encomiums on him, paying their last respects.

Adah died on January 24, less than two weeks after his 40th birthday.


  1. Wayo
    Wayo January 29, 14:32

    I am heartbroken. I believe I once saw your story on a CBN broadcast. I was so moved by your sacrifice of love. I am comforted by the knowledge that you spent your life in the vineyard of the Father. Weldone good & faithful servant. Enjoy your rest at the right hand of the Father. I pray your life will continue to inspire us to do as you did & even more. May our God continue to defend & comfort your wife & all your lovely children. You are a blessing man of God. See you soon.

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  2. Sumbody
    Sumbody January 29, 16:10


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  3. JIMMY
    JIMMY January 29, 17:03

    Please how do i reach those taking care of this kids now.

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    • 'Fisayo Soyombo
      'Fisayo Soyombo January 31, 15:54

      Please call Pastor Dapo Azeez on 08058115050.

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    • Tosjn
      Tosjn January 31, 18:55


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    • FK
      FK February 01, 00:29

      just contact, they should give you the contact details of the person they interviewed. Be careful with all these people giving you different phone numbers

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    • Jeff
      Jeff November 04, 09:31

      Pained beyond words. Josh was a childhood friend with passion for life. His desire and passion for God became relentlessly stronger with time.
      His life and death typified LOVE which Christ Jesus demanded of every beliver.
      I am assured he is resting in eternal pleasure with his Maker

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  4. Olamilekan
    Olamilekan January 29, 17:06

    Well done thou man of God. Am encouraged by the kind of life you lived for Christ and humanity. See you soon

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  5. Kenneth
    Kenneth January 30, 08:11

    I knew Rev when I served in Jalingo 3 years ago.He was such a great man with a humble heart.He spoke with joy and enthusiasm and was never moved by the seeming difficulties of specific situations.From One missionary outing to rural rugged and crusades,Rev was thesame.What a loss to the world.Rest in Peace Man of God.It will only be wrong for me to miss fellowship with you in heaven.

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    • Esthy UK
      Esthy UK January 30, 10:17

      uhmmmmmm so so painful,thou i dont know him but felt so bad for the family especially the wife and the two little kids,at the same time am so happy for him because,he died doing the work of he that sent him,he left a good and great legacy,thou he is death but the word of God he has established will continue to live forever,matt 24:35,Heaven and earth shall pass away bt my words shall not pass away.

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  6. Ojay
    Ojay January 30, 15:52

    Rev Joshua’s departure is a painful one , however we are comforted knowing he has gone to be with his maker. Rest on my broda & a General in God’s Army..

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  7. Timot
    Timot January 30, 22:20

    Hmmmmm! What a victory! Death cannot hold him! Death did not take him away, God took him †̥ rest! Rest on ♏v̶̲̥̅ beloved brother! May God help us †̥ also fulfil our purpose on earth!

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  8. Arike
    Arike January 31, 10:00

    It is highly refreshing to know there are still people in today’s world, who put Jesus firstand then go out of their way to bless others with the love of God. I’m encouraged. I pray that God will strenghten Rev Adah’s wife and associates to keep up the good work, to keep shining the light in the face of intimidating darkness. It is well

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  9. Ayo
    Ayo January 31, 11:29

    Please how do we contact this Ministry to support them?

    Thank you.

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    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel January 31, 15:07

      Please contact Dapo Azeez, the associate Pastor on 0805 811 5050. Please verify he is the one before you render assistance to faceless persons. Thanks.

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  10. atama
    atama January 31, 11:47

    My brother rest in d bosom of our lord jesus christ, u have won d battle , angels are rejoice n sayin wellcome home God s General .

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  11. ogar mac
    ogar mac January 31, 12:37

    Aaaah!!! its painful, BUT u fought a good fight, reached ur GOAL( @ d point of ur death) and left a LEGACY with us. those who killed u , only transfered u to ur rest n PASSED ON the batton to us all. REST IN PEACE WITH GOD.

