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TRIBUTE: Olumide Oresegun’s ‘perfect’ paintings

TRIBUTE: Olumide Oresegun’s ‘perfect’ paintings
March 09
13:41 2016

If, over the last few days, you haven’t bumped into the name ‘Oresegun Olumide’, you are clearly a member of either of two groups: those who are not avid users of the Internet/social media, or those who are indifferent to the aesthetic power of the arts.

Perhaps you have, and you have turned the other way, you may want to have a rethink: Oresegun is breaking the Internet with the latest release of samples from his ever-growing collection of paintings.

From celebrating the virtue of womanhood to highlighting the naked innocence of children or projecting the doggedness of the average Nigerian hustler, Oresegun’s paintings address an array of contemporary themes – and they tug at even the most scientific of minds with an emotional, artistic intensity that the subject must consider himself incapable of exhibiting.

For the current set of paintings, Oresegun is receiving plaudits from both friends and strangers. So the question has been asked, rightly so, by one of his latest admirers: where has he been all along? A peek at some of his works…


Oresegun 1

Oresegun 2

Oresegun 3


Oresegun 4

Oresegun 5

Oresegun 6

Oresegun 7



“Olumide, people are looking for you. I mean foreigners,” a fan wrote on Oresegun’s Facebook wall.

“His name is Oresegun Olumide and he drew these … Do we need to go further looking for foreign artists? We have them here!” wrote another.

It was Chika Onyenezi, another fan, who had some of the kindest words for the artist, writing: “This artist is not just talented, he is a genius, a magician. Importantly, his art is alive.”


It is absolutely normal to gush about these works; what is abnormal is how long it has taken us to discover Oresegun. At 35, the Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech) graduate can count himself a late bloomer, but it is looking increasing likely that his rise to prominence over the coming months will be meteoric.

Perhaps feeling he hadn’t had the recognition he deserved, Oresegun wrote on Twitter in October 2013: “Why can’t someone hear that I am knocking.”


Not anymore. Henceforth, he will be heard when he knocks – not just by someone but by everyone, by the entire world. There is a new star on the horizon, and his name is… Olumide Oresegun!

Oresegun 8


Oresegun 9

Oresegun 10Oresegun 11



  1. Hon.Chocomilo
    Hon.Chocomilo March 09, 18:06

    This is awesome and beautiful. Quite painful that you are a Nigerian…….Nigeria is a country where things do not work…

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  2. yomi
    yomi March 09, 22:48

    WOW. Better than any of the European renaissance masters

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  3. shóôòw
    shóôòw March 10, 21:18

    This is beyond ordinary….. What type of art is not here present in Nigeria….Olumide,more grease to your elbow…These paintings have life and emotions in them with the way you were able to make it known to the world the life of an ‘average Nigerian hustler’

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  4. Matlock
    Matlock March 10, 22:22

    Can we reach Olumide?
    We have something for him.

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  5. shekelmadbra
    shekelmadbra March 10, 23:01

    How do i buy some of his paintings

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  6. Nneka
    Nneka March 11, 09:07

    The works are so real that one could almost reach out to the images. Olumide, do not worry any longer, you’re going to be echoed and celebrate by the world very very soon. Please, do not stop.

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  7. newsvillengr
    newsvillengr March 11, 11:12

    this is an amasing work…

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  8. Akin2020
    Akin2020 March 11, 15:06

    Better than Medieval Artistic splendour
    The world is knocking on your door Oresegun

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  9. J-Ace
    J-Ace March 11, 23:29

    A fantastic work indeed. This is a rising platform for the waning Nigerian World of Art. The paintings capture the diverse phases of many childhood, life and adult experiences but most importantly, it captures the intriguing essence and sensational uniqueness of being a Nigerian.
    More power to your elbow and more inspirations to your mind.

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