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Two-faced presidential talking head

Two-faced presidential talking head
May 28
22:32 2018

Politicians are connoisseurs at dribbling the credulous and naïve masses as the Portugal born soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo. And the truth is, in Nigeria today, there is no opposition party! The two major political parties in Nigeria are the same within the context of ideology. And when they make it look like they are fighting themselves, the goal is to divide the inexperienced masses along idiotic and foolish line. Also, what is painful is that most Nigerians—both educated and illiterate ones—always fall into their ancient political trap.

For the umpteenth time, generals in the army can never truly fight themselves. Do not be fooled. Also, Dr. Kayode Fayemi and Mr. Ayodele Fayose are brothers. They are not enemies, but the unsuspecting ones have become enemies as an effect of them. What weaves them together is the tapestry and drapery of money and power. As a citizen, I will continue to teach this—day in and day out—until every Nigerian embraces this undressed truth.

If it was an ordinary Nigerian who made the statement that general TY Danjuma made some weeks ago on the military helping some bloodthirsty demons in human skin to carry out their dastardly act, the person would have started burning in the hell of a prison in Nigeria, but because some people are above the law in our clime, even when the report of the panel that was set-up said that what General Danjuma said wasn’t true, the man would continue to walk freely till he passes on. I said all that in order to say to you that generals in the army are always together.

A few hours ago, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said that the PDP under Olusegun Obasanjo showed aptitude in the toppling of elected state governments—using police and secret service under their control.

What Garba unwittingly said reveals that Presidents make use of the “NPF” and “DSS” against those who are not in their good book. It is an indictment against those who did head the NPF and DSS when General Obasanjo was in power. If Nigeria were to be functioning as a 1st world nation, Garba Shehu would have been invited for questioning by relevant agencies for heavily indicting the trio of Obasanjo, the IGP used by Obasanjo to terrorize his enemies as said by Shehu Garba and the head of DSS used by Dr. Aremu Okikiolu Obasanjo to sweep some folks out of power, but this is Nigeria—where the law that binds the poor sets the rich free.

Backtracking a little, three years ago, the APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari described former President Olusegun Obasanjo as a courageous patriot—who tells the truth when he is convinced that leaders are going wrong. In a statement he issued through Garba Shehu, his campaign media director, Buhari said the former President is a nationalist whose commitment to democracy and good governance are worthy of recognition and praise.

Also, Buhari described Obasanjo as a true statesman and nationalist—who does not abandon his country when it needs his voice to jolt the conscience of leaders to listen to those they govern. According to Buhari through Garba Shehu, Chief Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo does not speak carelessly. Three years ago, he was called a clear voice that jolts the conscience of leaders to listen to those they govern, but today, he is called a leader who used the NPF and DSS to remove some governors from power. I guess he was showered with the water of accolades in the year 2015 because Obasanjo was speaking against the man they wanted to remove from power. Now that he is speaking against President Buhari, a good man has suddenly become a bad man. This is the summary of what politics is all about in our clime.

Those who do know Mr. Garba Shehu should tell him that he is confusing our children. Three years ago, he did say that Obasanjo was a true statesman—worthy of praise and emulation, but three years after, he has become a tyrannical ruler, removing people from power when he was in power. Loyalty in Nigeria is like a pendulum. It swings in favor of those feeding our professional politicians. When food finishes, loyalty also vanishes!

While he is free to choose where the pendulum of his loyalty swings but the truth is, Alhaji Shehu Garba’s loyalty is truly with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, not with President Buhari as he did mention not long. When the government of PMB comes to an end, he would know. People are loyal to political offices in Nigeria, not those who occupy them. Those who are saying to Buhari that he would defeat all the generals will soon desert him as they have deserted Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

I have keenly watched Garba Shehu for about three years; he has not spoken against his benefactor once, no matter what the man says against the administration he is serving with. It is called being street-wise!


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