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  12. bebe
    bebe January 31, 13:35

    may his soul rest in peace. heaven rejoice in the life u lived.

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  13. nicholas
    nicholas January 31, 14:55

    That was a mission well acomplished for Jesus Christ…your work shall continue to live on…

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  14. Bro. Ike
    Bro. Ike January 31, 16:06

    You lived and died for the course of Christ! Sleep on faithful brother!

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  15. paddy75
    paddy75 January 31, 19:27

    Rest In Peace good man.

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  16. katie007
    katie007 February 01, 07:27

    It broke my heart when I read about pastor Adah but we can’t question in peace Gen..your lagacy will not be forgotten your wife and kids will be looked after IJN

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  17. PC
    PC February 01, 07:51

    Please can someone help me with a number I can use to reach his wife and children. I’ve called the given numbers above and none is working. That work MUST NOT DIE as the Lord liveth.

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  18. Pastor Umeyiriogu Uzochukwu
    Pastor Umeyiriogu Uzochukwu February 01, 09:32

    RIP my fellow labourer! pls i need their contact to enable me support those kids

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  19. Sunny, ABK
    Sunny, ABK February 01, 10:59

    Y is it that good pple do not last?
    Rev. Adah, even though I may never have met u, ur hand work left an indellible mark.
    U may ve gone but the legacies u left behind lives on.
    Rest in peace of the Lord.

    Reply to this comment
  20. Oluwole
    Oluwole February 01, 14:25

    indeed he fought a good fight and has kept the faith for us to sustain…continue your rest with the Lord.

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  21. God's servant
    God's servant February 01, 16:34

    Good night good man. Your work speaks for you. Sleep and take your rest.

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  22. oche
    oche February 01, 23:25

    Goodnight Joshua. Even now it sounds like a dream.

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  23. Princess Ngo
    Princess Ngo February 02, 01:35

    A great man of a Good God, sleep well till the ressuration morning my brother’. Your life is a sermon to us all. Thank you, for your exemplary life.

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  24. Cathy
    Cathy February 02, 09:03

    Reading about this selfless christ-like young man brought tears to my eyes. Here was a young man bold enough to do what most of us christains should be doing but we shy away from our responsibilities and calling and rather ‘conveniently’ ‘serve’ God in our own terms. May i find the boldness to be a servant of God and embark on the liberation of mankind from every captivity. Rev. Adah continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. How can we reach out in goods and gifts to his 307 children?

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  25. Nneka
    Nneka February 02, 10:28

    What a great man, an inspiration. ..May God bless and keep your family and your legacy. Rest in perfect peace….

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  26. Loveth Ben
    Loveth Ben February 02, 11:40

    Though I may not have met you in persons. But your life and services to humanity was a great one continue to rest in d bossom of our lord Jesus Christ. Rest in peace great servant of God and may your good work continue to speak for you. And may the lord strengthen your family. Amen

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  27. Bankole Dotun
    Bankole Dotun February 02, 16:31

    Oh my God! Why oh why? Oh God am so sorry but such people deserves a supernatural intervention during the attack. If for nothing else nut just the work but thanks God, cus He knows better. Rev. Its really been a long time that I shed tears but your story brought tears to my eyes. Yours was indeed that of a general even in life and in death. May the good God uphold your ministry, strengthen the new Barton bearer. comfort your wife, father your children and guide all your 307 adopted children. May God be a strong refuge to your entire family and raise us all, men and women who will not sleep until your dream of giving a better life to each an everyone of your children ( biological and adopted) comes to fruition. Sleep on well God’s general. Heaven will be a beautiful place with accomplishers like you. Halleluyah!

    Reply to this comment
  28. Isabella
    Isabella February 02, 23:29

    Rev u lived a life worthy of emulation. God Almighty we thank u for d gift of Rev Ada to our generation. I pray u comfort His family and children He left behind. Adieu God’s General

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  29. Ephraim Nyong
    Ephraim Nyong February 03, 11:05

    And Satan used whoever to return these children to square one. No way! Rest in peace great soldier of the Lord.
    Even as I have seen, those who plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same. Job 4: 8

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  30. Pretty
    Pretty February 03, 17:10

    hmmmmmm… is well. Rest in Peace pastor Adah!

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  31. kay
    kay February 04, 09:21

    It is finished. God has great respect for the death of his saints. His children(natural and adopted) will never beg for bread. In Jesus Name.

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  32. mama
    mama February 04, 10:31

    Never heard of this great soul before now, but he sure is the exemplary Christian! Gat tears in ma eyes reading this, what an audacity of faith!

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  33. Nino
    Nino February 04, 13:46

    He made his life count and I can only imagine living a life of sacrifice and that of fulfillment; fulfilling the very mandate of heaven. Food for tot for all of us; what will we greet JESUS with if we are called rgt dis minit? D life he lived is a testimony to us all. May GOD comfort all those he left behind, be consoled GOD will never leave U nor forsake U – HE is ur Ever-present help… Do not lose heart

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  34. Psalmie Brown
    Psalmie Brown February 04, 15:56

    The Lord’s General, may you find rest in the bosom of the Lord. You labour of love will never be in vain

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  35. ify
    ify February 04, 17:18

    sometimes we carry God’s mission in the heart and never express it and die old but Enoch walked the talk and God took him. A big salute to a great soldier.

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  36. niffy
    niffy February 05, 10:37

    Rev Joshua Adah…..continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord whom you loved so much. you were one of the encounter that made my service in Taraba state meaningful. May the lord grant Aunty Ngozi and the entire God’s own mission to bear this loss. Rest on God’s army

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  37. Ebifor
    Ebifor February 06, 04:50

    He was a true Christian missionary. Not those tithe collecting, groovy pastors making a mockery of Christianity with their flamboyant lifestyle living in unbelievable luxury in the name of prosperity. How can you talk of prosperity when missions like Rev Joshua Adah are making enormous sacrifices?

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  38. dagogo
    dagogo February 06, 08:08

    May his soul rest in the lord. His family and ministry I pray God to divinely prosper in Jesus name amen.

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  39. pee Jay
    pee Jay February 07, 01:15

    Lord, raise unto us men of like passion, who will dare the devil and take territories for Jesus in Taraba State after General Joshua Adah. May his soul rest with God.
    I pray his mantel shall not hang in the air but fall upon us who are still preparing to go to the North east, for the Master’s business amen.

    Reply to this comment
  40. emmany
    emmany February 07, 19:51

    Adah,may ur. Soul rest in the bossom of the lord.u hav lived a life which God in heaven His hapi to receive ur soul…ur legacy shall live in our memory amen.

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  41. Sam King
    Sam King February 08, 01:13

    What heart broken story and a live well spent, sometime you wonder why God allow this to happen to good people, but God know best and in every thing all we can say father God we thank you

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  42. Dapo Azeez
    Dapo Azeez February 08, 19:05

    We thank you all for your concern, interest, calls, prayers and words of encouragement. The Lord will reward you. Please do all in your capacity to ensure that what God has started through Rev. Joshua Okpanachi Adah does not suffer. God bless you. By God’s extravagant grace, we will do our best to continue from where this Great General stopped. Thanks. Dapo Azeez, Admin. Office, GOEDM.

    Reply to this comment
    • Dayo
      Dayo November 06, 00:25

      Hello Pastor Dapo, I tried your line twice but it went unanswered. How can we support the ministry?

      Thank you

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  43. TeeMoney
    TeeMoney February 08, 22:44

    You gone too soon but @ the god time rest in perfect peace

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  44. Franca
    Franca February 09, 11:31

    Sleep on beloved! May Go grant you eternal rest in HIS bosom & grant your wife & family the fortitude to bear the loss,Amen. May HE strengthen & uphold your family, your partners & raise more noble men like you too continue the work of the Lord, Amen

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  45. Prince
    Prince February 09, 15:51

    I wish my end will be glorious and my life shall be for Christ touching all and sundry and when I depart from this wrecked world people may say of me I did my best for the humanity and Him that loves me, Jesus Christ. Sleep on beloved at the blossom of your maker. Adieu! Adieu!!, Adieu!!!, the world missed you dearly.

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  46. Iko Lawal
    Iko Lawal February 09, 23:36

    The God that answers by fire will cause the perpetrators of this heinous crime repent or die miserably
    God will continue His Ministry

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  47. lola
    lola February 09, 23:56

    Well, we are mortal being and we cant question God’s integrity. He knew why He allowed and by we shall know but the most important thing is the spiritual and physical well being of the sheep he left suddenly. My prayer is that this ministry will live on and they will not be scattered in Jesus Name. Pls let the people who are concerned patner with the ministry by regular donation for the upkeep of his family and the entire do we reach them so that we offer little
    assistance. Do they have website?

    Reply to this comment
  48. Favourkings
    Favourkings February 10, 05:46

    God’s General….Your life was an example to yours…sleep on till we meet with Jesus our elder brother …….How can I be part of what God is doing in the work he left behind . Shalom

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  49. Όψεως αποκατασταθεί
    Όψεως αποκατασταθεί February 10, 06:53

    What a compelling and touching tale of a man’s obedience to the sacred voice of His master, Jesus Christ. May the Lord continue to raise up true sons & labourers for His service in Jesus name. Amen!

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  50. Gbenga
    Gbenga February 10, 08:31

    How do we continue to support the good work……..It is a big challenge

    God want YOU & I to continue the project

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  51. Christo
    Christo February 10, 13:51

    Rest in Peace Rev. Adah ! till the trumpet sound and all the dead in Christ shall awake to everlasting life.
    God will preserve d vision he gave to Rev. Adah by himself. It will not die.
    What a man of God indeed !

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  52. babanez
    babanez February 11, 02:28

    This just makes me so angry.Nothing can explain this senseless killing and someone should be investigating the circumstances that led to his death in such a brutal manner. Why should these animals continue to get away with their crimes killing and pillaging individuals and entire communities. What gives these herdsmen so much impunity? This great man is gone and we are all resigned to that fact. It so painful!!!!!!

    Reply to this comment
  53. aiidiis
    aiidiis February 11, 05:13

    Amazing inspiration, You are now at rest yet God’s work will continue. Jesus is Lord over all and we know those that kill in the name of religion are still loved by God. So we are comforted and will continue to support the spread of the gospel fo the nations.

    Reply to this comment
  54. Inemboy
    Inemboy February 11, 09:40

    A wonderful life!!! God’s grace to the living to also work for the master while stil alive

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  55. Moj
    Moj February 11, 19:06

    Rev Josh, yoursacrifices will not be in vain. Your good works will continue to live in the lives of those you touched, including mine. God will continue to support your family.

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  56. Deb
    Deb January 28, 19:58

    A man of divine substance attaining divine height here on earth. RIP Rev Adah. The angels are singing “welcome home thou faithful servant”

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  57. Festus Omoruyi
    Festus Omoruyi June 22, 07:14

    Reverend Joshua! Memories, memories and more memories. May your soul rest in peace. Thank you so much for touching our lives.

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  58. Dr. Ajani Mutiu
    Dr. Ajani Mutiu August 30, 18:43

    Josh you lived a good life. May God forgive your sins

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  59. Chindang
    Chindang October 01, 14:38

    I sympathize with the family and the christian faith for such loss.
    I feel for the children that he was caring for.
    To his killers, may God open their eyes to repent of such wickedness

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  60. ugare UG
    ugare UG November 04, 00:03

    How can I support this ministry?

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